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  1. Not sure if you're set on this place or not, but I thought I'd put in an additional plug for Federal Hill/Broadway/Armory areas. I'm completing a research fellowship at a different local hospital, but do travel to RIH on occasion. It is a super-short drive to RIH and the VA from these neighborhoods. Also, given the amount of restoration and renovation in these neighborhoods, your odds of finding something more modern and updated are going to be much greater - you may even find a/c! In addition to Craigslist, I would check out the Pearl St. Lofts. Last summer was incredibly hot and humid. Perhaps native New Englanders are more robust than the rest of us, but a/c has been a serious necessity for my husband and I!
  2. Just as a heads up, Cox phone service is not available throughout the city. When we were on the East Side, we had all of our services (phone, internet, cable TV) bundled. Not only was it cheaper, but it was so much more convenient to only keep track of one bill. Unfortunately, when we moved to the West Side, the Cox phone service was not wired for our block. As such, we had to go to Verizon for phone - ugh. No joke, on the very day I called to set up the service, I was already receiving rude customer service (the Verizon person argued with me and told me that Working Assets was not a long distance carrier). Needless to say, we miss the days of Cox telephone. I'm fairly certain that Cox offers HD service (our digital cable has HD channels which we cannot receive - no HD TV), but don't know about the terrestrial signals.
  3. Not sure if you'll be oil or gas, but if you need gas service you'll need to contact New England Gas.
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