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  1. I wish I could be as confident as Gottesdiener is. Thanks for linking that presentation.
  2. And I guess YOU can thank soldiers like my brother who risk their lives every day in Iraq to preserve your "right" to SUVs and Wal-Mart. God bless America.
  3. Here's a press release sent out today by the Mayor's Office: MAYOR PEREZ IMPRESSED WITH WHAT NHL TEAM COULD DO FOR HARTFORD ---MEDIA STATEMENT--- (April 12, 2006)--- Hartford Mayor Eddie A. Perez is humming the Hartford Whaler
  4. It is the temple street garage- if you go to www.infonewhaven.com they have a PDF of the shuttle bus schedule. I'm sure someone more in the know could direct you to a spot within walking distance of the train station though. The shuttle is kind of a pain.
  5. I usually drive from Hartford to New Haven and take the train to Grand Central, however when I am feeling exceedingly lazy there's always the bus from Hartford to Port Authority. Parking at the New Haven train station is only a problem during the week- I've never found the garage/lot full during the weekend. And even during the week, there are other lots in the area and there is a garage about 15 minutes walk away that has a shuttle to the train station. Regarding furniture, it really depends what you're looking for. I was impressed by Fly By Night up in Northampton, MA for high quality apartment furniture. And I'm sure you know that we finally got an IKEA.
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