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  1. Just wanted to say....we are absolutely loving Haas Hall. It's just an entirely new and different experience. It feels like a family....parents are so involved....the teachers already know our kids...the boys are adjusting and getting involved in clubs. They still aren't crazy about the uniforms, but they are getting used to them. A big selling point for the boys are the catered lunches. Some days it can get expensive ($9 on the days they cater from Joe's Italian), but we just let them choose a couple of days a week to buy lunch, and we pack lunch the other days. They also have a mini-market (convenience store) with candy, snacks. Drinks etc where they pay using an app on their smartphones. Everything is shiny and new, from the desks to the fancy digital water fountains to the latest TV-like smartboards. I can definitely see how they have such great stats. Some nights we have loads of homework...but it helps that they get out at 2:30 and only have to arrive by 7:55 in the mornings. Looking forward to see how much our older son's ACT score improves this year.
  2. You wouldn't believe the waiting list for Haas Hall. A friend of ours said her son was #127 on the list....and that's just for 7th grade...just for the Bentonville location. Each grade at each location has its long list. Our boys got in (chosen by lottery), and we are extremely thankful for the opportunity. Still trying to convince our sons that uniforms with embroidered school logos are cool
  3. When you shuttle kids around from school to sports practice to church, and you've worked a long day yourself, no time to cook...believe me these nicer fast food places matter. I don't have the time or money to go to a sit-down restaurant and pay higher prices plus tip a couple nights a week for a whole family....but I don't want to feed my kids (or me) a cheap greasy burger either. Places like Pei Wei and Chipotle allow us to quickly and affordably get a decent meal on the run.
  4. It's pretty much full swing, KJW. I'm still astonished by the amount of noise we get from construction when they are working. The frames (? I don't know construction terms) for the overpass pillars at the Punkin Hollow overpass appear to be going up. Still lots of excavation being done and pipes being laid. Have you been out behind Lowe's to see the massive road build-up there past where they cut thru the mountain? Quite a sight, especially at night when they are working by their big work lights; that big rockpile looming is impressive. I am just hoping highway noise is nowhere near construction noise. With all doors and windows shut and TV on, it's still annoyingly loud. And we are at least 1000 feet away.
  5. Love Smashburger. With Chipotle and Pei Wei, we will have some pretty great fast/casual options .
  6. Thanks for the info, Comreguy. I agree about the food, but for most people , Sonic is all about the drinks and Happy Hour anyway. Sonic also has quite a following for their breakfast burritos. Looking forward to Whataburger. I've only eaten there once, but it was good.
  7. Agree pogsooie. Several times I have wished for a Sonic while shopping in that area. On another note....just picked up my drycleaning at Comet on S Walton. I asked if they knew what was coming right in front of their building and they said they heard In N Out Burger. No possible way, right? Comreguy? Do you have any info? My son says it looks like a Popeyes.
  8. What pur family would really like to see is a Zio's or Cantina Laredo . Cheddar's would do well with the younger crowd. I'm kind of surprised we don't have any of these already.
  9. Thanks for the pics, KJW. They have been working like crazy behind our house. We started hearing them on weekends (even Sundays)...then couldn't believe it when on Labor Day we could hardly hear our music in the back yard over the machines. I'm ready for them to move on down the road. I can't imagine that even truck traffic will approach this level of noise. We can't see them at all, but from 800 feet away we can clearly hear them working from inside the house with all doors and windows shut.
  10. Pei Wei?!? No way! That's awesome. You made my night, Hoggy Bear. Been waiting a long time for that.
  11. We took a group of about 30 adults and kids to the trampoline park in Little Rock in April. It's a very nice facility, well run...we felt like it was a great value for the money. Everyone had a blast. On the downside....we had more aches , pains, injuries, backs thrown out than we've ever had on any such adventure (and we've done some crazy stuff....zip lining, wild roller coasters, holding live alligators , lol)
  12. Yes, KJW...we are bracing ourselves. The boys are at the fishing hole today....fishing every chance they get before it all gets dozed over. I love progress as much as the next guy. Just wish it were not happening in my back yard.
  13. Looks like clearing for the roundabout has begun. This the hillside just behind (SW of) Lowe's in North Bentonville. The opposite side of the hill has also been cleared and is visible from 540/I-49 where it merges into 71B. They are even working right now, on a Saturday afternoon.
  14. Thanks for the info, KJW. We have seen quite a lot of activity around here lately; some days we have fleets of AHTD trucks hanging around. They have made big paths through the woods, and we have recently heard that both of our neighbor's ponds will be taken out by the road. I will miss seeing my boy heading through the woods with his pole and tackle box. May have to dig a new pond.
  15. I haven't heard anything new. I am 100% sure that I read an article stating that the Arts Center would be going in that spot....but I also know that Comreguy responded and said it will likely be on the old fairgrounds property. Comreguy is rarely (ever?) wrong, so......
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