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  1. Yeah, I don't know what this lady's problem is, but I'm beginning to think because of her this thing might not make it through. Birmingham needs to flush all of the STUBBORN leadership out of the city. Everybody thinks their way is right and no one wants to budge one bit. I'm sick of it myself.
  2. I agree with you totally Blazer85. The area could turn out to be a hotspot for the local young crowd and that always makes a place livelier. With more developments (potentially) popping up along with this then it could turn out to be a nice regional attraction. Not only would people attending events at the BJCC be there, but it could be a place where people just want to be when there's something going on. There is too much to be excited about on this project, especially with the entertainment component.
  3. I passed by yesterday on the way to the ATL and was wondering about those cranes too. It looks like they're up the about the 4th level. It'll be nice to see the effect the two buildings have on the skyline in the next year or so.
  4. Look at it this way. With years of these 5-6 story midrises the city will become more dense and when we do start to get those highrises in place it will make for a more urban feel. Huntsville definetly needs to fill in the open spaces that are here before really getting into highrises.
  5. Blazer85, you're being to dogone critical. Of course you don't want to see a wall of condos lining the beach, but there is not a WALL of condos lining the beach. There are spots where there are obstructed views, but if you want the view from a mile away, and you're only 10 ft. off the ground, I think you don't have much of a gripe. With development comes some goods and bads, but I think in this case the development is more of a good thing. It brings more to an area of Alabama that a lot of people are interested in. I don't see people complaining that they can't see the beach in Miami. THEY just build higher for the view, and that is part of what makes Miami a beautiful place. Gulf Shores is going in the right direction, IMO.
  6. Well, yeah, with the attitude of the people the way it is in Birmingham, a dome is probably not the best thing. I would love to see the BJCC upgraded and redesigned to be more appealing. An entertainment district would definatly be a plus. In my opinion, there might not be enough people in the Birmingham area to support a dome. How would you get nearly 8-9% of the population to go and fill it everytime there is something going on. That is almost impossible. Look at the Atlanta Braves, they hardly ever fill a 40,000 - 50,000 seat statium, granted they do have over 100 games a year. The fact is you need people to use the thing to pay for it, and most likely it will not get enough use in Birmingham.
  7. UAB is a monster, and is becoming an even bigger monster.
  8. I was passing the Bridge Street development today and saw some real interesting things happening. It looks like they've been paving the entrance from the west side of the development. Also, I think I saw a concrete base for the hotel in the rear of the development, with piping sticking up from it. Looks like they are all ready to get started actually building the development. Hope we see some real progress soon.
  9. Very good news. Can't wait to try it out.
  10. That's nice to hear. I can't wait to see what happens.
  11. Has anyone been able to drive over to the Providence Main development. It looks really nice with all the new buildings going up! It is a small town inside of Huntsville.
  12. Great! Wish I could have seen it though.
  13. Yeah, I agree with you. It would be nice to see some, dare I say, "creativity" in the buildings found throughout CRP. Is there some kind of height restriction in Cummings, or are developers not comfortable building taller and standing out? Also, yeah, the Ovation condos should be designed differently. There is going to be a big wall on one side of the park, but not only that, it will all look the same. It looks like an extension of the B.S. Summit. If they were going to do that they should have built one building and made it taller. Are they going to tear down some of the parking lot across from the VBC to build it or am I imagining things and the lot is not in the way? It will definetly be nice to see the Westin and all of Bridge Street go up in Cummings. It will definetly add some flavor to a bland CRP.
  14. Nice pics, but man, you should have took those into photoshop and cut them in half (at least)! Great find though tedo. This may be the 3D artist coming out in me but they should have modeled those people instead of placing 2D cutouts in the images. The textures aren't up to par either, but that's just me nitpicking. Great pics.
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