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  1. I was just driving Briley Pkwy on the north side. Saw what I’m pretty sure was a 747 making a low and slow approach. Those things are so big.
  2. ^^Hi guys! I haven’t said anything on here in a long time. Just had to drop in and say how excited I am about this race. I’ve been dreaming about an urban road coarse for years! This is going to be big!
  3. The short answer is no. Is the system robust? Kind of. But it’s all based on a wheel&spoke design (all routes lead to the same spot downtown) which mirrors the road design of the city. If you just-so-happen to live near a major corridor, which you just-so-happen to work along the same major corridor, it’s feasible. But ultimately, the odds of this (specifically in Antioch) are very slim. If owning a car is not available or desired, Uber/Lyft is certainly the more attractive option. Or, if you just-so-happen to live near a major corridor and you work within the downtown 10 block (or so) radius. Then that is much more feasible. If I lived within a few blocks of Murfreesboro Rd and worked downtown, it could be an attractive option Having said that, if you absolutely must rely on the bus system in Nashville, it is IMO mostly safe, clean and dependable. Just not widely accessible.
  4. Another one of those silly metrics to rank a city by, but still interesting. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-10-18/nashville-s-million-dollar-homes-are-shrinking-fastest-in-u-s?utm_campaign=news&utm_medium=bd&utm_source=applenews
  5. You hit it spot on. I did NOT enjoy the article. But the comments were hilarious!
  6. I’m beginning to think we are approaching this whole traffic reduction idea in the wrong way. Every time I sit in traffic on the interstate, I look around and notice an abundance of semi trucks. They are big, slow, and less maneuverable. They are a danger to us, and even more so, we are a danger to them. Perhaps, we create a dedicated, barrier controlled, center lane for semi-trucks only. Electrify that roadbed, so they have constant power for electrical drive systems. Charge per hour. Apply autonomous measure so they can self drive. You would free up a lot of the “normal” lanes of traffic, increase flow, reduce fatalities and lawsuits. You would essentially create a road train. This could essentially do a 180 to freight operations making rail freight less necessary. That could free up rail tracks that could be used for transit. I believe it would be much easier to implement to commercial trucking than to the personal vehicle. There is already a high level of standardization in trucking. There would also be great savings potential for freight companies as well as increased speed, less lawsuits, and possibly better logistic opportunities. There also wouldn’t be as much “freedom/rights” resistance. Just a thought experiment.
  7. How many parking spots will this be? I feel like this could require a shuttle just for the garage. In all seriousness, if they had included some robotics in this, I feel like this could house every car in Nashville.
  8. I talked to the PM on this job yesterday. He said they are already behind schedule as they are having a difficult time getting through the rock. He said they continue to break chisels and bits trying to get through the surface.
  9. I’ve long forgotten the politics behind it, but there was a short run during those turbulent years where I found myself at nashvillecharrette.com. I don’t remember much about the “why’s”, but I do remember dropping off of UP for a short while, in favor of that site. But that webpage is long gone.
  10. I’m biased, but I’m not sure I would exactly call it “fake”. I haven’t seen it in person, but I would guess that the brick is most definitely real. Was it laid by brick mason’s? Obviously not. But it’s most likely real brick, albeit slivers of brick, but real brick in precast panels. It is possible that it’s red concrete in a brick patterned mold, but I can’t tell from the picture Beats the hell out of stucco, or gfrc.
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