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  1. Sorry I don’t have any pictures to share, but I just made my first visit to NYC’s Highline. That thing is magnificent! It’s a very tranquil retreat from the chaos of street level in Manhattan. We walked it from 14th up to Hudson Yards and the Vessel. It was one of my favorite parts of the trip.
  2. I heard from a reliable source this will be 42 floors. I’m not sure if that included 2 floors beneath, but just what I was told.
  3. Looks like someone made a big mistake. Currently demolishing a portion of the structure are the corner of 5th & Broad.
  4. They are also a stones throw from the I-24/I-65 split. You can see them prominently from the interstate. Great views. Terrible noise.
  5. Yeah. I was a Gold Rush regular for years. In my circle of friends, we kinda took shifts moving away. Our homecoming was always the back corner booth at Gold Rush, where someone in the group was holding down the fort. Then one day, it went all yuppie, and we never went back. So my friend bought Twin Kegs and all is well.
  6. Couple of pics from within the arcade. Sorry, but they are from inside my truck. Looking north with Broadway behind me. Looking east from the turn.
  7. Personally, I prefer a building to carry the name of its address. If you tell me (or your average Joe cab driver) you live in The Adelicia, that gives me no real-world knowledge of where you actually live. If you tell me you want to go to the 1222 Demonbreun building, we are already on our way. I think it’s fine to name an iconic building (World Trade Center, Empire State Building, etc), but you eventually run out of names and it’s meaningless. Right now I’m mashville we have a Joseph and a Bobby being built, and I couldn’t tell you where either is without an actual street address.
  8. I’m a lifelong Nashvillian. I take a certain measure of pride in my knowledge of every nook and crannie of our fine city. However, I can honestly say, I’ve never set foot on this plaza. I also don’t plan on going out of my way to do so. It’s extraordinarily uninviting.
  9. Smeags, Infinite thank you for all the hard work you put into this. A quick question; I spend a lot of time on the mobile site and have a hard time finding the map. On the desktop, it’s always at the top of the page. On mobile there is a link on the first page, but it’s broken. Going to the first page of this thread takes you to an older version. Any ideas? Edit; If it’s easier for you, do you have a direct link I could bookmark?
  10. It’s crazy how big country music is in the Bay Area. I ran across a lot of people out there that were big time country fans, and many dreamed about making a trip to Nashville. Having said that, I don’t think (at least when I lived there) that there was a single country music station on the air.
  11. In the spirit of rail travel and the holiday weekend, I often have to drive to Little Rock and back (such as tomorrow) to see in laws. It’s 5.5 hours. Air travel doesn’t make sense as it’s not direct and the trip takes as long or longer than driving. But it’s frustrating enough that I would pay a premium (especially now with a kid) to be able to sit at a table, on a train and have a cold beverage while still being able to carry a decent amount of luggage. Obviously, if I were traveling to the west coast, or New England, air travel would be far superior. But shouldn’t our rail travel goals be these “short distance” routes. Not just our nearby neighbors like Memphis, Chattanooga, and even Atlanta. But even the “within range” cities like Little Rock, Louisville, Charlotte, Cincinnati, St. Louis, Mobile. But, it seems with designing a rail route, it’s always the same problem. The same reason California is having trouble implementing its long-approved high speed rail. The say “we are building L.A. to S.F. in only 2 hours”. Then every Tom, Dick and Harry podunk town along the route says “stop in my town, or you can’t pass through”. Lawsuits follow. The answer should be an emphatic “NO”. We may build a whistle-stop in Clarksville, but sorry Ashland City, you’re out of the loop.
  12. I’ll start by say that this thread is meaningless until we hear from ParkavetoTN. But, I agree with what others have said. More bodegas/Walgreens type. Funny how we had a Walgreens on tap for Broadway that was shot down by public uproar. Also, cheap eats. A few urban grocers (coming soon). A City Target. Specialty shops.
  13. Interesting thing I saw moments ago. Cargo helicopter delivering something to (I think) the Viridian. Those window washers on the side of 505 had a cool view of that.
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