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  1. Project Thread/New Construction/Photo du jour/Const. CAMs

    Friday morning. Unfortunatly, I couldn't get aboard as the water was too high.
  2. Greer Stadium site redevelopment

    Huts? Huts? Not boxy enough. Flatten the tops, set them back 200' from the street and you're approved. Also, you must provide 1.5 parking spaces for the maximum number of inhabitants. You're parking options are as follows; 1. Use 75% of your land for surface lots. 2. You can build a parking garage, but it must be above ground and cladded with cardboard pizza boxes.
  3. ^^^and a hyper-loop to BNA.
  4. The Transportation and Mass Transit Megathread

    ^^^This idea would be great. It reminds me of the light rail in Seattle. I'm no expert on that system, but that was my experience from limited use. A short stretch in downtown Seattle was underground, the rest was street level or elevated. Bonus points for Seattle. That underground tunnel also accommodates their busses.
  5. Worth about as much as those used solar eclipse glasses you've got lying around.
  6. I certainly hope not. The east side is relatively devoid of many chains (other than fast food). I personally like that. The fact that there is not a Starbucks anywhere on the east side is both odd and unique. I know that is probably simply a function of economics, but in my mind I like to think it is a result of the creative class and their love of the mom&pops. I've seen a few places in my past that had specific city ordinances against box stores and chains. For example, Berkeley, CA, did not have a target or Walmart in the city limits. Target built a store right up against the city line. I've heard that Chicago and New York have similar ordinances. I'm not sure how the legalities of this work, but I'm curious if this could be implemented on a neighborhood scale. I'm not trying to push any political agenda here against corporate stores, I just think that's one of the appealing things about the east side. There are tons of unique, privately owned restaurants here, and very few chains (not counting fast food). I think all of those one-off places are a result of the lack of chains. I would hate to see a pendulum shift in that regard, and wonder if something could be done politically to ensure it. Thoughts?
  7. Eh, you can do better than that. Advance financial, Hair World, and a hipster coffee shop.
  8. More Accolades for Nashville

    Her father still lives in Cleveland Park and operates a barber shop there on Lischey Ave.
  9. Project Thread/New Construction/Photo du jour/Const. CAMs

    They were up until the last couple of years. I don't know dates for sure, but 5th was one way (northbound) as recently as 2015.
  10. Project Thread/New Construction/Photo du jour/Const. CAMs

    Believe it or not, the two ways are relatively new. Most of the avenues were one way. But over the years (mostly in the last 5 or so) they have converted nearly all of them to two way. It's very frustrating. What's even more frustrating is how it seems that no one cares. In fact, most people I talk to say "it's easier". No one seems to understand the multiple benefits/safety of one ways.
  11. Solar Eclipse - August 21, 2017

    I was in Cleveland Park and that cloud got us as well. Bummer, but it was still pretty cool.
  12. Are they seriously installing those panels with a zoom boom? There has to be a better way.
  13. Soccer in Nashville

    I'm no designer. I'm no urban planner. And I'm certianly not capable of funding a new stadium. I'm just a sports fan who has been to about 70 stadium/arenas around the country. I would give this a grade of D. It's certainly capable of fitting its need. I'm sure it will be a "nice" place for the first few years until the new wears off. It could potentially be bumped up a grade with the materials it is built with. It's location is a D. I would put it on par with the Titans stadium. It's a "get it built so they will come", type of stadium. But 10 years from now (barring a massive shift in the surrounding neighborhood) it will be dated and needing to be replaced. Put that grading scale in line with; Nissan stadium- began a C, has turned into a D. Bridgestone- began a B-, turned into an A+++. First TN- began a C, time will tell, but still a C+.
  14. Repurposed/revitalized historical buildings in Nashville

    Before Pub 5, it was a motorcycle (chopper) themed crêpe shop. It was short lived but opened around maybe 2008. The wall was there at that point in time.