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  1. Just got to Philly...not officialy moving until the end of the month/1st week of June but I do love it already....There is a certain vibe when you move to any new area. All the initial inhibitions are overcome with a relaxing calm that I imagine early explorers felt....albeit some level of anxiety...there is something exhilirating about it. Philly is a beautiful city with a lot of character and a lot of space.....can't wait to explore more....
  2. Congratulations! I'm no really sure if this is by the rules or not but if you haven't secured financing yet, you can PM me and I can run through a scenario for you. Our mortgage terms are not based on a fee scale nor a yield curve. As far as the neighborhood, I don't think it's as bad as it is portrayed. The majority of the problems in that area are based around a small low income project on lower Pleasant St. However, as with most of Pvd, I think the best time for an accurate depiction of any area is best done on a hot day in July.
  3. What a riot! I just got done watching it.........lollollol
  4. I stopped in the new Wal-Mart about an hour ago to pick up Turbo Tax and printer cartridges. Other than the place being packed, I witnessed 2 mothers shoplifting while their children drew attention away from them. Furthermore, there were no security guards on duty and the shoplifting sensor was going off the whole time I was checking out. No one even bothered to check anybody. What a disaster! It won't be long before this place is shut down just like Stop & Shop on Elmwood.
  5. Glad you're OK too....It's a shame that had to happen to you, but hopefully you will learn from this experience. Things and places aren't always what they appear to be.
  6. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all! Let's all take a moment of silence and hope that 2007 brings more vibrancy to our urban centers...less strain on our natural areas....Kudos to West Greenwich and their successful conservation victory....Let's hope that a solid proposal comes out of the Fogarty proposal....that Grant's Block gets development renders, that 110 actually breaks some sort of ground and Miriam sells some of their vacant lots on No. Main. Let's hope that the EP waterfront development moves into the next stage without looking like a Tampa suburb and the Loco-motion doesn't flop. Thank-you for an enlightening year of reading the opinions of others on the climate of Pvd. and RI. Although I sometimes find some of your opinions and ideals a little ridiculous, socialistic( you like that Ruchele huh), and at times borderline blasphemous and racist, I can say that a select few of you have altered my opinions on a number of things...esp. Garris. Have a great holiday!!
  7. I'm leaving work early. I'll be the cuckoo clock with the army bandana!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. The skyline view from 146 @ Mineral Spring Avenue looks really good.....as does the top of Atwells Avenue.
  9. Think of all the little Veruca's (Charlie & the Chocolate Factory) and their daddies in this country!
  10. I have a project going on for one of my classes highlighting retail shopping trends and how taxes and convenience factor in to a consumer selecting their decision....so I went to the Marshall's Plaza today in North Attleboro and polled 100 people on where they live and why they come to North Attleboro to shop. Not all questions illicited a response...more one-liners than anything except for a few elderly who were a little more friendlier. 91% of the people were from RI. Pawtucket-19 Central Falls-10 Cumberland-9 Woonsocket-6 Providence-14 East Providence-3 Lincoln-8 Cranston-4 East Greenwich-1 Foster-1 Burrillville-3 North Providence-2 North Smithfield-4 Smithfield-6 Warwick-1 Most people quoted the sales tax being less in MA and the fact that there was more concentrated shopping with plenty of parking. Interesting...
  11. And 15K of them live from Providence to New Bedford
  12. This place is literally on the Seekonk border so some of the retail is in EP and some is in Seekonk. I don't really care as long as it's convenient and will get me out walking more. I'm surprised that nobody brought that up at the Providence Tomorrow meetings. That has always been one of my biggest gripes about living in Pvd. If you're going to live in the city, it's got to be convenient. With all the other problems that Pvd faces along with countless other urban areas, there has to be an incentive to stay in the city.I can't count how many times I've had to force myself to go out and walk to destinations unknown just to get a little exercise. There are no banks, no pharmacies, no markets, and limited sit down places on Smith Hill. Sure there's a DD and a new Tim Horton's and Olneyville NY system and a host of unkempt Asian places with more health code violations than rice ...but nothing to really make it a neighborhood. I've had countless issues with neighbors, vandalism, anonymous tree-cutters and theft. At some point, it just becomes too much. If it were really worth staying here, I would continue to fight. Also, I can't count how many times people say to me, " Jerry, how convenient! You can walk right to the mall." Now I know there are a couple banks and a pharmacy in the mall...and yes...I could walk to the mall very easily. But realistically, who wants to go to a mall to p/u a prescription or buy a card? If you've seen one mall, you've seen them all. People get off the highway, park, and get right back on. I do think that the mall has overall been a positive step for the city, but I don't think it's helped any of its surrounding neighborhoods. (including Downcity) Hopefully, that will change. The majority of neighborhoods in Providence are subpar with what one would expect with the urban lifestyle. There are a few exceptions like Hope St., Wayland Square, and a few slivers of certain neighborhoods, but overall it's below average. I find it ironic that in so many cases, people vent their frustrations on police sirens but are perfectly content with another medical office opening in prime retail spots because they pay rent. It's almost astonishing. When looking at places, I completely skipped everything listed for Providence. I, at first, entertained the notion of going to an area that I've never lived like the Armory, Broadway, and even Washington Park. After driving down some of the streets and looking at some really beautiful homes, I said to myself, " Are you crazy?" There is nothing here. Yes, it's a nice neighborhood with beautiful homes in one of the densest cities in the country, but there is nothing here. It's not walkable. There are almost no neighborhood services. I'll be using my car even moreso than when I lived on Smith Hill. This is a big issue and it's one that Pvd should address if it is to grow. People that don't like public schoolchildren, police sirens, traffic, and every other thing associated with cities will eventually move on to their sliver of sunshine in suburbia. There are many people that would love to live in the city if it were beneficial to them in one way or another, myself included. Whether that 1 beneficial thing was more job opportunities, mass transit, or convenient walkable shopping destinations...it doesn't matter.
  13. My last night in Pvd is less than 2 weeks away. You would think by this posting that I was moving to Dubai, but in RI, over the bridge is just as far. I found a great place within walking distance of my job, the gym, and shopping. There is a park with a nature trail across the street and the area is quiet and beautiful. I'm moving to EP. Although less than 5 miles to DT Providence, it feels like a world away. Although it's not as "urban" and dense as central Pvd, oddly enough, it's more accessible and more equipped with services than my old place...and I lived on the fringe of downtown. There are 2 supermarkets,a hardware store, a full pharmacy, the gym, my job, Subway, and a host of other places within walking distance that will make it way more attractive than any place I've ever lived in the center city. Maybe it's a Ri thing...but I'm sort of sad in a way...like I'm leaving my homeland...like a refugee. I'll get over it. Ultimately, this is positive and a typical RI native reaction is to look at the glass half-empty.
  14. When you click on the neighborhood scout icon at the bottom and you select URBAN, not one neighborhood in Hartford pops up. The site directs you to 5 neighborhoods all in West Hartford. Is that considered redlining which violates RESPA laws?
  15. If anybody didn't get their big green trash can from the city, the vacant Valueland weed lot on Smith Street is now the new storage spot. The gate is open and people can come and get them as they please. Please hurry up as I hear that the homeless are taking them to make new quarters . They are weather-proof after all.
  16. I ordered 2 pics...one for me and another for a dear friend in Fla who still gets that RI fix once in awhile. Just a quick note....Some of the photos, although great in color, would look just as great in black & white ...and there wasn't an option to select either one...I know nothing @ photography so I don't even know how easy or difficult it is to have both schemes...lol.....
  17. Garris, I noticed on your website that you have some of the photos for sale. I would be interested in purchasing one in particular. Are you selling on e-bay or should I PM you on the UP site or on the photo site? Thanks.
  18. Driving up Plainfield St. in Silver Lake on my way to the flea market, I noticed that a section of Neutaconkanut Park has been clear-cutted. Anybody know what that's all about?
  19. Get rid of the house phone and get a cell with a good plan. Home phones are obsolete.You won't get any solicited calls.
  20. I really hate that the majority of all cultural activities in the entire metro Htfd. area are consistently focused on West Hartford and the avenues that surround them.....even if half of the establishments aren't even located within the town limits. Blue Back Square does nothing for the city of Hartford except draw whatever people that remain in Hartford with disposable income over the city line and perpetuates a notion that Htfd can't support a viable retail district.
  21. The streotypical image of the average college kid is someone that lives with 1500 roommates and eats Ramen noodles for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This demographic spends all their money on school and leisure activities.Then there is the other demographic that comes from wealthier families with more disposable income that can afford to send their children to Yale, Brown, or Trinity. A city can incorporate both demographics with a large college population in the area and Pvd, New Haven, and Northhampton already have established areas where college kids can hang-out, relax, and unwind after a long day of study.( Ctman987, I don't think you even went to Thayer St. when you visited here)The closest resemblance to anything of the like in the entire metro Htfd. area would be West Hartford center....and how appealing is that to a group of college kids that want to hear some music, catch an independent film, or go to a vintage store on a dime. There is no cohesiveness on the main streets of Htfd to attract the "poor" college kids to the entertainment venues nor the retail to attract the wealthier kids with their disposable income. If Front St. could somehow incorporate the 2 together, it would be a smashing success. You need to give the college kids in the area a reason not to hang out in West Hartford.....
  22. Maybe it's 21 like you said but I've never seen a kid there after 6PM. They have impromptu functions. There is a huge arcade, bar, restaurant , and pool hall. It might be ill-suited for the ground floor of H21 but would fit well on Front St. somewhere. The H21 residents might want something a tad more upscale.
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