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  1. Think about how much more beautiful cities would be if we could hide all of our wires!
  2. What would be very cool too was if there was one of those time lapse movies being made of the construction. Anybody know if that is being done?
  3. dpbaker

    Japan is neat.

    Japan is truly unique, a clash of cultures; the old and the new, where East meets West! Far from perfect, and I believe Japan is largely forgetting its heritage and history which is a shame, but I love Japan nonetheless. The large cities are great, absolutely love Tokyo, but people need to get away from these areas and see the more rural attractions and get around. There is really a lot to see.
  4. Don't know if this belongs here or not, but what do you make of this?......please relocate as necessary..... Pinellas County Setback St. Petersburg Times - Is rail rescue off the track?
  5. Yes, I heard too that some of the 9/11 funding went through either UAE or Dubai banks. I can't confirm this as fact. Sorry though, I don't want to take us too far away from the original topic at hand...
  6. I think terror is a very natural and legitimate concern in this day and age. I've wondered about this myself. Considering how readily UAE is embracing "The West" and inviting in so much foreign influence, you've gotta wonder if nutjobs like Bin Laden aren't getting a little miffed and taking note, God forbid anything would ever happen. I'm wondering what considerations are being taken into account for all of these projects; are these buildings being engineered for massive strikes like what we saw on 9/11, or is the concern not there/not necessary? Another poster was wondering about the stability of the ground. Me too. I'm sure they've figured this out and it's pretty safe, but what about seismic considerations? To what standards are they being built? I would hope they are very high, but with all of this stuff going up so quickly, people like me (who are not experts) pause and wonder....
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