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  1. Think about how much more beautiful cities would be if we could hide all of our wires!
  2. I work in higher level academia, with a background in science. I'm quite familiar with science and its principles. And how it can be used legitimately or fraudulently. As I've said before, the verdict is out. Hoax? Maybe. Reality? Maybe. Well, yes CLIMATE CHANGE is real. But that's not exactly new, been happening for, well, a few billion years. My perception of this issue is that it is lopsided, if you are skeptical of GW/ManMadeCC - you are a freak, and a nutcase, ostracized in many circles. But that's the radicals' approach to rational thought and process. It's their way or it's not valid. That goes for both sides, of course! Both sides need to make the case and debate it, based on scientific evidence. But it seems like the pro-GW side simply does not want to deal with the anti-GW side, or even the somewhat skeptical. Sure, let's get pollution under control, but to go so far as to call CO2 a poison by the current idiots at the EPA, and following like lost sheep bodies like the U.N. (the blind leading the stupid.....), well, that's just dumb. I don't believe in knee-jerk reactions or making rash decisions that could seriously damage other aspects of daily life without VERY careful examination. Cap and Trade. Stupid. Pushing an agenda for sure. That's not how we should operate, but it is indeed how we operate, and believe me, politics and control has a lot to do with this issue. If we really believe this stuff, we could be taking steps right now to cut back our CO2 emissions, develop jobs, create clean energy, all while stimulating the economy - that would be a win win. If global warming is real, we help. If it's not, it doesn't matter because what we've done hasn't been detrimental to society. But were not doing these things. We're coming up with lame schemes to punish people for their lifestyles, and simply maintaining the status quo. It's all talk, smoke, and mirrors in name of doing good.
  3. And? I personally like this: http://www.prisonplanet.com/lord-monckton-shut-down-the-un-arrest-the-warmist-criminals.html An Al "Capone" Gore counter balance.....
  4. And you have scientists in wither side of the aisle that believe it or don't - so the scientific verdict is not in, in my opinion. Then of course you have the recent email scandal for what it is worth. Believe me, there is plenty of academic fraud out there committed for various reasons. Could it be a big conspiracy to further some twisted agenda? Maybe. Is there really something to it??? Maybe. What we need to do is further the evaluations and research, and not knee-jerk in any of our actions, which humans are very good at doing. But I guess we're all now emitting toxic gas according to the EPA. Perhaps there is a market for CO2 scrubber/rebreather packs. You know, a backpack type device, light weight that can keep one's conscience clean? I think I will invent one and get Al Gore to market it. I'm going to be a billionaire!! (Unless he steals my idea....)
  5. Correct - they will force us to use the bulbs they want, all else be damned, provided we can pinch those watts off and control people. This is not about what is better - it is about control. Personally CFLs look like crap to me. Some of them have nice hues, but nothing as warm as certain incs. As far as recycling - yeah, sure. Some people will - a LOT of people aren't going to bother - they will end up in the landfill. And of course there is the issue half way around the world with the Chinese manufacturing, essentially unregulated, dumping what they dump into the environment. Not too green IMHO. Try to find a CFL not made in China. Incans., the ones I buy are made in the U.S.A., or in Mexico. Great!!! Pump those CFLS, screw more North Americans out of jobs. LEDs are certainly interesting, I have a few LED flashlights (they are not as efficient as one might believe, they don't actually last that long on the batteries). Let's see if we can refine the technology to get them nice, then the Chinese will get them down to cheap. If I'm paying for the power, I don't wanted somebody dictating to me what I can or can't shove in a light fixture. What I'd like to see is politicians that have stones enough to stand up to the more twisted, nefarious environmental lobbies, and really develop alternative and nuclear energies - then it simply won't matter what kind of bulbs we use, eh?
  6. Totally agree. Especially about the money. Additionally, the light/commuter rail lobby is a powerful one. Yes it is cheap, but far inferior IMHO to other systems for various reasons. This is another contributor that will hold back change in many areas.
  7. About 3.5 miles, roughly 10 minutes. Because of the nature of my work and other daily activities, I must use my personal auto. I can't bike, I wouldn't anyway, drivers around here are insane, I fear for my life. Bus trip would actually take 30+ minutes and be an ultimately longer trip in mileage, plus it's cheaper for me to operate a personal vehicle than it would be to take the bus, which is really too bad. Can't walk due to the nature of what I need to do in a given day.
  8. Well, I'm one of those that thinks Al Gore is brilliant for what he's done - there is great profit in fear mongering like this and he's taking it all the way to the bank. Sorry, I think the human impact - while I DO BELIEVE THERE IS SOME - is highly overrated. Wasn't there a fear of global cooling back in the 70s?? What happened to that?? Don't get me wrong - I do think it is a good thing to go green in certain areas. A cleaner, healthier world is a desirable thing - it's how we get there, and the Nazi-like tactics of so-called environmental groups adamant about forcing their vision of change on the world. That's what "we" don't like. Change can be made, but it should be made intelligently, incrementally, and not at detriment to the economy or progress. (Far too much of this is driven by special interests to make sure idiots in all levels of government, for example, maintain worthless jobs. One fine example is CARB - the California Air Resources Board.) Hey all for hydrogen powered cars, clean rivers, clear skies and the like, but come on, banning incandescent bulbs and big screen TVs??? So we trade power consumption for dumping mercury into the environment with those Chinese-made CFLs??? Well, O.K. - that's what "we" don't like - removal of choice. I'm paying for the power, so let me choose what I want to stick in a light socket. If I want that 60" TV, so be it! (not that I can afford one, but if I could....). I want to run my A/C in the summer to a chilly 65F?? So be it!!! Well, not for much longer thanks to PG&E and it's "smart" meters. More like invasive meters - telling us, FORCING us how to live. That's what we don't like. It goes contrary to freedom. No, coal power is not good. But the short term answer is there )yes, I'm digressing.....) - build more nuke plants as an interim solution - satisfy power needs, no atmospheric pollution, plenty 'o' jobs to go around, something that the country, and especially California where I live, need! But no. We'd rather deny people freedom of choice, not necessarily to the benefit of anything IMHO. That's what "we" don't like. Not the same thing here as say a hybrid auto. The variety is increasing, pricing seems to be improving, and I think we'll ultimately make that transition - a good interim solution. Nobody will have a problem with driving hydrogen powered Cadillac Escalades - because they'll still be available! This is not a diminishing of choice or freedom. And so on.
  9. What would be very cool too was if there was one of those time lapse movies being made of the construction. Anybody know if that is being done?
  10. dpbaker

    Japan is neat.

    Japan is truly unique, a clash of cultures; the old and the new, where East meets West! Far from perfect, and I believe Japan is largely forgetting its heritage and history which is a shame, but I love Japan nonetheless. The large cities are great, absolutely love Tokyo, but people need to get away from these areas and see the more rural attractions and get around. There is really a lot to see.
  11. Don't know if this belongs here or not, but what do you make of this?......please relocate as necessary..... Pinellas County Setback St. Petersburg Times - Is rail rescue off the track?
  12. Yes, I heard too that some of the 9/11 funding went through either UAE or Dubai banks. I can't confirm this as fact. Sorry though, I don't want to take us too far away from the original topic at hand...
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