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  1. Because the Courant sucks and the HBJ is on their game! LOL Where's the Hartford Times when you need it...
  2. Try 1360 DRC for some real radio. Dan Lovallo is great on local stuff from 3-6pm.
  3. A lot of people seem to forget it was the original Civic Center arena project that got the ball rolling for Hartford in the 70's which boomed into the 80's...including getting the Whalers attention. I dare to say that without the Civic Center the face of DT Hartford as we see it today would be much different.
  4. I'm really glad to see that H.B. Nitkin Group is still on the table. He's done some wonderful projects in Stamford and other areas which includes the Shops at Somerset Square in Glastonbury and said he really fell for Hartford after spending some time there and is now a city proponent which IMHO is hard to come by from FFC residents at times. It's not a site plan but here's an article from the Hartford business Journal about Nitkin's thoughts on the site and city. http://hbnitkin.com/news/pdf/HartBizJournalJul_05.pdf Still, he says, he was “curious,” and came to the city to inspect the site. “And as soon as I looked at what was happening in downtown Hartford, I had an epiphany. I called my officeand said, ‘This is really exciting. Let’s get the copy of the RFP from the State of Connecticut and let’s go after this project.’ And I threw myself into it.”
  5. LOL I saw that and was like "I wonder how many people are clicking 'no' when they really mean 'yes'". It's worded a bit tricky.
  6. The good Dr who chairs the UCONN center is a fat cat from Boston feeding his own appetite. They have a blank check from our state government and this project does not need state congressional approval! Must be nice to just "want" a new house and just do what you want and get it going and have others pay for it with some lousy excuse like "it's for better education". Hey it's only (our) money right? Oh and yes, it's faily new and not in need of anything. This is pork barrel politics at it's finest.
  7. Good Lord, this is rediculous. What drives these people? I can never figure it out. Charles LeConche, business manager for the Connecticut Laborers' District Council, criticized Mayor Melody A. Currey and Dan Matos, the developer of Rentschler field, for allowing the construction manager for Cabela's to hire McCarthy Concrete Co. of South Windsor. I guess they would have been happier with union labor from Mass. "I work for the people of East Hartford. I don't work for any particular union," Currey said. "I have been a longtime supporter of unions but my first responsibility is to the people of East Hartford." Good to hear this kind of thing for a change. The Cabela's project is being competitively bid to union and nonunion people. The important thing is Cabela's is open to hiring union and they're using primarily Connecticut contractors," Matos said. That's good news at least!
  8. Sorry for the delayed reply, I sometimes get scooped up with work and can't focus on anything outside of it. As for the Gville scene vs. O-town, that's good to hear from someone who lived there also so I know it's not "just me". Yes that is the French Restaurant I was talking about...kind of sad we can figure it out that easy eh? LOL As for Disney, the problem for me was that I was employed by them at the time so going "out" was like going to work. Glad to hear about all the great restaurants in Greenville...makes me even more curious about the city. Well that and it was 2 degrees this morning here in CT.
  9. I have to say I love the pictures you guys are posting...believe me, many people are looking and you are presenting your city with pride. Great work!
  10. Peter C is a scumbag, plan and simple. He never intended on keeping th team in Hartford and when the state offered the package they did, they at least called his bluff and made him out to what he really is. I'm glad he is gone, but miss the team. Hockey in NC is like NASCAR in New England...people go, but it's no where as popular as it is in the Northeast.
  11. THANKS! That's what I was hoping someone would say. Living in Orlando kind of soured me on Southern cuisine as every other place was a chain...I could only find one good French restaurant privately owned and it would be substandard for my current area by far - well unless I wanted to go out to dinner at "Disney" that is. Then again some of the best meals I've had were in Atlanta. (Well in this country anyway. ) All of those places sound great, I'm glad to hear it and can't wait to visit.
  12. I agree, it's all in the initial planning and aside from the handful of American cities that were quite large during the birth of our country most modern cities have been poorly planned. I watched a documentary on the birth and design of NYC - Manhattan specifically and it was genius for the most part the way it was done and how it was engineered. To this day I have to say that Westchester county NY and Fairfield county CT are two NYC suburban areas that work with rail service and they work well. All the small towns and cities have stations that run regular service to Grand Central. I actually lived in Darien for a short time and had a short walk to the train station and commuted to 42nd street in the Helmsley building or 230 Park Ave and it was totally livable and a pleasure to use. Problem is a 1 bedroom apartment was about $1800 per month and the average home price is $711,000. I simply couldn't afford to live there but I did love it for the time I was there. Here is a map of the Metro North rail line where you can see what I mean. http://mta.info/mnr/html/mnrmap.htm The main point I was getting at with all this is Fairfield County is very rural in feel with large homes on multi-acre lots and not a grid by any stretch of the imagination. Population density is about 3300 people per square mile but you feel like you are in typical "New England" so a suburban area CAN commute with train service to a city center, but what I see different is there is over a 100 years of infrastructure in place to support said rail lines. If you live in the "corporate woods" (What they call Fairfield County) - you ride the train. Period. No one drives into the city...okay maybe 2% of the population. It would be a long hard road for a city like Greenville to put the infrastructure in place to have a viable and livable alternative for automobile commuters. I think it CAN be done but get ready for a major tax hike to pay for it and as Metro mentioned they better plan NOW before further development not centered on a plan like that makes it even harder to accomplish. Atlanta IMHO is an example for Greenville NOT to follow. That city just had unfettered growth wherever and whenever and not much was coordinated. Rail in a city/suburb environment CAN work as proven by many Northeastern cities but it's going to take a lot of money and a lot of work to do so in this day and age vs when NYC and Boston put these things in place. Is it worth it? RT, we actually had two smart cars at a friends fabrication shop a few years ago as he was contracted by Daimler Benz to modify the Smart car to achieve federal recognition. They didn't and were shipped back to Europe but we got to cruise around with them for half a year and turn heads. The cars can not pass federal crash "standards" even with major modifications which makes me wonder why we don't see all these dead Europeans everywhere since they are such death traps. I've heard rumors that DB is working on doing some redesigns to get them US approved. I would buy one in a heart beat and I'm a knuckle dragging car guy that builds some insane exotics for some very rich people so you may think I would not be interested in them. No way. They are fuel efficient, comfortable, and flat out "cool". They even have a smart roadster available. I'll still have my "toy" in the garage for "those days" though. Good discussion all the way around.
  13. That's a tough one... Is it that very political system that is making Greenville what it is or is it "dumb luck". One thing I always noticed about people from the Northeast moving South is they want to "change" the area they move too to be more like where they came from. My attitude in that regard has alway been "why would you want to make it like the place you left!" LOL I'm not saying you are wishing that, just making an observation and opening discussion as to is that really what Greenville need to be better or would it make things worse.
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