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    Bring Back The Whale!!!

    Edit: There are now 8 parts:
  2. Theophrastus Bombastus

    Hartford ranked worst in U.S. for small business climate HATE these lists..... if you annexed the surrounding towns its a whole different story (maybe someone smarter than me could figure out where we'd be on the list --- much better that #50 I hope)
  3. Theophrastus Bombastus

    Bring Back The Whale!!!

    Very good tale of the loss of the Whalers.......... 1) 2) 3) 4)
  4. Theophrastus Bombastus

    XL Center Renovation/Replacement Plans crap - i guess if yer broke, yer broke............ rich owner needed please.......
  5. Theophrastus Bombastus

    Aetna CEO - Connecticut Taxes, Cost Of Living Restrict Job Growth

    Uh-oh, hope that was just a slip of the tongue or (new) hometown pandering.................. “we’ve made a commitment to only one community as part of our worldwide business and that’s Louisville."
  6. Theophrastus Bombastus

    Hartford I-84 Viaduct Study cool old pictures
  7. Theophrastus Bombastus

    PROPOSED: AI Tech Center

    Mod: Change title to 'SCUTTLED: AI Tech Center' Plans Scuttled For Apartment Tower On Constitution Plaza Is AI still on this board? What the heck happened? Can you at least plant some grass and make a little park or something? It looks AWFUL. hc-constitution-plaza-new-tower-20160125-001
  8. Theophrastus Bombastus

    Bradley International Airport

    Yes! BDL-LAX on AA starting in June, BDL-DEN on UA starting in May.............
  9. Theophrastus Bombastus

    PROPOSED: North Downtown/Baseball Stadium Development Nobody has cared to comment on this [potential] FIASCO?
  10. Theophrastus Bombastus

    PROPOSED: North Downtown/Baseball Stadium Development

    Wowzers, that's out of the blue (casino perhaps???)
  11. Theophrastus Bombastus

    Bring Back The Whale!!!

    2PM update, looks like they are ready to deal Glendale's move to consider ending its agreement with the Arizona Coyotes took another turn Wednesday morning with a statement by the city saying it's open to renegotiating a better deal for taxpayers. The Glendale City Council is scheduled to meet at 6 p.m. this evening at City Hall to end a 15-year, $225 million agreement with the team to lease Gila River Arena and manage the facility. That meeting, announced late Tuesday afternoon, was the latest in a long history of turmoil for the Coyotes in Glendale. The city issued this statement this morning: "The City Council has scheduled a discussion and possible vote regarding Glendale's contract with the Arizona Coyotes. Discussions and negotiations regarding the contract have been ongoing for months. Specifically, the City is open to a resolution but it must be one that provides certainty and fairness to both parties, especially the taxpayers. The Council has agreed to stand for transparency and the highest standards of ethics for any future agreement with the Coyotes."
  12. Theophrastus Bombastus

    Bring Back The Whale!!! Big decision in Arizona this week, maybe if they are compelled to leave, who knows??? Not likely but whatever.
  13. Theophrastus Bombastus

    PROPOSED: North Downtown/Baseball Stadium Development

    Of course it is..... I guess a Coors Light pushcart will suffice. I really hope this whole thing doesn't turn out sh***y.
  14. Theophrastus Bombastus

    IN PROGRESS: Front Street @ Adriaen's Landing

    They should also get the Elks building for continuity:,-72.6720623,21z
  15. Theophrastus Bombastus

    PROPOSED: Expansion at UConn Health Center

    That's actually the new UConn Downtown Hartford campus (old Hartford Times building). The UConn Health Center is doing a lot of expanding also in Farmington: