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    Cleveland - Population 588,362<br />Metro Area - 2.9 million.<br /><br />Fastest Growing Downtown Area in the Midwest - 7th fastest in the nation.<br /><br />Ranked #1 for "Most Livable City" in the U.S. and 26th in the world by the Economist Intelligence Unit, reported by cnn.com <br /><br /><br /><br /><br />http://www.snl.com/Interactive/IR/file.asp?IID=100334&FID=1598603&OSID=9
  1. I did however just find the rules at Rules
  2. Im not sure if it's just my browser but the link posted does not seem to work for me. Everything else on the site does however. I just thought I would bring that to your attention unless its my own browsers fault.
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