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  1. Nothing will happen on this site until the City has moved off the site.
  2. Right. Everyone wants it just not enough to do anything to achieve it. Our city has it as a goal but actively hinders it though policy. I think our desires are clear through our actions and our policy.
  3. Grand Rapids doesn't want affordable housing.
  4. Funny. I rode by yesterday morning and thought it was looking great.
  5. That's the point. They have all the tools to solve those problems - right now.
  6. Our current zoning ordinance is overly complex at best. These additions will only make it more complex to navigate and more difficult to achieve quality urban results. Nextly, I'm increasingly concerned about our decisions and attempts to manage social issues through our planning department through policy. The weed ordinance is another example. Our planning department should be working in our community to envision our future not being a cop for a (perceived) problem that doesn't solve itself through increasing land values. Then, we don't need the city to have more ways to hassel fol
  7. Nobody struggles more with our friends at the city and our neighbors on citizen committees more than me, but, I think we need to keep proper score here. At Cherry and Eastern, the neighborhood and the developer are trying to thread a needle. Everyone has been working in good faith but it obviously hasn't come out of the ground yet. I expect that it will. The HPC doesn't have anything to do with the delays at that site. The HPC approved the new building at the Dollar General site. A cynical lawsuit put an end to that project. And, Valley City Linen's expansion lies outside any H
  8. Rendering by Interface Studio as part of GRForward. http://interface-studio.com/projects/grand-rapids
  9. Hey, Ryan! We've been through this before, haven't we? There have been no changes to the Secretary's Standards since we did our project. You're wrong.
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