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  1. OKC's gonna look like Hong Kong I think. Mountains, ocean and all. Just kidding. I'm thinking a few new residential towers by then, an office tower or two, tons of new development in the new space between downtown and the relocated I-40 along the new boulevard, quite a few hotels... I just don't know what city it will look like, exactly. We don't really have a single style that you can pin to us- Glassy and blue like Dallas/Houston, some boxy ones like everyone else... I really can't predict what OKC's new skyscrapers will look like.
  2. Tulsa has a very advanced skyline for its size. I think it was much more impacted by the oil boom than OKC was, and that sparked crazier building booms. It has the 4 tallest in the state and several more over 100m than OKC.
  3. How incredible are the Hornets? Thanks for letting us borrow them! There have been three or four exciting buzzer-beater wins, it's so fun to watch the crowd react to them. I still haven't made it to a game. They're ahead by 20 right now against Portland. Amazing win streak, and they've been doing a lot of it without CP3.
  4. Hope it's big and in a good location. Where do you think they would want to put a hotel? More Bricktown? Arts District maybe? Or maybe the Midtown people want a hotel for their corner of OKC.
  5. Wow, it's a great website, but I wish they would have more renderings on it. Their descriptions are amazing though. And the website is HUGE, I had to stretch the screen way out. Those views from the Classen are marvelous, but nature boy's right, unless the Classen is in the middle of Lincoln Boulevard or has been moved to where the oil derrick is...
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