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  1. True perhaps, however, you can rest assured that what doesn't look good today certainly won't look good twenty years from now.
  2. http://faison.com/files/142/AvenueMurf04-07.pdf This site plan on Faison's website shows phase 2 of The Avenue. Does anyone know what they have planned for the bigger spaces shown there? JusticeHam? Anybody?
  3. I use the greenway lots when the days are longer. Schedule makes it hard during the winter months, but i really enjoy using it when i can.
  4. New tenants named for the Avenue: http://phx.corporate-ir.net/phoenix.zhtml?...id=1003735&
  5. The Faison website has updated info on The Avenue as well. Haverty's, Old Navy, and a couple others which I can't make out. That means the current Old Navy/Linens n Things/Lane Bryant center on Old Fort is probably taking a huge hit from this. Hate to see that sitting empty. It also shows the Phase Two of the project which seems to be unconnected and on the parcel of land closer to Thompson Lane.
  6. The description of the mall's expansion on General Growth's website no longer mentions "a larger format bookstore" as it did until recently. Also I think Justiceham may have mentioned something on this before, but the word from a reliable source is there's to be an Olive Garden and Friday's out in front of the mall.
  7. MurfRez


    I had heard they were going to tear Memorial down and rebuild, but something about the other tenants leases kept that from happening.
  8. I agree with the above. I drive home around the square after work at about 10 PM many nights and it looks more happening than ever to me. My interest is retail, so I have noticed there are retail stores and eateries popping up. Binks does well. The toy store. The Maple Street Grill just to name a few. The square could actually come to benefit from all the other shopping coming to town. An easy side trip for unique shops the way Franklin's square is. And a side note or all of you who wanted Murfreesboro to have its own forum. It's dull. So props to Justiceham fro trying to keep it going, but it was much more interesting when lots more opinions were voiced be them good or bad.
  9. The wing of the mall where the new JCPenny is has recently been redone with brown, natural, and shiny black colored tiles. I have to say the place is going to look very, very nice. Does anyone know if Sears is expanding now? Or is the fenced-off area beside it just going to be parking?
  10. The MAC location was indeed Wal-Mart. It was a store called Big K, which Wal-Mart bought in the 80s. Then Food Max tore it down and built a store, which was bought by Albertson's. The mall Wal-Mart was the second Wal-Mart location for Murf.
  11. My understanding is that the Belk at The Avenue is going to be larger and better than their average store.
  12. Thanks for that.....That would've always been blocked and I'd have missed it. I also meant to tell you Relient...that the Dillard's there was built as a Wal-Mart in the late 80s.....since you're not from here i thought you'd find that interesting. Castner-Knott remodeled it and Dillard's bought them 2 years after they opened.
  13. I want both malls to work as much as the next guy, but without an incredibly balanced selection of stores between the two, it may just not. I think we may end up seeing The Avenue thrive on the best of the small shop selection, while Stones River may become a mall with anchors and no good smaller tenants. Don't you think its funny that Stones River has named no tenants? The 2 million square feet on Manchester Highway? There's simply not enough stores to go around, or at least not enough of the type of retail they describe. They had said regional department stores. There are no regional department stores left to go there. If Macy's comes I'm sure it will be in one of the other developments. I would hate to see Stones River go away, but it may have been better for the city if The Avenue would have been an all inclusive with JC Penney and Dillard's there. When Mr Gatton sold the property to Cousins, he had his pick of mall owners, and he chose Cousins. Had he chosen CBL or someone else I think we would have gotten a more inclusive development. One thing I have noticed. Kay jewelers just built a new store in Stones River, and they are on the list for The Avenue. So maybe it can work. I hope so.
  14. If you all haven't been to the CMH site, you might enjoy this. You can click on the drop down and then click on some of the various Avenues and it has lots of photos of what the others look like. http://www.cmharchitects.com/home.html
  15. Perhaps they are going to close the other location, that could explain why the Post called the Rutherford location the third Murf location instead of the fourth. They obviously do overlap that much in lots of places though.
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