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    Urbanization: urban planning, skyscrapers, new urbanism<br />Infrastructure: storm drains, sidewalks, utilities, traffic lights, streetlights, trains, parking garages, elevators, escalators, roads, superhighways, pavement markings, signage, <br />Media/entertainment: sci-fi, news, SimCity<br />Academic interests: Politics, geography, economics, music, history, the Internet, banking/finance, languages, astronomy, information technology.<br />Misc: Logos, universal symbols, area codes and zip codes<br /><br />note: in case you are curious, the user name is pronounced "esoteric", but you can call me "Aesso"<br />The last letter is a "Q" that's hard to see

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  1. Agreed -- the 0.5% local sales tax option for Miami-Dade County is probably the best tangible example of a pro-transit populace. Broward is facing a similar vote in November 2006.
  2. Very nice... You have a most enviable view. Now I have the voice of James Earl Jones ringing in my head... "Bell Atlantic and GTE.. are now.. Verizon."
  3. Great info! you are a scholar and a gentleman.
  4. Thanks, ironchapman ... Another recollection of mine revolves around MARTA's management and perceived or actual mismanagement, misspending, etc., and those counties not wanting anything to do with MARTA, perceived as corrupt. Care to expound on that?
  5. Politics/nimby-ism probably? Wasn't there really strong opposition from Cobb and Gwinnett in the past?
  6. I can't believe legislators are dragging their feet like that, especially considering how much tax revenue is being lost each day! This is an interesting development, because the tone of last week's new gave the impression that on-land casinos were essentially guaranteed to pass. Also, great news on Duany! We've finally gotten to see some of his firm's plans used in Miami, and the most recent project of theirs is a total rewriting of the city zoning code. This is definitely the right time to start thinking about better design and planning, and with gas prices on the rise there is certainly a dire need to take a serious look at the way we live and work.
  7. Aessotariq


    Congratulations guys... Central Florida commuter rail finally made statewide headlines.. Let's hope Tampa and Jax follow suit. http://www.miami.com/mld/miamiherald/news/state/12363209.htm Now you need to come up with a spiffy name for it... I4Rail???
  8. Aessotariq


    For what it's worth, Florida DOT purchased the tracks that Tri-Rail operates on. CSX handles the dispatch, although Tri-Rail and Broward County have expressed interest in taking over that function entirely along the corridor. Recently CSX apologized for causing several Tri-Rail trains to run really late. Tri-Rail said it was because CSX was pushing freight trains through during rush hour instead of giving the commuter trains priority as was agreed to.
  9. Aessotariq


    This is great news... It's sad to think that the county that would benefit from this most would be the most likely to "derail" it.
  10. Aessotariq


    Ignoring population, it has that upscale factor, plus a lot of seasonal residents that aren't counted in traditional permanent population counts. There is probably a way to factor in snowbirds and other visitors that stay in Naples that makes it Cheesecake-worthy.
  11. Aessotariq


    It's an upscale Chinese restaurant and bistro. Like the Cheesecake Factory, they're always busy and crowded.
  12. Aessotariq


    Build a nice compact mall, with covered parking, or even better: create a downtown shopping district. Sawgrass Mills has so much wasted space it's not even funny. Its parking lot is gargantuan.
  13. The adverse effect would be minimal, I would think. Developers would simply pass on the costs to the buyers. There are 18 counties that already assess impact fees, and they happen to be among Florida's most populated and high growth counties. Impact fees haven't stopped growth, just made developers pay a bigger share of the burden. The counties that assess fees: Broward, Citrus, Clay, Collier, Miami-Dade, Hernando, Hillsborough, Lake, Manatee, Martin, Orange, Osceola, Palm Beach, Pasco, Seminole, St. Johns, St Lucie, Volusia
  14. The existing interestates were funded with federal highway dollars... the federal government hasn't been providing highway funding for interstates for a long time... That's why there are so many toll roads in Florida being built now. All new limited access highways being built now are toll roads built by the Florida's Turnpike Enterprise. Perhaps a route that followed I-10 and US 19 that was closer to the coast might create this vital link... Unfortunately it also makes urban sprawl a more serious problem as well.
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