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  1. ***Picture of the Day***

    Queen Victoria Building Enjoy!
  2. ***Picture of the Day***

    A pic of Sega World in Darling Harbour,with Sydney in the distance and the sega logo. The Sega Logo
  3. ***Picture of the Day***

    Yeah I do, rusthebus,I've bent to these Islands. They are: Palau Australia Chrismas Island Torres Strait Islands and Paupa New Guinea. I've been to 6 Islands.
  4. ***Picture of the Day***

    View of Port Moresby,Paupa New Guinea Hope you enjoyed the pic.
  5. ***Picture of the Day***

    The Anzac Bridge around where I live. Anyway, Great pic's Ninjatune.
  6. ***Picture of the Day***

    Wave rock
  7. ***Picture of the Day***

    I took this while I take a vacation to Darwin,NT. Hope you enjoyed!
  8. ***Picture of the Day***

  9. ***Picture of the Day***

    An Skyline Shot of Singapore Sorry about the size.
  10. ***Picture of the Day***

    I took a helocpter ride and took this on the Great Barrier Reef.
  11. ***Picture of the Day***

    Brisbane Enjoy!
  12. ***Picture of the Day***

    Heres the Sydney Skyline I took. ____________________________________________________ All Australians, Happy Australia Week!
  13. Australian Ghettos

    We don't have any ghetto's In Australia, not even 1!