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  1. Yes, agree this was one of the many shortcomings of how this was announced. Mismanaged to the detriment of Rick and his team.
  2. The fear of "politically incorrect" art being somehow at a disadvantage is a red herring. While not an art expert by any means, I have been involved on the periphery and I just don't think it will become an issue. Yes, we can look back on the "Harold Washington in a Dress" controversy in Chicago, the Mapplethorpe pieces, etc., but I just don't see that happening here. Anything is possible -- someone could do a giant pyramid in Amway colors splashed with the blood and tears of distributors, or something pro-choice or anti-school-choice, etc. But to expect Rick or the "family" to shut it out without evidence and before anything has even happened is a kind of bigotry and prejudice in its own right. And hey, if someone did do an "RDV in a Dress" painting, we might end up on CNN yet!
  3. This is a true statement, and really the bottom line. While the hype and event itself were both a bit sad and out of touch, absolutely nothing bad can come from the competition itself, and perhaps a lot of good (!) Worst-case scenario planning feels goofy, like we are trying to write an episode of "24" or something. (It looked like a just harmless sculpture, but it was really a way for terrorists to disseminate aerosolized polonium-210 and seize control of the BOB!)
  4. I actually that is a great time to do it -- late Sept/early October is usually awesome in West Michigan. If anything, it seems a week too short, actually.
  5. Perfect summary. Will be fun, but so were the giant fish a few years back. I would just also add that for a project about "public art" and involving more people, this announcement was done with little actual involvement of the "public" -- with the exception of the typical old white guy crowd. Hope the rest of the community isn't turned off as a result. The families who will benefit the most and should be the most excited are working or in school. Bad execution.
  6. Whatever it is, I sincerely hope it involves actually making/doing/creating something, and NOT just creating an "event" or "process" for others (competing artists, filmmakers, etc.) Amway actually MAKES great vitamins, makeup and other products. VAI is actually looking for a cure for cancer. Heck, Pam DeVos even designs the clothes for her fashion line. Events, venue and processes have value and can certainly lead to good things...but GRAM, Meijer Gardens and the Louvre would all be one-visit destinations without the work inside.
  7. No, if media coverage were the metric, RiverGrand would have been a home run project. I think the test is what the Rick project does for the community in the next 1, 3 and 5 years. Do more folks come here from more than three hours away (CVB metric)? Does it improve the quality of life overall? Do we have more 20- and 30-somethings downtown? Do we have a more diverse downtown business base? Meijer Gardens has accomplished a lot on the first two points and gained national and international media in the bargain.
  8. Interesting. If TV3 is right, this is a bit of a letdown, but that was inevitable given the ham-handed way the announcement has been handled. Yes, a major art fair and competition are nice additions and beat more bad news (!!), but this could have been done with a bit more polish and subtlety. This much spin and hype doesn't exactly mesh with the notion of attracting the creative class. And no, it is not like attracting Google, and that's how the media have been treating this. Bad move on their part, but they are understaffed (sadly). If this is it, it is nice for downtown, but not a lot of relevance to 90% of West Michigan or the "youth" audience of the talking points.
  9. Interesting release re: Meijer settlement w/State: PRSA/BEPS Statement on Meijer Case Involving Michigan Campaign Finance Act NEW YORK (May 16, 2008)
  10. The irony is that it sounds like enough people in Acme actually do want some kind of Meijer store in their community. Not sure from a planning perspective if what Acme wants/demands will ever pencil with a site plan Meijer can make work financially, but seems to me the next step needs to more a bit more visible corrective action and outreach by Meijer. While technically admitting some likely wrongdoing, sort of, perhaps, maybe, they haven't exactly bent over backwards to regain trust. Meijer has not announced any changes that would indicate corrective action -- no announced policy fixes, staff or consultant firings -- and they have not made any human effort to connect with residents. Without that effort, you can't really expect forgiveness. Perhaps all of the above will happen after the investigations are over, but the longer Meijer stays cold and distant in apparent denial, the harder it will be for local shoppers to see any difference between Walker, Mich. and Bentonville, Ark.
  11. Interesting story Sunday in TCRE -- goes into a bit more depth than anything that has run locally. I have been very impressed by the level of reporting by that paper. http://www.record-eagle.com/local/local_story_048094914.html
  12. Agree that the Press hasn't been great, but they have still been miles ahead of TV8, which has barely touched it at all. Makes me wonder if it's too complicated for those folks, or if Meijer ad money talks.
  13. http://detnews.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?A...METRO/802120385 Front page of the Detroit News today...nothing really new, but the exposure is bad timing for a lot of reasons. This, plus the new stories in the Press about the investigations makes it hard to predict what the future really is for a store in Acme. The investigation alone is starting to feel like death by a thousand cuts.
  14. What is interesting/new today is that they are admitting to violations back several years ago as well during the local referendum on big box development, which hadn't even been part of the story before. Wonder if this will impact the permiting process and current lawsuits over in Lyon township.
  15. Meijer's statement today admitting guilt in Acme is interesting timing...hoping it would get buried in the news on Super Tuesday perhaps. Wonder if that admission opens them up to any additional civil cases from other Acme commissioners or residents. Sounds like the attorney in Traverse City is determined to push this further in any event.
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