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  1. I'm pretty sure the Regional Mobility Authority was going forward with or without Fayetteville and if they had taken an isolationist stance it would have damaged the city's image as a "green" city. There's a lot of metro just north of Fayetteville's city limits, afterall. Oil prices have broken several records this year with the biggest price jumps in history. Gas prices are expected to reach $5.00 per gallon on average and even with massive efforts by oil companies and our government prices are not likely to drop even a little, ever.
  2. No dount it had to do with the rising gas prices and all the doom and gloom in the newsmedia lately. If Fayetteville is to be a leading edge city in the green scene then transportation is a major issue they'll be judged on. The competition is already building momentum to become the greenest city so Fayetteville can't get lazy.
  3. I'm not sure I like it. There are a lot of merging lanes and those may actually reverse any benefit gained by having the criss-crossing through lanes, which don't look that beneficial either. But, I'm no expert and only time will tell if it actually works. It does look more affordable than flyovers, but more expensive than a traditional interchange. Another thing is it looks like a fender bender magnet.
  4. Yeah that's the term I was looking for. It does sound good and a step up above Taco Bueno. I'll have to try it.
  5. Fast Lane Bowling Entertainment will open on July 1! This will be the premier bowling and family entertainment destination in the region. At least it'll be geared more for the whole family than ChuckE.Cheeses, Lokomotion and Fun City USA. Their website: www.fastlanebowl.com. 1 down, 8 to go! Pleasant Crossing shut down their website and handed leasing over to a realty company so this may be all we see for a while, but it's far better than nothing.
  6. The Blue Plate Cafe in Bentonville just changed to a Flying Burrito. Never been to either one, but looks like Flying Burrito is expanding pretty good. Is it fast-Mexican or more full-service restaurant?
  7. Just my 2 cents: I can understand both sides of the "Fayetteville and not Arkansas" debate. While Fayetteville is an up-and-coming urban mecca in its own right, it still lies in the shadow of Little Rock. After all, no matter how much arts, culture and live music, or how much job diversity, racial diversity and range of demographics Fayetteville has or may have in the future, Little Rock is seen as the center of all these things in Arkansas (albeit, minus Razorbacks sports). Maybe not from the perspective of some people living in NWA, but in general. I can also understand why, knowing this, Fayetteville wants to distance itself from the state capitol which is only possible by distancing itself from the rest of the state. Unfortunately, Fayetteville faces even bigger challenges to its urban supremacy from Tulsa in the west and KC in the north. Maybe it would be better for Fayetteville to accept its position as younger sibling to Little Rock rather than be seen as an even smaller city in the shadows of Tulsa and KC. I like Fayetteville because its a city with a small town feel and some big city offerings, but if I was looking for a city that had everything one could want in a big city with plenty of small-town offerings nearby then Little Rock is the only option in Arkansas.
  8. Well that bites. Its my favorite McDonalds. I like the little airplane museum display pieces they have inside. It would be nice if they could move the plane to a display on the ground.
  9. I'll second that motion! The Ultimate Cheeseburger blows away the competition!!!
  10. I don't get the $180M pricetag. Even if construction costs have doubled since 2000 (which they haven't) that's just far too high a pricetag for a theater of this scale, as planned. I did a little shopping around and found a very nice theater that easily doubles the size of the planned new WAC, but also at half the cost (as of 2000)... oh and it's also one of the premier theaters in Hollywood, CA and is actually quite a work of art. Check out: Kodak Theatre (3,400 seat theatre opened November 2001 at a cost of $94 million) P.S.: It's also located in a similar location as the Pinnacle Hills Promenade (or at least what's envisioned for it). Maybe something the planners for the new WAC need to consider. Shopping, dining and entertainment destinations like the Promenade may draw more theatre-goers than a smaller downtown entertainment district... or maybe not. [Edit] Oh and sorry in advance if this post is negative in any way. Just trying to figure out where the $180M pricetag comes from? If anyone else could phrase what I just posted in a less negative or more inspiring way please enlighten me.
  11. I want to apologize to everyone who was subjected to my negative posts, especially to cocothief, whose own posts have always been positive and optimistic even when others were not. I will continue to read these forums, but will not post unless I have something positive or at least non-disruptive to say. And thanks to Rod (Mith) for removing the negative portions of the Non-Profit thread, of which I was responsible for. Mike
  12. I like that first pic... it looks so Planoesque! Thanks for those pics.
  13. Cool! I didn't really know the front-end operations since my job was curing (blow torching) the hams. It was just a short-term temp assignment, but was a fun experience.
  14. I'll answer that if I may, since I worked for Honeybaked Ham a while back. It's neither a restaurant nor a deli. It's where you can walk in and buy a premium spiral-sliced ham that is individually "cured" by hand while you wait. They do special made to order hams also. The curing process is the best part. They take a cooked ham and place it on a spiral slicer then immediately pour a special powdered blend of flavoring onto the ham and actually use a blow torch to "cure" the flavoring into the ham. It is then packaged in special wrapping to keep it hot. The result is the best tasting ham you can get over the counter. They also ship nationwide, so it's a great place to stop by to send a gift. But mostly it's a great place to stop by for a hot mouth-watering ham without turning on your oven.
  15. Were they cut down or just uprooted? Mature trees can be replanted so maybe they plan to return the trees that were there before. The main reason new developments plant new young trees is because it's cheaper. Since the square is not a new development they may have made prior arrangements for the mature trees. That may be the reason noone said anything, because they plan to put the trees back. I guess when it's all said and done and they do plant new young trees people can get upset about it, but noone seems to know what the city intends to do.
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