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  1. BRPJ

    Baton Rouge Growth and Development

    Maybe a Hard Rock Cafe
  2. BRPJ

    Baton Rouge Inner Loop

    I am sick and tired of the tollway system in Dallas. I too frequent 121, 190, etc... When you live in northern Dallas suburbia its a necessity to use these freeways, or else you will be riding through an eternity of red lights attempting to get to your destination. I understand the nature of funding for road projects has changed in this country (obviously). But I can't believe that riding around town is like paying another bill. And what choice do I really have? I hate it. I know if Texas can't outright build new freeways without the help of private toll authorities, it's doubtful that Louisiana will. The Idea of the airline as a freeway is awesome. And something I have advocated for a long time. But making it a tollway... ugh. If there is any other way, fight for that instead.
  3. BRPJ

    Does BR Need a New 2nd Tallest?

    Hey guys! I love conversations about the future of the BR Skyline! I thought I would drop off my rough sketch of what I hope the skyline could look like in some years....
  4. BRPJ

    Baton Rouge Coffee House

    No. Is it really similar to Sim City? I bought the new Sim City that came out last year, and I don't really like it. Although the graphics are awesome, you are limited with your ambitions in the beginning and you have to really work from the ground up. I kinda like the freedom on SC4.
  5. BRPJ

    Baton Rouge Coffee House

    Oh wow, so much detail! Your cities are far more advanced than mine. I don't use paper that large, but I should cause its been limiting the possibilities. What kind of tools do you use to achieve that sort of precision? I need to step my game up. This hobby led me to playing Sim City 4, which lets you design and plan cities. I waste hours playing that game.
  6. BRPJ

    Baton Rouge Coffee House

    Thats so awesome! I thought I was the only one who did this
  7. BRPJ

    Other Cities And States

    I agree. I feel this way all of the time when I visit other places. Especially places smaller than Baton Rouge that have wider interstates and better connectivity with surface roads. It is so unacceptable its disgusting. And what bothers me the most is that damn ramp coming off the new bridge on 1-10. That is the most embarrassing engineering ever. Another thing I noticed is how cities are generally landscaped at the street level with a manicured touch. In Baton Rouge I see a lot of paint or cement cracking on the roads, weeds are everywhere. I visited Columbia SC for the first time and everything looked so clean and well managed. In BR, well it looks like the Big Ragedy in too many places.
  8. BRPJ

    The Water Campus

    I'm a day late and I was actually fooled.
  9. BRPJ

    Celtic Media Centre

    ^ I read that. Crazy that Louisiana is THE Film Capital of the world.
  10. BRPJ

    Baton Rouge Growth and Development

    Oh wow. I'm excited to see these type of plans for Airline. I have always believed it should be turned into a freeway. However, 2 lanes on each side within BR city limits is too little. I would hope at least 3 lanes on each side from I-110 south to HWY 61. I also don't know about making this a toll road or at least the portion in BR City limits. Seems like they need to do some studies on their revenue base. It is exciting to see the I-10 connector! Now that I didn't expect. I think this could be a big help! After looking at it again. They need not to look at this as a loop. We could use a loop sure, but this is not a loop. This is just a needed improvement - Airline as a freeway. No tolls, and yes bring on a loop too.
  11. BRPJ

    How to fix Baton Rouge

    I just feel like the people who are for St. George are being a bit short sighted. I understand wanting the best for your own children, but it's like what about the other kids in Baton Rouge? And beyond that, what about how the split affects Baton Rouge economically and fiscally? I don't even think the proponents have a real interest in running a new city with that type of population or having an Identity. They probably will just default to BR Chamber of Commerce in terms of seeking business. If it were truly about being separate because of cultural and identity reasons I could understand. But it seems like they are biting off the arm to fix a wound, rather than healing the wound, however dirty. I haven't heard anything about a sub district but if that can keep St. George residents happy and keep the city together I'll be interested to hear more about it and perhaps see it succeed. I think Baton Rouge should have annexed all lands to the south decades ago. Even though the attitude in the south would be against this now, leadership should be thinking of ways to bring citizens together and making the community feel whole, so that eventually they can make moves towards this. Big things are happening in the state and in the BR region. Water campus, film industry, tech, oil and gas, and many other things. We could possibly see big growth in the next decade. A larger Baton Rouge proper population makes a better case for federal dollars and I think we should stick together. There are mixed signals about Charter Schools. It seems in New Orleans though, the district is doing much better than pre Katrina. If after all this time 50% of BR schools are still failing, they need to try something drastic at this point.
  12. BRPJ

    Southern High-Speed Rail

    To implement high speed rail we have to start in Increments. A Line between San Francisco and Los Angeles. A Line between Houston and Dallas. A Line between New Orleans and Baton Rouge, Etc. Then as the lines get more ridership and bring in more revenue they can start to connect the lines. In this day in age, High Speed Rail should be a priority. This country is so behind in this field. Today, no one is willing to spend the money understandably. It may be better to do it now though while gas is still under 5$. Once we reach that point everyone will be wishing we'd done it sooner.
  13. BRPJ

    How to fix Baton Rouge

    I was torn at first, and maybe even for St. George, but now I'm leaning toward keeping Baton Rouge together. A city the size of Baton Rouge would do better growing as a whole. The split would be beneficial to St. George(and only in the sense of creating schools), not for Baton Rouge in any way. It would cut tax dollars out of Baton Rouge schools and make them even worse. I can never support anything that hurts the city Baton Rouge. BR is the center, the core of the region. If BR suffers so does "St. George" and everyone else. A large part of what makes Baton Rouge attractive is because of what the southeast area offers in shopping and quality of life, demographics etc. If you make that technically separate from Baton Rouge, then what is Baton Rouge? where is its wealth? Where is its shopping? etc? Has anyone thought about dissolving what we know as EBRPS and trying a charter system? It seems to have worked well in New Orleans, considering.
  14. BRPJ

    Southern High-Speed Rail

    Hefty price tag just to go 50 mph. I'd say go high speed or forget it.
  15. BRPJ

    Baton Rouge Growth and Development

    The renderings at the site are beyond awesome. Definitely gonna be the best looking school in the region.