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  1. Hey guys! I love conversations about the future of the BR Skyline! I thought I would drop off my rough sketch of what I hope the skyline could look like in some years....
  2. No. Is it really similar to Sim City? I bought the new Sim City that came out last year, and I don't really like it. Although the graphics are awesome, you are limited with your ambitions in the beginning and you have to really work from the ground up. I kinda like the freedom on SC4.
  3. Oh wow, so much detail! Your cities are far more advanced than mine. I don't use paper that large, but I should cause its been limiting the possibilities. What kind of tools do you use to achieve that sort of precision? I need to step my game up. This hobby led me to playing Sim City 4, which lets you design and plan cities. I waste hours playing that game.
  4. Thats so awesome! I thought I was the only one who did this
  5. I'm a day late and I was actually fooled.
  6. Oh wow. I'm excited to see these type of plans for Airline. I have always believed it should be turned into a freeway. However, 2 lanes on each side within BR city limits is too little. I would hope at least 3 lanes on each side from I-110 south to HWY 61. I also don't know about making this a toll road or at least the portion in BR City limits. Seems like they need to do some studies on their revenue base. It is exciting to see the I-10 connector! Now that I didn't expect. I think this could be a big help! After looking at it again. They need not to look at this as a loop. We could use a loop sure, but this is not a loop. This is just a needed improvement - Airline as a freeway. No tolls, and yes bring on a loop too.
  7. The renderings at the site are beyond awesome. Definitely gonna be the best looking school in the region.
  8. BRPJ

    New Hotels

    Wow, that Hampton is a really nice look hotel!
  9. As it currently stands as a suburb, sure its a plano or a metairie. I believe though it will be good competition for Baton Rouge and has the potential to grow and be more a co-anchor type Metro Area - maybe If the new to be city council was smart, they would tout the new school system and the demographics and get more businesses and economic growth. Then again it IS in East Baton Rouge Parish RIchy, Im having trouble visualizing the city limits and trying to think of a good center... Is this somewhat of their saying....
  10. I think I am starting to lean towards favoring the break off city. I think the competition will cause leaders in Baton Rouge to tighten things up a bit. St. George is going to start out as a formidable suburb, but may have the potential to be the Fort Worth to Dallas.
  11. BRPJ

    River Park

    I understand they built the under pass... and I haven't seen this on a map in while, but is there a way to create an additional entrance to the area so that there can be more car and pedestrian access?
  12. So what could some other names be? South Baton Rouge Highland Bluff Oak Hills Highland Hills
  13. BRPJ

    River Park

    Wow, sounds impressive. Just what downtown really needs.
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