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  1. Wow, actually some areas even above Troy get coverage, such as Rochester, the Bloomfield area, and Auburn Hills. Most of Metro Detroit is covered, actually. Birds Eye View really does Birmingham justice.
  2. New Bird's Eye view photos all the way up to Big Beaver, y'all! See SE Michigan's new-urban cornucopia up close! Just wanted to give you guys a heads up.
  3. yeah that grid was pretty much halfassed from the start.
  4. layoffs, crime, poverty, the rape of Rouge Park, the exodus when all else fails in Detroit, the heart remains. Let the excuses begin: Go to hell, ESPN.
  5. Two things. My first topic is in the form of a question. 1.) Did anybody go to the Tiger game today? Or maybe even downtown at a sports bar? My, oh, my... Probably the greatest sports related day of my life. Rogers pitching like an animal in front of the deafening roar of the Tiger fans. I was even getting rowdy, and I was sitting in front of a TV, 2000 miles away. My neighbors think i'm nuts. 2.) I also lived in Toledo as well, and though i've lived in Detroit for a longer time, most of my family still resides in Toledo, so I took on the OSU blood that was seemingly passed on to me. The interesting paret about Toledo is that its lodged in between Ann Arbor and Columbus, probably split 45 (OSU)-45(UM)-10(MSU, with Lansing a little farther out than AA). Yeah, around the end of November, it gets hectic. Almost every school and workplace in the area celebrates the day before the storm by wearing their teams respective colors. While I believe UM will win, I have a much stronger animosity towards UM than MSU. I'll cheer them (spartans) on, but that 4th Quarter against Notre Dame didn't help their cause at all.
  6. Michigan is gonna manhandle MSU. And I'm speaking from a neutral standpoint as an OSU fan. Support the Tigers.
  7. So who else is losing hair due to this Tigers collapse? Very reminescent to the 2003 Minnesota Vikings
  8. Just Bomac's. Only Bomac's was torn down.
  9. Oops... I read it as a "slightly non descript building" and "Bomacs Bar". Must have been sleepwriting. Still, there is no excuse to tear down an occupied building at this moment. It's not like anything better is going up in its place.
  10. This will come off completely naive and retarded, but I dont care. What the eff did the city try to accomplish by demolishing two perfectly good buildings like that? Is the city that friggen desperate to scrap out a total of about 25 cot damn surface parking spaces? That seems like the only thing that comes to mind...
  11. they have hotel (michi's) casino
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