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  1. Everyone should know how to act on discussion forums and having a moderator would be synonymous with parenting; that's not a good look.
  2. It's been a minute since I've been on here but I need a little favor. What photography studios do you'all recommend for self-portraits and do the studio(s) allow customers to put their shots on CD? Whatever studio I rock with based on your suggestions must allow me to have my shots put on CD so I can e-mail to friends & family; I'm down for a $35-50 price range, no more no less. All suggestions are taken into consideration.
  3. Everybody is a tough-guy behind a computer screen, otherwise the retarded statements made yesterday about the Martin Lee Anderson case are grounds for some people getting the smack knocked out of them (they know who they are on tallahassee.com) Personally, I don't mind punching some of those idiots on tallahassee.com Carry on people.
  4. In general, what's the ratio of football to basketball support in N.O.?
  5. This could be the spark for an eventual TPD/LCSO consolidation. Can't say who's gonna replace McNeil but whoever it is has some big shoes to fill.
  6. I see quite a few Louisiana plates here in Florida. In no particular order: Florida Georgia Louisiana Those are the plates I see the most in Florida.
  7. COT commission meetings usually air between 7pm-8pm on WCOT.
  8. LMAO If you want comedy, watch a COT commission meeting. It's like WWF but without the physical confrontations.
  9. Good lookin' out on the info. Goodbye interstate traveling, I won't miss you. U.S. 27 is going to be my new highway gf.
  10. Snap Yo Fingers-Lil Jon feat. E-40 & Sean Paul (Youngbloodz) Snap yo fingers then rock wit it do it do it then drop wit it do a step wit it put ya hips wit it all my ladies let me see you put a twist wit it
  11. Post-Katrina, how many killings did New Orleans end up with at the end of '05? I was hearing N.O. would get 300+ by year's end.
  12. I'm a guy. On a serious note, when I first seen Lenox Mall, I've seen nothing but average people. I never would have thought the mall was for rich folks.
  13. Awesome building if I do say so myself.
  14. I won't front, Trina has always been fine as hell, but now that she got back in shape and lost weight...........lawd have mercy. In the Hustlin video, I like how it starts off in South Beach, then goes across the bridge into the hood.
  15. I almost couldn't believe it myself, but unfortunately that's her bio. Strippers used to be fine but now it seems like any chick can become a stripper.
  16. TJ, Jacki-O is from Miami. Khia is from Tampa. Before Khia blew up, she was a stripper at a Tampa strip joint.
  17. ^2 Live Crew was straight nasty, I won't lie. I see where the title As Nasty As They Wanna Be comes from jpl02, being from CC (Carol City), you heard of a guy named Rick Ross? He got a song called 'Hustlin' and he reps where you from.
  18. Hey, at least we have someone who made it big who is from here.
  19. Pigs will fly before South Florida becomes it's own state.
  20. I thought that too, but when he first came out, he mentioned how the T in his name stood for Tallahassee. He holds us down good, imo.
  21. Neato. Local rapper T-Pain, the T in his name stands for Tallahassee.
  22. My bad, I'll slow that down.FSU handles Maryland, that's what I'm talking about Maryland tried to come on our turf and run things, but we ran them out of the Civic Center. FSU plays Virginia Tech on Saturday, once we win that then we're in the NCAA tournament.
  23. That intersection is enjoyable. I work over in that area.
  24. Not really, I'm just telling it how it is (not that it matters but I'm black). My wording sucked, yes. But in general, it's annoying when fools use nightlife as an excuse to bust guns.
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