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  1. Attention all idiots who go to clubs to get into fights and shoot it out in the parking lot, KEEP THAT NONSENSE AT HOME Nothing makes me sick than to go to either Chubby's or The Moon on isolated nights and only to hear the news reporter say "Someone got shot on so and so night at Chubby's and/or The Moon, it all stemmed from a verbal disagreement which escalated into gunfighting" Just like The Moon got a bad rep for fights and the murder in '97, Chubby's is quickly following in Moon's footsteps. Don't get it twisted, The Moon is garbage the vast majority of the time it's open, but when hip-hop/rap concerts come there, I'm all in there In a previous edition of FSView, a student was quoted as saying "The recent shootings at Chubby's has kept me from going there" or something to that effect. I'm not gonna let a few stupid fools keep me from having a good time, but the fact of the matter is that don't mess it up for everyone else. P.S: I bet when some white folks heard about the previous violence at Chubby's, they were like "It had to be a n***er who was the guilty party, you know how n****rs like to start trouble wherever they go"
  2. Damn, it's been a minute since I been on this forum. Love the pics.
  3. I was pondering this all day today and decided to pose the following question: If Tallahassee was a woman, what kind of woman would she be? A.Thin B.Average-Size (not too big, not too small, but just right) C.Overweight D.Obese Honestly, I tried doing this with a straight face. To answer my question, I would rate Tallahassee as a thin woman, but with her growth she could move into the medium-sized range.
  4. That is good news. I wonder if the Superdome is gonna look any different than the last, since they fixed it up due to the Katrina fiasco.
  5. This TaureEn character takes good pictures, note the intentional misspelling of the screen name
  6. I've heard that if you have one of your warn boxes filled, it means you were reprimanded for violating one of the forum rules. If you get all of them filled, you're banned from the site.
  7. Back in the day I used to stay in Frenchtown, but not anymore.
  8. Big Momma's House 2 was tight work. I could have sworn everybody and their mama was went to see that flick. I went to Governor's Square Movie. I was too lazy to drive across the city to TLH Mall.
  9. That's what I'm saying. In addition to her winning the lottery, she'll have a consistent cash flow.
  10. I went to Lenox Mall when I was in Atlanta, it was great because I never been there. Granted it's catered to the wealthy but I've seen some middle-class shoppers walking around.
  11. If they don't want the $50 million, I'll be happy to take it There's a lot I could do with that , pay off my student loans for undergrad and grad school in the future, etc.
  12. Whoever won the $50 million, congratulations. Now be ready to get hit up with gunfire because someone will try to take the winner out for their money. It's sad, but that's the world we live in.
  13. Same here, I still haven't beat the game because there's a lot more missions than Vice City. My body count is ridiculously high, due to me spraying drug dealers and gang members with my AK-47.
  14. Playing too much Grand Theft Auto haven't you cs?
  15. Might wanna take that sign down, we all get the picture.
  16. Anytime people get a large sum of money, they splurge. But if they are being smart about their winnings, more power to them. Myself, I'd spend about $1,000-$2,000 of the money and use the rest for investments.
  17. You'll probably waste it just like they did
  18. They probably spent all that money by now and are still going to their day jobs.
  19. That home has been preserved real good, like the pic.
  20. By the time the list grows, this dude will be closing in on retirement.
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