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  1. FSU played the best I've ever seen them play in a while. Penalties and missed field goals are what killed us. Penn State missed the same number of field goals as us, but they converted on the last one.
  2. I know rkelly05, he posts on another forum as me.
  3. EbonyGardens


    I'm thinking he didn't have the financial backing to follow through on the projects. Oh well, who's in charge of the Marriott Project now?
  4. And you were actually allowed to do that? I thought you couldn't set foot on the Gov. Mansion unless you had special permission.
  5. EbonyGardens


    I'd be all for bringing Q-Zar back, they had the best laser-tag. I'm the mall owner, I take out a $250 million tab and give the mall a complete makeover: add 1-2 more levels, bring in more stores, give the mall a more attractive look on the inside and out and watch how people start flocking over there. Plus, I'd bring Q-Zar back. That would spark Governor's Square to want to do an overhaul of their mall.
  6. It's all good. The same thing will happen to someone else, he/she visits Florida in the middle of May wearing a heavy jacket when they know full well they're sweating profusely.
  7. Got the historic/residential thing going on.
  8. Yep, I'm talking about them. If you feel strongly about something, why you scared to stand by what you said?
  9. Downtown Tallahassee for NYE was rather dead.
  10. Since development will continue well into the New Year, I wouldn't be surprised if more downtown/urban development stories did make front page. Callin' Em Out You scared to stand by what you said, why go anonymous
  11. According to the poll, 44.4% of people (my vote included) felt that the Downtown Condos took top story of 2005. I also felt Turbocor was 2nd place because that got everyone paying attention as to whether the jobs would be brought here or not.
  12. Not very smart, considering the vicious winters of the Midwest.
  13. Figure of speech. Did you even bring a thick jacket before you left?
  14. What did I tell you about wearing those little, Baby Gap jackets.
  15. Area high school basketball teams fall at Capital City Classic Rickards has always been quite the powerhouse in football and basketball. I remember we almost went to state in basketball but lost in the semifinals last year.
  16. You look like a young version of Marlon Williams, without the braids.
  17. Yea, same to you. I just joined a week ago and I'm liking this board.
  18. That was the spot where I stood in line to go vote during the 2004 presidential election.
  19. ^That's not too far from Killearn & Thomasville Rd.
  20. Awesome picture, the French Quarter is back to its old self.
  21. lmao, better be careful before God strikes you down with a thunderous bolt of lightning On a serious note, it is the goatee and the fact that he's serious about what he does. Other than that, he is a happy-go-lucky type of guy.
  22. Dude probably stay on the North Side, over by Killearn
  23. I think the old waterworks will be a museum. Or the old waterworks could be donated to the Tallahassee Museum and that would draw visitors there.
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