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  1. gs3

    GSP International

    Last ditch effort to make GSP work. Atlanta only with 3 flights a day for 2016.......aren't the lease agreements up between SWA and GSP at the end of 2016???? Hmmm.
  2. gs3

    GSP International

    SWA has somewhat changed their business model and basically transformed into a mainline carrier. They aren't interested in smaller markets like GSP as they once were. They are re-allocating their planes to go head to head with other mainline carriers on high demand / high volume routes. When the Wright Ammendment ends in Oct, SWA will be flying to LAX, LGA, etc from Love head to head with AA from DFW. Those old Love-Little Rock type routes are being pruned quickly. Their planes do fly full, just not from GSP.
  3. gs3

    GSP International

    What to do about IAD, what to do? Now that CLE is history, word is IAD will be "right-sized". Obviously can't let go of the international and major feeder routes, but right-sizing is on the way. I feel sorry for UA, in that market. With the AA / US merger, AA and DL now have almost a total lock on DCA. Then you have SWA at BWI. Couple all that with UA's poor customer service metrics of late and it is kind of sad for IAD.
  4. gs3

    GSP International

    This circles back to one of my previous post, for which I was bashed by many, that GSP is one of the worst performing cities in the SWA system. Unless something drastic happens, SWA will fly off into the wild blue yonder. Chat among many in the corp staff is 100% negative about their limited future at GSP.
  5. gs3

    GSP International

    Their load factors have been only average from the start of service. The reason BNA and MCO were cut completely and BWI was cut on number of daily flights. Sadly, GSP is not working. My understanding is that GSP is currently in the bottom 5 for all cities served. On the other hand, Charleston is doing excellent.
  6. gs3

    GSP International

    Expect more news in the near future about Southwest Airlines and GSP......hint, it will not be good.....
  7. gs3


    "I'm not really a nuclear engineer, I just rented a place at The Peacock". LOL The lobby will have a do it yourself waffle iron in the shape of the state of SC and all the cinnamon buns you can eat! This is one happening development!
  8. gs3


    WOW just WOW!!!!! What an incredible building!!!! Fantastic! Such a great addition to downtown!! Greenville is ahead of the pack on the up and coming edgy / trendy Sleep Inn style architectural movement. QUITE IMPRESSIVE!
  9. gs3

    Hyatt Renovation

    Not finding anything great or cool about a second McDonabucks on Main Street. Wouldn't it be much cooler if someone were opening another local coffee shop? Perhaps one of the growing trends like "slow coffee"?
  10. gs3

    Greenville Photo of the Day

    Agreed. Major, major loss. Not sure how the city of Greenville ever let this happen.
  11. gs3

    Greenville Water System Campus

    Vielen dank!
  12. gs3

    Greenville Water System Campus

    Low density waste.....
  13. gs3

    The West End

    Horrific mural. Nevermind the fact the average Greenvillian has no concept of Altruism. LOL.
  14. gs3

    GSP International

    It was a 50 seat RJ and actually was almost always full. Easy way to do a quick Midwest connect. Fluor employees could always be counted on for a large percentage of the passengers, going to their Cleveland / Ohio / Midwest / PA operations and industrial projects. GSP was one of the few smaller Southern markets that had a nonstop to that specific hub, and the only SC city with a nonstop to Cleveland.
  15. gs3

    GSP International

    No fault of GSP, but by June, the United (ex Continental) nonstop to Cleveland will be gone, as United is dismantling the Cleveland hub. Another nonstop for GSP, gone.