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  1. Is it just me or does the tennessean get more and more ridiculous each day now? How is this news?
  2. Wow, is that really true? I had no idea that Nashville was the only one aside from Miami...atlanta, charlotte and New Orleans really have no commuter rail?
  3. Lukin

    Signature Tower

    I think that has to be one of the most intelligent things said on this thread thus far. I hate how nearly every thread has to turn into a nashville vs. memphis/charlotte/austin/atlanta/etc. I really don't think metro meant to say that the signature is ugly and charlotte is so much better...I think he just meant to say it was ugly. while I happen to disagree with his opinion, there is really no reason to insult charlotte or the wachovia building. charlotte and nashville are completely different cities with completely different character. while I wouldn't trade nashville for charlotte, i think that charlotte is easily years ahead of nashville in urban development and has an incredibly vibrant downtown and a seemingly strong committment to mass-transit (something which nashville severly lacks). we should look to charlotte as a guide to development, not as competition. People need to come to the realization that is possible that signature will not get built. just because he has a website and renderings doesn't mean its a done deal. of course I really hope that it does get built, but if people don't buy the condos than it just isn't gonna get built (look at what's happening to terrazza). "naysaying" or whatever you want to call it, is really just a reaction to the housing bubble that just burst all around the country. like NT said, just because its gonna be the biggest thing in the south, doesn't mean that signature is necessarily the best...and there are going to be plenty of people who can't stand it and aren't jealous of nashville....
  4. The Los Angeles metro has around 14 million residents in it, consisting of 4 (or is it 5?) counties and yet the only major news stations that serve the metro are based in LA....when Orange County, with a population of 3 million and an increasingly independent economic and cultural force, doesn't even have its own TV stations, i seriously doubt that murfreesboro needs or could even support one.... Besides, have you watched the Nashville stations? There's hardly enough news to cover anyways.
  5. Lukin

    Signature Tower

    ^^^ I agree with you there rocky top...with how fast bristol west end, the icon, and adelicia have been selling its really surprising to me that only 120 have been reserved so far for signature. maybe demand really isn't as high as everyone has been hoping...
  6. Lukin

    Signature Tower

    Hey I have a question for all you skyscraper people....I had always thought (from reading this site) that Charlotte's BOA was the tallest building in the south...but this article - as well as diagrams on Skyscraperpage - show Atlanta as having the tallest buildings. Why is Charlotte's building so revered when atlanta has several taller buildings? Sorry if this sounds stupid to people, but I am new to the south and pretty much know only what I read on this site...
  7. Lukin

    Signature Tower

    How in the world are 400 condos going to suck the demand out of downtown for the next 20 years? Rolling Hill Mill alone has over 1,000 in the works...ICON has 400 something (200 of which it sold out of in 48 hours). Just because its 65 stories doesn't mean that this is the most significant downtown development. Compared to RMH, Icon, and whatever is planned for the sounds stadium, signature is really a step down in terms of units. I don't think it is going to be a problem to sell all 400 condos for the tallest building in the south. However, getting it off the ground is where I think we might see a problem...but only time will tell.
  8. I've never heard of the utopia building...Is it a renovation of an older building or a proposed new structure?
  9. Lukin

    Signature Tower

    I think it's interesting that there is absolutely no mention of the tower in today's tennessean (at least the online edition). Surely something of this magnitude that will affect the city so much deserves mention (didn't the west end summit get a front page spread?).
  10. Lukin

    Signature Tower

    YES! That is what I like to hear!
  11. Lukin

    Signature Tower

    every time i hit refresh there is a new post...this is carrraaazzzzy~!
  12. Lukin

    Signature Tower

    lol...it's like christmas
  13. Lukin

    Signature Tower

    I can't help thinking that massive disappointment everyone (including me) is going to have if this thing is just 55 stories and the original 750 feet. I can just hear the incredible groan that would occur from all us at UP....
  14. Lukin

    Signature Tower

    Lol, I'm right there with ya. As soon as the clock strikes 7 I'll be checking this place over and over again....it's weird to get so excited over a damn building
  15. Lukin

    Signature Tower

    Man, that's what I was wondering. There are so many parts of the city where you can ALMOST see the skyline (like the tip of bell south or whatever). But now with this monster going up, I seriously doubt that there are going to be many places - save in the far north of the county - where you can't see at least the spire. How weird is that gonna be?
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