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  1. Tyler, Texas by: https://www.flickr.com/photos/salouise/with/5313074090/
  2. Lygon Street, Brunswick East, Vic.
  3. Floyd Street, Rice Military Neighborhood, Houston 77007.
  4. Smoke from an Oil Refinery. This flare was big enough to be in the paper and to be seen by me 26 miles away.
  5. Downtown Houston from the Upper Kirby district.
  6. Here are three from Houston: From 15 miles out: From Wells Fargo: Sunset in El Lago:
  7. Houston is like a pug. It is ugly. Very ugly. But you find yourself almost feeling sorry for it because it is so ugly. Next thing you know you are feeding it and keeping it alive. Then one day, you realize that you love it.
  8. Here are a few more from my flickr website: againtothefuture
  9. Thanks for keeping this alive!
  10. A crappy day in Houston, Texas: Light pollution on a better night:
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