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  1. Sounds cool to me! Good idea, Cotuit...Maybe a guest speaker/tour guide would be nice?
  2. Can you really see the Prov skyline from Tiverton? Isn't Bristol in the way? There's a great distant view of the skyline from Portsmouth Abbey. If you get the chance to go to the Abbey campus itself (which is up on a hill above the Bay, so there's a better vantage point), or at least the bottom of Cory's Lane, you can see straight up the bay. Someone with a great zoom lens might have some luck getting interesting shots from down there.
  3. I think it's great that the DOT is finally closing up the suicide median lanes and installing U-Turns. But are they ever going to turn 1/138 into a trumpet interchange, so there isn't so much weaving on Route 1 south at the on- and off-ramps?
  4. I saw that construction the other day, too. Technically, that interchange is the junction of Routes 1 and 138, so I don't know if it is receiving part of the $4m earmarked for Route 4. From what I can deduce, the interchange improvements are part of the plan to close off the median turning/suicide lanes on Route 1 and install turnarounds (Jersey-style jughandles or otherwise). They may be completing the interchange so it can be used as a turnaround. This is just my guess. Anyone know the official story? I haven't seen any press on this.
  5. Okay, because I am a local trivia dork, here goes... "Gaspee" has two "e's." But that's a minor point. The White Horse Tavern in Newport is the oldest tavern building in America. The building began as a tavern, and is currently a tavern, but has not always been a tavern. So it can't claim to be "the oldest continuously operating tavern in America." I think that claim to fame belongs to the Union Oyster House in Boston, though I am not sure. Another fun fact: The Newport Mercury, currently one of Newport's two alternative weeklies, is one of (if not the) oldest newspaper in America. It began in 1758 and the only time it ceased publication was while Newport was occupied by the British during the revolution. The Hartford Courant also claims this distinction. The Newport County CVB has a whole list of "Newport firsts" here.
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