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  1. There should at least be signs letting people know about the closure and provide detour routes. If cars were involved, this would have been done without question. I ran over there this weekend and there were a few cyclists trying to use that portion of the trail when I was in the vicinity.
  2. One of the busiest intersections in the city (at least in name) and we have traffic lights dangling from wires still.
  3. I would like to see a little cluster of buildings around the courthouse/BoA.
  4. If this happens, I wonder what kind of relationship will occur with the homeless population in the area.
  5. I would think that parking requirements in Orlando contribute from doing otherwise.
  6. Looks like something from I-Drive. Instead of making the building a piece of art, they will put it up with art on it. Lacks any imagination whatsoever.
  7. The I-4 construction wall at Lake Ivanhoe had a little setback from Irma. IMG_2584.MOV
  8. I heard that 3 cranes went down in Miami.
  9. The video screen didn't have sound. I don't recall if they used closed captioning, but I don't think they did.
  10. I rented an office in that building. Oh the horrors. That cheap rent though.
  11. On politics and recent events, I went to high school with the "alleged" Kissimmee cop killer, Glenn Miller. Many of my Facebook friends have been posting about him and the blue lives matter side of things. Many of my friends are military or ex-military. That being said, most of my friends that are either military or blue lives matter types are Republican. They are arguing with each other on whether this event is the time to get "political" and talk about PTSD or should we just support the cops and families affected without that discussion. Not a single one of my friends (liberal or conservative) backs his actions. It is a matter of whether this could have been prevented by better assistance to our vets by our VA or to not discuss the VA in this matter and leave it for another time. And I apologize now for going on another tangent. Politics will invade topics from time to time no matter the original topic.
  12. You can make out the new street alignment just by the utility work at this point.
  13. They are raising the cranes (or at least one of them today).
  14. Looks great especially for that location. I would add either vegetation to the roof or solar panels.
  15. Maybe someone with an engineering/architecture background can fill me in on something. In the rendering, everything looks straight up and down on the building. The actual building has multiple locations where the columns are at slight angles. Why might that be?
  16. I wonder if this was an idea concocted at a mayor's convention. http://www.nydailynews.com/news/politics/mayor-de-blasio-hire-nightlife-ambassador-article-1.3251379
  17. And that is why there have been a handful of East facing Solaire condos going up on the market. People are trying to sell before the view of Lake Eola is completely blocked. They should have been studying the market (i.e. reading UP).
  18. That sounds like a good idea about now. Yes, it's Monday, but I think it is the law in Florida to drink during anything more than an afternoon storm.
  19. If you took the different districts and by that, I mean the Disney area and I-Drive area, and put the tall hotels in our downtown, we would be dense AF for our population. Our city/metro is spread out too thin. There are plenty of tall buildings. They just aren't anywhere close to each other.
  20. Tinder... it's not just an app.
  21. Orlando Shakespeare Theater is the shakes.
  22. The crane is going up right now. I tried to get a pic when I was driving up Rosalind, but I missed. It is nice driving up Rosalind. There are multiple cranes in the sky now.
  23. Does that mean there won't be elevators or that elevators would have to be in the garage?
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