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  1. No, I was just told somewhere on Spartanburg's westside.
  2. I just heard that a Longhorn Steakhouse will be built on Spartanburg's westside this summer.
  3. Does anyone know what will go into the new buildings being built on E. Blackstock (next to Wendy's and Pizza Hut)?
  4. Nothing. I was thinking it would be more like a Best Buy and Circuit City but was surprised that they really focused mostly on appliances and TVs which I only tend to buy every 7-10 years. Which means, I won't be shopping there much, that's all. Plus I love my Vizio...for a 32" LCD at $599...there is really no comparison!
  5. Yesterday (Friday) I went to check out the HHGregg and Academy Sports. I probably won't be shopping at HHGregg, but Academy Sports is now my new favorite store! Their selection is huge and prices seem very reasonable.
  6. What happened to the Italian Pie at the Dorman Centre? Was going to go there tonight but noticed they were closed. Also where is the Mellow Mushroom going to be located at?
  7. Looks like we're getting a Pizza Inn and Hub City Coffee on the Westside. Also noticed that Marble Slab is now open.
  8. It's confirmed, it will be an Exxon Gas Station at Spartan Exchange Village (on US-29 near I-85).
  9. Looks like they are building a gas station at the Spartan Exchange Village. This is just my guessed based on the steel frames already in place. Can anyone confirm?
  10. If you are missing Longhorn Steakhouse as I am, then please send them a comment letting them know! http://www.longhornsteakhouse.com/Contact/main.asp. The amount of comments do impact the priority of where/when Longhorn's will be built! So together, let's make Spartanburg one of their high priority locaitons!
  11. I would love to see The Apple Store in the Westgate Mall.
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