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  1. what happened to the Gilda's Club dialogue?
  2. Year 2020 - - Meijer - -your one stop shopping, get your hair cut, do your banking, get your coffee, get a pedicure, outfit yourself for the season, take a nap, go up 2 flights to your condo above the store, work mobile, never leave the Meijer bubble . . .beam me up Freddy.
  3. Considering winter will probably start next week and not stop until May, I say bring on the warm & balmy weather as long as possible! But, as my name implies, I am a sunlover, and definitely living in the wrong state! LOL
  4. so, in other words, they are trying to prevent goofin around, huh? lol
  5. Hey GR Dad . . . .Is Urban Planet down a lot? I can only get on to this site very sporadically. Many times when I type the web address and hit "enter" my screen will go completely blank. Maybe its an issue on my end? thx
  6. Good article. And so true. I volunteer with a special needs group of wonderful people! In the past, I would carelessyly say on more than one occasion, "I am such a retard" or "he is such a retard" and one day I realized how insulting and rude that is. So, I make a conscious effort to not use that word anymore.
  7. I could not agree more. It is a horrible tragic event that the media has made a complete circus out of. I saw one teaser for a show that was going to be all about the shooter . . . this guy is getting more exposure dead than alive . . .if anything, I'd rather see the victims talked about and their lives honored rather than glorifying the shooter. There is a small graveyard close to my condo and I was walking on the bike path next to it the other day. I noticed a new headstone . .it was that of a 20something soldier who I assume was killed in Iraq . . .when is the war going to stop? Why aren't we protesting that? It is all just so sad.
  8. Excellent idea! I was just thinking the other morning that what is also needed is someone with the vision to get this done and the money &/or clout to make it happen. Someone similar to Sam Cummings who accomplished an amazing revitilization on Ionia by the arena (and other areas). Turning dilapidated buildings into vibrant, money making ventures. [altho I was sad to hear the Sierra Room is closing]
  9. This is going to be awesome when complete! I really hope folks come out and support it. BTW there is an excellent exhibit on the history of the Eames Lounge Chair at the current art museum.
  10. that is correct . . . . .married a DeVos. . . .don't forget about the massive structure to house the indoor pool adjacent to the house . . .sheesh . . .
  11. HOLY CRAP . . . .I've walked the road this is off of many a time . . .you can't see back in there of course and I had no idea a compound of this magnitude was back there. What is it w/ the filthy rich that they have to have these monster homes? I'd hate that. (the monster home, not the money haha)
  12. The Blodgett Mansion in EGR would fit into this category . . . .I believe it is owned by Sam Cummings now . . . .it is a beautiful mansion (from the outside anyway) w/ lovely landscaping
  13. No, it doesn't. I shop there all the time.
  14. Don't worry . . .in a week or so it will be snowing and we can all complain about how cold it is . . . .
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