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  1. This sounds great. IMHO, a lot of the restaurants downtown could improve their business by expanding their hours. I live in West Salem and work north of town near the Stanleyville area. I get off work at 5:30 so I never get a chance to visit these places during the week. We have tried to go to Bon Appetit more than once on the weekend to find them closed.
  2. Ahhh....I see. I wasn't doubting you. I just thought there might be a vote results page I was overlooking. I voted for the Gateway as well. Seems like the best place for it.
  3. From the W-S Journal: Downtown could be at turnaround point Civic group points to revitalization projects By Richard Craver JOURNAL REPORTER Thursday, February 17, 2005 Downtown Winston-Salem still has many revitalization projects to accomplish, but local officials said yesterday that the community might come to see 2004 and 2005 as pivotal years for its turnaround. More than 200 people attended the Downtown Winston-Salem Partnership's annual meeting at the Adam's Mark Winston Plaza Hotel. Partnership officials said that downtown is showing more signs of vitality. Among the 2
  4. This was in today's Winston Salem Journal: Plans for Dix land in Raleigh remain uncertain Building new hospital, deciding use for old campus take extra time THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Wednesday, February 16, 2005 RALEIGH Building a replacement for Dorothea Dix Hospital and figuring out what to do with the old campus in downtown Raleigh when it shuts down are taking longer than expected. Two construction companies that bid on building the new state psychiatric hospital in Butner say that the work will cost more than the $110 million the state has to spend. That will push back work on
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