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    Downtown Nashville and other cities as well. City planning, art and architecture of skycrapers and buildings. Maps, drawing,and population growth of cities.

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  1. I love all the Proposals and a new love for developing the east bank up and down the river. My concern is how will the city prevent the river from flooding from this project to Oracle's development and all in-between. Is there something in the works? Because alI it needs to do is rain hard more than 5 days in Nashville it seems and we have problems. I just don't want to see flood problems in the past repeated. I know it's off topic but it concerns me alot.
  2. Nashville Then: A 1992 Highlight – American General Corp. (now the Tennessee Tower) is displaying “Own A Share of USA” in its building lights in downtown Nashville July 24, 1992. The message spotlight the National Association of Investors Corp.’s campaign to encourage individual investors to buy stock in American companies. Delores Delvin / The Tennessean
  3. Shake Shack is officially open at #BNA in Concourse C. #FlyNashville
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