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    Downtown Nashville and other cities as well. City planning, art and architecture of skycrapers and buildings. Maps, drawing,and population growth of cities.

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  1. Project Thread/New Construction/Photo du jour/Const. CAMs

    No location has been mentioned or design when I had the conversation
  2. Project Thread/New Construction/Photo du jour/Const. CAMs

    That was a Nashville native who pick me up the other day we were talking about the development in the city and how much the city of change He also mentioned he had someone one day that works for Tony in his car and he mentioned to the driver Tony is working on a 60 story building in the near future
  3. 505 CST - 545 feet - 45 Floors

  4. Everything recently constructed next to JW looks Dated we need designslike this here
  5. JW Marriott - 385' - 34 Floors

    The letters were fully placed on one side of the building and illuminated last night
  6. JW Marriott - 385' - 34 Floors

    This is the standard look for the JW Marriott
  7. JW Marriott - 385' - 34 Floors

    Still wondering if they can build the office portion of the building or something else in mind