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  1. Check out the proposed Transbay Terminal in San Fran for some cool ideas. http://www.transbaycenter.org/transbay/ http://www.transbaycenter.org/TransBay/upl...iBoards-All.pdf ... interesting how they put the buses on the top (well the park is on top, but then the buses are on the third level). Just goes to show that possibilities are endless, especially with a large clean slate to work with like Raleigh's warehouse district and wye.
  2. At the risk of sounding ignorant... to make the train go faster, all you need are different rails? And not different trains? Am I following correctly?
  3. jumboman

    The Edison

    When I first heard of this project, I actually envisioned the tower at this corner as having the original facade on the bottom 2-3 floors and the steel and glass structure going up from there. Then, hearing about the staff's gripes about the building condition, I came to the reality that maybe it's not the building that is that significant but rather the tradition of the actual businesses. I actually work for an engineering company in the DC area that does a lot of roof and facade restoration work; and it almost always comes down to money as to how much restoration and how much replacement takes place. Also consider that the final design is not complete as far as I know, and a lot of advances have been made in replicating historic building looks, maybe it could still be incorporated - even with a complete demo (save costs there and use them for the "historic" construction?). But I agree at heart with your hopes. In a perfect world...
  4. jumboman

    The Edison

    Remember that even the occupants are fed up with the condition the buildings have been allowed to deteriorate to. Dunno, if they are worth saving. A better use of resources would be to maybe redesign that portion of the facade on the replacement tower to mimic/honor the history of the site? Especially since the same businesses are tentatively supposed to go back in the new towers.
  5. I have recently moved to the DC area and have seen many neighborhoods with high density 13 story buildings on main thoroughfares and very "character-rich" areas even one block away. Even if the entire Cameron Village were redeveloped to be 9-13 stories, the effects on the surrounding neighborhoods would mostly likely change very slightly (with the proper improvements, i.e. the est. of main thoroughfares and public transportation options). This area has the opportunity to become an extension of Hillsborough St. and a very creative college type atmosphere (think downtown Asheville).
  6. jumboman

    The Edison

    I'm all for preserving historic buildings, but it gets to the point where the idea is more significant that the tangibility associated with it. In this case, Cooper's has been serving BBQ for 88 years out of the same building. Whats more important to the livelihood of downtown - some bricks from 100 years ago or a business that has been operating at the same location through all the ups and downs of DT Raleigh's history (and will continue to operate within this new tower)? Heck, even Cooper's is in favor of this project saying that the current building isn't worth saving. As for the towers not contributing to the street experience - how is this not addressed with almost the entire block containing retail/restaurants (and Cooper's) on the ground floor?
  7. The workshop went pretty good today. We had City Council members, University Housing staff, and Engineers from various traffic and structural firms come and ask us questions. The other 2 decks in the class are more immediate projects (West Lot, and one on the old Riddick field), whereas with the North Hall lot, it is much more open ended (i.e. the University has no plans other than "maybe a deck could go there?"). I'll try to put up some concepts soon.
  8. My civil engineering senior design project team at NCSU is working on a plan to convert the North Hall surface lot into a parking deck with commercial/residential/retail frontage along Hillsborough St. There are two other groups working on the same project. (As well as 3 groups working on 2 other deck designs on campus) Tomorrow there will be a workshop/charrette open to the public 2-4 pm (come and go as you please) in the lobby of Mann Hall to display our progress and to answer questions and get feedback on our designs. Any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated!
  9. ^ It looks to be an elevator. So there has to be room for the mechanical system above it as well.
  10. And yall wonder why Raleigh never has any unique and groundbreaking buildings... Don't knock it before giving it a chance. Dare to dream. (And it is possible by the way!)
  11. I think we could really use one of these any time now. http://sdplfdn.org/index.htm (The New Main Library in downtown San Diego) I think that San Diego's downtown is something that Raleigh could try to achieve. I'm thinking 40-50 years down the road, there could be a dense core of downtown Raleigh of 20 story buildings with a half dozen of high rises 30-40 stories, but it would also have unique centers throughout, each with its own feel (Glenwood, warehouse, ...) Hmm, another random thought: If only we could put a man-made river going through part of downtown, we could create like a boardwalk district similar to San Antonio. I'm just trying to think how downtown Raleigh could be more of a destination, cause if you think about it, unless youre a preschooler going to the museums or youre older and just going to the restaurants and bars, there's not too much to attract visitors. (I have a friend whose parents are coming in town and she has no idea what to do with them)
  12. Franklin St. is a good suggestion, but the problem is that there is a lot more room to work with, and with Hillsborough St. what it is, is what you got. There is less than a 2% chance that the university would want to expand the road onto their side and the other side is all businesses. Franklin St, Glenwood, Fayettville are all cool streets and seem to work in their location, but the truth is that there really isnt a precedent for a Hillsborough St. situation and the city is too scared to put their necks out on something they are unsure about. I believe any change (roundabouts, huge median, huge sidewalks... any or all) would be better. It would garner interest and excitement. Even if there was parking problems, people would check it out because it would be safer and look better. You can fix the parking later too (underground decks like under the bowling alley maybe?)
  13. I feel that roundabouts are not the answer as well, but I do not think that 4 way stops are much better.... they really serve almost the same purpose on a busy street such as Hillsborough. 4 way stop intersections are best served at streets with reletively equal amounts of traffic. Also, Hillsbrough is much too wide for pedestrians to have time to cross while a car is stopped at a stop sign (if they stop at all). I believe that the current structure (2 lanes each way during the day and parking on the NCSU side at night) would work with maybe a 6 foot median for easier crossing for pedestrians (and turn lanes at intersections). Of course that would mean widening Hillsborough St 6 feet into NC State, which would be very tough but do-able maybe?
  14. wow man, i think people understand what you're saying, its just that they dont agree with your unrealistic idealistic view of f street. when was the last time you were down there? i was there last night and i saw so much promise with the empty lot and cranes where the old convention center was. i just sat there and imagined how it was gonna look after the hotel and site 1 and then looked down to where the RBC tower is gonna be [you'd rather have a empty surface lot that a tower because its made of glass?] and realized that after everything is done, its gonna be way better and a ton more "charming and warm and cuddly" that you so crave. more buildings = more people = more action/fun things going on downtown = warm and cuddly
  15. what does it mean by "areas"? because there are more than one intersection in each of those 3 areas
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