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  1. RogerAnthony

    Bring Back The Whale!!!

    This is such wonderful news! After years of the Civic Center being raped and pillaged by MSG it is finally ours again! I can go watch hockey there without feeling guilty! Truthfully, I don't care if we get the NHL back (although I would like it) just as long as we can have a team of our own and not a Rangers-owned team.
  2. RogerAnthony

    PROPOSED: Expansion at UConn Health Center

    What is the point to having 3 hospitals in Hartford. A hospital is not like most other places. They need to be as close as possible to as much of the population as possible. If there's an emergency in Hartford there are already two hospitals where someone can go. Having one in Farmington is critical to the many residents of the area.
  3. RogerAnthony

    Bring Back The Whale!!!

    And have the ECHL affiliate at the new arena that will be built in Danbury.
  4. RogerAnthony

    Bring Back The Whale!!!

    Regardless of the population and economic data, does anyone really think Hartford would have the fan interest to support on NBA team? Personally, I don't think that I could name five people I know in the state who follow the NBA. Everyone is an NCAA fan. Would that translate into NBA fans? I'm not sure.
  5. RogerAnthony

    Bring Back The Whale!!!

    I know for a fact Hartford has the fan base to support an NHL team. However, in regards to the NBA i'm surprised to hear anyone bring that up. I don't think I know anyone at all who is an NBA fan. While Connecticut supports UConn basketball I don't think there would be much interest in an NBA team.
  6. RogerAnthony

    Bring Back The Whale!!!

    What do you have against eBay? I have bought 2 Whalers t-shirts there. NFL Nut also has Whalers apparel at , but I ordered from them on December 7 and still have not yet received my order, so let the buyer beware.