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  1. If there are any supermarket developers reading this blog, please note that East Alabama is in desperate need of more supermarkets! Since Bruno's closed all stores in St. Clair, Talladega, and Calhoun Counties, we have very few options for groceries. Here is a listing of the major competitors that we have: Walmart Supercenter Winn-Dixie Save-A-Lot Food Outlet (Independent whose stores are run down and in poor areas) Dorsey's (an Independent in Oxford that is similar to Food Outlet) Piggly Wiggly As you can see from the list, there are few real choices. Winn-Dixie is the last full service grocer, and they are loving it! They have no competition other than Walmart. Save-A-Lot, Food Outlet, and Dorsey's are old stores located in poor areas. Calhoun County has no Piggly Wiggly store. Bruno's operated 3 stores in Calhoun County until 2006. They closed Food World in 2006, and closed the Anniston Foodmax in 2007. The Oxford Foodmax closed in May 2009. Talladega's Food World closed in 2005. Sylacauga, Pell City, and Moody Food World stores closed in May 2009. This area could easily support a Publix, Kroger, Food Lion, Ingles, or any other grocer that would be willing to build a new store or reopen one of the six empty Bruno's stores. North Anniston has an abundance of land to be developed on and around the former Ft. McClellan.
  2. The Quintard Mall is about to start another expansion project, but they have yet to announce any information on it. The city of Oxford is expected to help them complete the project. They have recently lost Goody's, KB Toys, and Friedman's Jewlers. The Foodmax store directly across Highway 21 from the mall closed in May. Perhaps a new Publix would work for the mall.
  3. A Lowe's is now under construction at the corner of Summerall Gate Road and McClellan Blvd. across from Anniston Middle School. Also, a mobile home park next door to Anniston Middle School and across from the future Lowe's has been sold to a major retailer, according to The Anniston Star, but the name has not been released. Rumors say that it will be a Sam's Club. Tractor Supply Co. is remodeling the former Food World on McClellan Blvd, and will be open soon. Publix has expressed interest in building a new store on the new Eastern Bypass in Golden Springs, but nothing is official. That is all I am aware of at this time. --Chris
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