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  1. ^^^I used to think it was scrap from "Rockin Roller Coaster" till I found out that coaster is one of the few (if not the only one) that survived the scrap yard and is now in use at a park in New York.
  2. ^^^ Good question. I would imagine extensive VERY DEEP (so you don't fry pedestrians above) underground tunneling somehow. My big question is how is it maintained? You send a worker down their and he's fried just being 10'-15' away from it with his feet on the ground. shut down grids?
  3. I was going to guess they were building an above ground basement...?
  4. That's because most northern cities were built pre WWII and most southern cities have been built post WWII. Even in the south the neighborhoods built pre WWII typically have sidewalks. I'm willing to bet Pontiac or Troy don't have the sidewalk infrastructure Detroit does. At least that's my observation; I could be wrong.
  5. The heck we do... I don't anyways nor does anyone I work with. I'll also add that I AM NOT welcoming to the metric system!
  6. I heard that the group that wanted to have the green space in front of the Ryman won and now this whole project has to be demo'd. Just kidding!
  7. Not to mention if he's from the bay area he's probably a Giants fan if he's a fan of anyone. To make the bay area a one team Metro; despite what experts say I think San Fransisco, San Jose and Oakland is the same dang town. It becomes a possible win/win for him and a big win for us! I'd take the A's any day over the Rays or an expansion team. The A's have a rich history and them to town would be enough for me to disown my Tigers. I'm not sure the Rays or an expansion team would make me abandon my life long team like the A's would. Heck I would have probably dropped the Cowboys had the Oilers named them selves NASHVILLE rather than TENNESSEE... Who can root for a football team named Tennessee?
  8. I was googling about "MLB to Nashville" and seen that John Loar is from the Bay area. I would love to still the A's from Oakland with there storied history over getting an expansion team with no history. Him being from the Bay area I wonder if he has been in contact with the A's franchise about a possible relocation with the struggles they've had in Oakland?
  9. I've noticed that in the area but haven't said anything. When visiting my brother in M'boro (who lives in a nice neighborhood) there are very few nicely manicured lawns. Must be the use of fescue there and I feel it's too far south for Kentucky Blue Grass. Bermuda grows as a weed here in Huntsville so all you have to do is weed control and little shade to have a nice Bermuda lawn. Zoysia does well (which I sodded in at my old house) and Centipede also does well. Sorry if my reply was boring to most.
  10. Just San Juan. I knew most the... (I wanted to say the state) was desolate but so is a lot of other states outside there capital. Some States capitals aren't far from desolate. From what I gather the population that wants independence is less than 10%. Much like Texas or any red state.
  11. I like that too as long as Puerto Rico gets there star. Politics aside; I know there's a lot out of people out there (especially the media) that loves to bash Trump any and every chance they get. Yes I'm a Trump supporter and was a registered democrat in Tn but would vote Trump again today. There was a headline that read "Puerto Rico 51st state; Trump said NO WAY." It's your typical click bate bull crap he didn't say. he said "Now is not the best time." The article was dated back in late September and he knew the battle he'd have now to pass a Budget. It's my opinion "It's not the best time" means he's working on Congress to finally do there jobs for the first time in a decade to pass a freaking budget... then lets work Puerto Rico into a state by 2021. Democrats and Republican before Trump has wanted a wall at the Mexican boarder; Trump is saying "GET IT DONE!" Puerto Rico as a state (just like the wall) has always been bipartisan.
  12. Thanks; great blast from the past and great update there! Smith Gee Studio does not ring a bell. Any chance they were called something else then? They had a small studio on the third or fourth floor of Cummins Station in about 2000-2003 time period.
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