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  1. ^ Bristol Motor Speedway is a small track and it holds well over 100K.
  2. I don't follow NASCAR either so maybe I'm about to ask a dumb question about the seating too. Is 40K (Super Speedway) and 30K (fairgrounds) big enough? Doesn't most of these NASCAR tracks have +100k seats around them?
  3. ^^^ I hope that didn't sound like a knock at you, I thought your post sounded like you were making an estimate and it may have stuck.
  4. It's there but I'm sure you found it by now. It's listed in the Tallest Under Construction section as Regent Apartments, 26 stories at 317' tall. Like you've asked, where is this person keeping the Wiki page getting these heights from? Smeagols mentioned on about page 4 "will rise about 295 feet" which has been the only mention of height in this thread and that's what the thread title has as well. Who's right?
  5. I heard it was the Democratic-Republican Party, I'll take them any day over the Federalist's!
  6. Twice in the last two days I've had to verify that I'm "not a bot," I've never had to do that here before. anyone else have to do that? That's more annoying to me than the "notifications."
  7. Vandy Stadium yes small is a unique looking stadium that could be cool but unfortunately built using cheap materials. Cover the steel with brick and morter. I agree with your two points, they need to replace the double wide in the sky they call a pressbox and replace it with a new pressbox/luxury suites running the whole length of the west grandstand and duplicate that on the east side so both sides match. Take out or build on top of the current east/west grandstands if needed to ensure it fit within the stadium and Natchez Trace on the west and the stadium and Hawkins Field/Memorial Gym on
  8. They actually knocked down/rebuilt the stadium a few years back but I do remember what it looked like. I honestly don't think the rebuild added many seats but could be wrong.
  9. Are you referring to the Horny Toad's? No way a stadium like Amon G. Carter fits in the footprint Vandy has to work with.
  10. But there used to be a ballpark on those grounds, what's changed? There looks to be plenty of room for an MLB ballpark and keep it off the Fort's grounds.
  11. Not ideal but better than in the burbs and some other places mentioned but has the Greer Stadium location been considered? It's just outside the interstate loop and if it were facing due north rather than southeast like Greer was you may get a good view of downtown if Fort Negley doesn't block it. I've never been to Greer so I have no ideal how steep a hill Fort Negley sits on and to know if it blocks the view of downtown. Also I think you would need to add interstate access using Chestnut St. or Hamilton Ave. for this site to work. Again it's not an ideal location but there are much worse
  12. I think this building is going to be on the list with One Nashville Place and Pinnacle for being Nashville's best looking buildings but lacks ten to fifteen stories from being something special.
  13. I've said it several times here, I don't understand why Montreal would ever even be considered ever again. Oh well, people's memories are short these days.
  14. That is true as well, at least that's the word on the street here. That's amphitheater...! I had no idea they were building that in Midcity. Not to lie but something that fancy beside Top Golf and a Dave and Busters, it may feel a bit out of place in that location. Something like that should go in downtown off Big Spring Park.
  15. Dang that took some time, what brought you to do all that? I haven't been over to the Huntsville sub forum in years. @ titanhog yes Huntsville has a lot of tech jobs, Cummings Research Park here in Huntsville is the second largest research and development area in the country behind only Silicon Valley and the fourth largest in the world.
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