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  1. How they've done the seats look atrocious, reminds me of 1962 rather than 2022. Pick ONE color and stick with it.
  2. That looks like a man made lake/creek, I can promise you that it's not on the river. The Tennessee River is about 10 miles south of this location.
  3. I'm an Alabama fan and if I was still in the Nashville area I would be a Vanderbilt season ticket holder or at least several games a year "upgrades" to the stadium or not. It's still SEC football right there where you live.
  4. After this is done I'm guessing the capacity will be reduced to around 34,000-35,000 rather than 39,000-40,000, I can see they're adding some seating in the north endzone but that's a lot of seat going away in the south endzone. I'd rather they had left the south endzone alone and do what they are doing in the south endzone in the opened north endzone. I don't care if Vandy is only selling at half capacity, if you're already the smallest stadium by a mile in the conference you don't go even smaller. I also can't believe they're not doing anything with the double wide in the sky they call a pressbox, that needs modernized as well. Sorry I'm not a fan, I don't like when stadiums are not symmetrical and the "upgrades" they are doing on the south endzone makes it very unsymmetrical.
  5. Agreed, when I first seen the updated design my first thought was wondering if Mike Brady was the lead architect. This could end up like the Westin, brand new going on fifty years old looking building.
  6. ^ Bristol Motor Speedway is a small track and it holds well over 100K.
  7. I don't follow NASCAR either so maybe I'm about to ask a dumb question about the seating too. Is 40K (Super Speedway) and 30K (fairgrounds) big enough? Doesn't most of these NASCAR tracks have +100k seats around them?
  8. It's there but I'm sure you found it by now. It's listed in the Tallest Under Construction section as Regent Apartments, 26 stories at 317' tall. Like you've asked, where is this person keeping the Wiki page getting these heights from? Smeagols mentioned on about page 4 "will rise about 295 feet" which has been the only mention of height in this thread and that's what the thread title has as well. Who's right?
  9. I heard it was the Democratic-Republican Party, I'll take them any day over the Federalist's!
  10. Twice in the last two days I've had to verify that I'm "not a bot," I've never had to do that here before. anyone else have to do that? That's more annoying to me than the "notifications."
  11. Vandy Stadium yes small is a unique looking stadium that could be cool but unfortunately built using cheap materials. Cover the steel with brick and morter. I agree with your two points, they need to replace the double wide in the sky they call a pressbox and replace it with a new pressbox/luxury suites running the whole length of the west grandstand and duplicate that on the east side so both sides match. Take out or build on top of the current east/west grandstands if needed to ensure it fit within the stadium and Natchez Trace on the west and the stadium and Hawkins Field/Memorial Gym on the east and to make sure the east and west luxury box towers match. lastly do something with the north endzone, if the building of luxury suites cause lost seating to the east and west grandstands than duplicate the south endzone seating in the north to recoup the losses.
  12. They actually knocked down/rebuilt the stadium a few years back but I do remember what it looked like. I honestly don't think the rebuild added many seats but could be wrong.
  13. Are you referring to the Horny Toad's? No way a stadium like Amon G. Carter fits in the footprint Vandy has to work with.
  14. But there used to be a ballpark on those grounds, what's changed? There looks to be plenty of room for an MLB ballpark and keep it off the Fort's grounds.
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