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  1. How they've done the seats look atrocious, reminds me of 1962 rather than 2022. Pick ONE color and stick with it.
  2. That looks like a man made lake/creek, I can promise you that it's not on the river. The Tennessee River is about 10 miles south of this location.
  3. I'm an Alabama fan and if I was still in the Nashville area I would be a Vanderbilt season ticket holder or at least several games a year "upgrades" to the stadium or not. It's still SEC football right there where you live.
  4. After this is done I'm guessing the capacity will be reduced to around 34,000-35,000 rather than 39,000-40,000, I can see they're adding some seating in the north endzone but that's a lot of seat going away in the south endzone. I'd rather they had left the south endzone alone and do what they are doing in the south endzone in the opened north endzone. I don't care if Vandy is only selling at half capacity, if you're already the smallest stadium by a mile in the conference you don't go even smaller. I also can't believe they're not doing anything with the double wide in the sky they call a pressbox, that needs modernized as well. Sorry I'm not a fan, I don't like when stadiums are not symmetrical and the "upgrades" they are doing on the south endzone makes it very unsymmetrical.
  5. Agreed, when I first seen the updated design my first thought was wondering if Mike Brady was the lead architect. This could end up like the Westin, brand new going on fifty years old looking building.
  6. ^ Bristol Motor Speedway is a small track and it holds well over 100K.
  7. I don't follow NASCAR either so maybe I'm about to ask a dumb question about the seating too. Is 40K (Super Speedway) and 30K (fairgrounds) big enough? Doesn't most of these NASCAR tracks have +100k seats around them?
  8. It's there but I'm sure you found it by now. It's listed in the Tallest Under Construction section as Regent Apartments, 26 stories at 317' tall. Like you've asked, where is this person keeping the Wiki page getting these heights from? Smeagols mentioned on about page 4 "will rise about 295 feet" which has been the only mention of height in this thread and that's what the thread title has as well. Who's right?
  9. I heard it was the Democratic-Republican Party, I'll take them any day over the Federalist's!
  10. Twice in the last two days I've had to verify that I'm "not a bot," I've never had to do that here before. anyone else have to do that? That's more annoying to me than the "notifications."
  11. Vandy Stadium yes small is a unique looking stadium that could be cool but unfortunately built using cheap materials. Cover the steel with brick and morter. I agree with your two points, they need to replace the double wide in the sky they call a pressbox and replace it with a new pressbox/luxury suites running the whole length of the west grandstand and duplicate that on the east side so both sides match. Take out or build on top of the current east/west grandstands if needed to ensure it fit within the stadium and Natchez Trace on the west and the stadium and Hawkins Field/Memorial Gym on the east and to make sure the east and west luxury box towers match. lastly do something with the north endzone, if the building of luxury suites cause lost seating to the east and west grandstands than duplicate the south endzone seating in the north to recoup the losses.
  12. They actually knocked down/rebuilt the stadium a few years back but I do remember what it looked like. I honestly don't think the rebuild added many seats but could be wrong.
  13. Are you referring to the Horny Toad's? No way a stadium like Amon G. Carter fits in the footprint Vandy has to work with.
  14. But there used to be a ballpark on those grounds, what's changed? There looks to be plenty of room for an MLB ballpark and keep it off the Fort's grounds.
  15. Not ideal but better than in the burbs and some other places mentioned but has the Greer Stadium location been considered? It's just outside the interstate loop and if it were facing due north rather than southeast like Greer was you may get a good view of downtown if Fort Negley doesn't block it. I've never been to Greer so I have no ideal how steep a hill Fort Negley sits on and to know if it blocks the view of downtown. Also I think you would need to add interstate access using Chestnut St. or Hamilton Ave. for this site to work. Again it's not an ideal location but there are much worse locations nor is there enough land in the ideal locations.
  16. I think this building is going to be on the list with One Nashville Place and Pinnacle for being Nashville's best looking buildings but lacks ten to fifteen stories from being something special.
  17. I've said it several times here, I don't understand why Montreal would ever even be considered ever again. Oh well, people's memories are short these days.
  18. That is true as well, at least that's the word on the street here. That's amphitheater...! I had no idea they were building that in Midcity. Not to lie but something that fancy beside Top Golf and a Dave and Busters, it may feel a bit out of place in that location. Something like that should go in downtown off Big Spring Park.
  19. Dang that took some time, what brought you to do all that? I haven't been over to the Huntsville sub forum in years. @ titanhog yes Huntsville has a lot of tech jobs, Cummings Research Park here in Huntsville is the second largest research and development area in the country behind only Silicon Valley and the fourth largest in the world.
  20. I understood what you meant that the interstates would remain from I-440 and Briley out but what I'm saying you're creating a traffic nightmare from I-440 and Briley in. It would be gridlock from intersection to intersection till you got to the interstate loop. Don't handcuff Downtown for the sake of "Urbanism," Nashville's not New York, Chicago or some European city. Nashville is and always will to be a car concentric city until the time comes that Scotty can beam us up. Even when or if Nashville gets some form of a transit system Nashville will remain a car concentric city. I'd also like to add this potential scenario, you remove the interstates to and from downtown and you effectively make downtown less accessible you just might kill downtown and any future development. Developers might start looking more in the areas along I-440 or Briley. Developers are going to want good access to and from there developments. You'd might start seeing what you see in Atlanta along I-285 where you have pockets of large business parks with high rises that had access to downtown not been cut off they might of been in downtown instead. I know Atlanta has interstates to downtown, that's not the point but instead just using Atlanta's I-285 as an example of what I'd expect to see along I-440 and Briley if you lose interstate access to downtown. I don't disrespect Architects at all, in fact since I was about 6 years old I always said I wanted to be one but unfortunately today I'm not. I'm just saying it's best to let the Architects do architectural work and the Engineers do the engineering. Y'all are smart people!
  21. Great plan if you want Nashville to be an even more of a traffic nightmare. Sorry to be negative but just telling you what would happen. The only Interstate I could see feasibly (maybe) going away without creating all Hell breaking loose on Nashville traffic would be what was I-265 if you reroute I-65 back where it was and still should be on the east side of the loop. I know I still take the east side of the loop when I'm heading up north despite what the road signs tell me . There's a saying I've heard; "architects don't care if it works as long as it looks good and engineers don't care if it looks good as long as it works" and being around both architects and engineers for a lot of my professional career I'm going to say there's very few truer sayings then that one. You can tell "The Plan of Nashville" was done by a bunch of architects that SHOULD NOT be playing engineer. Sure convert the interstates to wide boulevards, reconnect the broken road grid into those boulevards, add a gazillion red lights to all those intersections. After about a month of all that stop and go from red light to red light I believe you'll be wishing for your interstates back. Would you really rather take 8th Ave/Franklin Pike or I-65 down to Franklin and back, Murfreesboro Rd. with all its red lights and heavy congestion over I-24 down and back to the Boro? You're essentially doing away with that option other than you're creating two Murfreesboro Rd's or two Elm Hill Pikes . Interstates can handle SOOOOOO much more congestion than secondaries, if I was y'all I'd be wanting to keep your interstates. What the inner loop needs is modernizing and ramp reconfiguration, sure as heck doesn't need to go away. Interstate Shields on Briley so out of towner's not familier with Nashville might use it and go around the city rather than through it on the downtown loop. Yes interstates create divide in neighborhoods but so does or can railroads and waterways, heck so can wide boulevards.
  22. SoBro as it sits now surpasses downtown Birmingham today. Birmingham has 6 buildings over 300', 12 over 250' and 454' is her tallest.
  23. This question may not be the proper place but Batman's been talked about here. Anyone know if it's true when the Batman building was planned South Central Bell or Bell South (which ever name they went by at the time) planned on the tower's height to be 615' in honor of the 615 area code but the finished product turned out 2' taller?
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