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  1. I was thinking the samething.
  2. Sorry, but it just dawned on me. Are you really the president of MTSU, because in your post "Clarksville past, Boro present" you said "being an AP graduate you hate MTSU to the marrow of my bones. And hope that they would loss every game they play;" thats not nice.
  3. Great pics fallingwater; its been about two or three years since I've roamed around MTSU, so its probably doubled in size since I've been there. I've been in the student rec. center and it is pretty impressive. My brother and sister-in-law are Middle Grads and I debated going there when I was in the market but Middle at the time only had a two year Engineering program; has that changed since then?
  4. I would rather see Legion Field and the area round it renovated and revitalized rather then building a dome stadium. There is too much history at Legion Field for it to be neglected.
  5. Murfreesboro is a pretty town, when I go to Murfreesboro to visit my brother I am always surprised about how fast it
  6. Is the East Bank Art Work left over scraps of Opryland? I think I remember that section from Rockin Roller Coaster. I am just kidding only trying to make a joke, not knocking the project.
  7. Oh crap, that's close to my house. Another school zone to slow down for.
  8. Is this going were they built that football field off of Rideout Rd. My father-in-law and I was wondering what that football field was for and why it was out there by its lonesome.
  9. Hello all, I am new to the Huntsville area. I just bought a home in the Madison area, probably not the best time to buy a home considering that it is a sellers market in Huntsville right now with all the RSA Jobs opening up. I am moving here from Lawrenceburg, Tn. The only time that you guys would have heard from me; unless you guys go to the Nashville forum, was in a different post about Huntsville were I mentioned that I wished Huntsville could get more Interstates standard roads, but codyg1985 shot me down on that one. But I just wanted to say hey and I hope the Huntsville area will continue to grow.
  10. Thinks for the site. My brother is a member of tiderinsider or one of those sites that you have to pay for, and he had shown so photo updates over the weekend. If I knew how I would post those photo's, because I saved them on my PC. I don't know, there might be copyright laws since there on a paid membership site.
  11. It's been irritating to me that rolltide.com has not been doing as good of a job showing updates on the bryant-denny project like they were before the summer. Anyone know where I can find updates on the bryant-denny expansion.
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