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  1. This may be a pipe dream too, but I had a thought a couple weeks along the lines MLBrumby's has been preaching about moving it's location. Rather than relocating it in some far off land relocate it in its current location but under ground. One way in one way out or only accessible through the underground utility tunnels that I'm sure are already there. It would be secure from future attacks being that it's underground and a lot less accessible furthering it's protection and the equipment inside wouldn't have to be relocated/rerouted. AT&T could sale air rights above (I think "Air Rights" is the correct term, selling the land or space above your facility) to developers extending the 2nd Ave. district onto this property as well. These new extended 2nd Ave. structures would not have any physical access to the below ground utilities. I'm sure this wouldn't be cheap but it would be much cheaper than moving to some far off land where this utilities would have to be relocated and also making money back from the sale of air rights.
  2. I wasn't willing to watch a two hour video, is this a spot people dump there cars for insurance money or did flood currents take them to this spot in the Cumberland?
  3. Like you said above, Nissan Stadium has to be in a flood zone and the play surface is probably 30' to 40' below the base of the river. I do know when the stadium was built they have or had numerous huge pumps to pump water out of the stadium in case of flooding. One of these pumps alone could fill an Olympic size swimming pool in a matter of minutes.
  4. ^^^Three River Stadium was Pittsburgh, Cincinnati's was River Front Stadium and it was I think to the left (west) of Paul Brown Stadium (the football Stadium). I've past through Cincinnati a lot as a kid in the 80's and 90's heading up to Toledo to see family.
  5. I keep up with the 300'+ buildings and in the last decade the number is actually closer to tripled rather than doubled if you count those currently under construction. Not trying to correct you, instead just giving an even more accurate or "Holy Crap" perspective of what Nashville's experienced in the last decade.
  6. I just read an interesting concept, colonies can be merged without consent from the territories. Congress if they want can do as they please with territories. While we were voting for President Nov. 3rd, Puerto Rico was voting for where they stand in the US and they voted for Statehood. If they want Statehood they should get Statehood. I would not want an American to become an American with a voice if they don't want to become a voice but what if Congress merged US Virgin Islands with the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico first to make both one colony before making them one State? I've been to both colonies and know it's two completely different cultures, as different than Southern to West Coast cultures. US Virgin Islands is about a hundred miles off the coast from Puerto Rico, I'd guess the furthest Hawaiian Island from Honolulu is probably almost a thousand miles. My hometown to Nashville is eighty miles and I'm from Nashville CSA in southern most middle Tn. The distance between Nashville and Memphis is over two hundred miles to give perspective.
  7. That many towers in such a small footprint would resemble downtown Tampa.
  8. This subject reminds me of a recent experience I had, I was watching a low budget Christian/Christmas movie on I think HULU a few months back. It was a couple with kids living in Nashville going home to Lawrenceburg for Christmas. Me being from Lawrenceburg I was SHOCKED to hear Lawrenceburg come up in a movie! As I told my uncle soon there after when telling him about it "I was as SHOCKED to hear Lawrenceburg come up in a movie as you were in that late 70's night on the Johnny Carson Show when you heard Lawrenceburg Tenn. (retroing initials Tn to the times there) coming in at #1 in places he would never live." Lawrenceburg's claim to fame!!! Nashville scenes no doubt Nashville, scenes going to Lawrenceburg on two lane country roads, "where are they going, it's four lane hwy all the way"..., Lawrenceburg scenes "that's Franklin." All honestly, it's a little more understandable using Franklin for Lawrenceburg but using Charlotte as Nashville. Really?
  9. ^^^ Yeah I rambled but the jest of it is I hate the Brave's, they're not the local team like they think they are. People talking here that MLB is boring and I completely disagree with that. And if you are a UT fan I paid y'all a complement saying I hate UT more then Alabama Poly Tech aka auburn while describing how bad I hate the brave's. To your question yes I'm for MLB to Nashville.
  10. There's a place outside of Chattanooga, I can't remember the name of it but it's this hippie looking BBQ place on the right (traveling south) before you turn to go to Rock City. I felt dumb ordering a burger at a bbq place but I didn't regret it after. It's like the burger got smoked with the pulled pork... incredible! I've ate there twice, the first time was right when they opened... incredible! Second time late dinner... farrrrrrr from near as good the first time but better than most places.
  11. Five guy is okay but it's fried. It is good for a fried burger and would put it with Culver's for a good fried burger.
  12. After we grill burgers at home I can't be happy with an expensive burger at a sit down restaurant. Mix a hot ground sausage in with your ground burger meat, cook on charcoal and you'll be disappointed with anyone's burger there after. Cooking on Charcoal is key, cooking on gas may be easier but I promise the quality is way down with gas. As for fast food burger's give me Hardee's (was much better 15 years ago after they bought/mergered with Carl's Jr. then they are now) or Dairy Queen. Jack in the Box used to be good too... not anymore. Culver's is good for a fried burger. For fast food burgers the biggest thing you have to do is eat outside a large city or metro area where the employs value there job, because there's no better jobs out there. This may sound bad but it's true, a couple years ago I stopped at the Hardee's in Pulaski, Tn and I'd put it up against many burgers I've had at sit down restaurants. As for Doughnuts and a battle between KK and that dang Yankee crap called Dunkins... should I say more? We briefly here in Madison, Al had a Paradise Donuts out of Missouri, extremely good doughnut and my waist line doesn't miss them a bit but I do.
  13. Like I said before. I'd be willing to come up an hour and a half for multiple games a year in Nashville as opposed to driving three and a half hours for a team I hate worse than the freaking Yankee's in Atlanta! The South is under severed with MLB. If the Brave's want to cock block Charlotte or Nashville from getting an MLB team then they can kiss my rear end even more, it's shining and out there. THEY ARE NOT MY REGIONAL TEAM and I HATE the brave's almost as much as this Bama fan hates UT football (I Hate UT more than Alabama Poly Tech Institute because Y'all are worth hating more than the freaking barn (auburn) and they aren't worth crap to cf history like they think they are). The two must cities deserving of MLB is Charlotte and Nashville because for the reason I said above, south is under served and Atlanta doesn't own our markets. In the South you have brave's, Ray's and the Marlins, if you want to count Texas than Astro's and Rangers too and that's it! If Nashville could ever pull the A's out of Oakland I'd be done with my beloved Detroit Tigers. An expansion team or the Ray's I still remain a Tiger fan but still good for multiple games a year and routing for Nashville when they're not playing Detroit. Other than college football or SEC football in person there is nothing like MLB to go to a game in person! NFL sucks! NCAA basketball sucks! NBA basketball, wish to see a Celtics game in the Garden one day. NHL I don't get it like soccer but looks fun to see unlike soccer but wish NSC all the best! I'm not against MLS and was rooting for MLS to Nashville, it's just it's as boring or sleep worthy as PGA...
  14. I agree with a lot of what you said, we're in Huntsville and when we go to Chattanooga or East Tn we get on I-24 at US-72 which means we don't even have to experience Monteagle. I've had all the experience with Monteagle for my life time and hope to not experience it anymore. It never fails that we're delayed a couple hours between US-72 and I-124 (I refuse to call that road US-27) by a mind numbing accident or slowed down from what we can tell by nothing. As for Nashville MSA as a whole and I've said it over a dozen times here. The biggest problem is that from about I-440 and about Briley Pkwy. out to the suburbs you have eight, ten to twelve lanes. Inside I-440 and Briley Pkwy into Nashville, they haven't been touched since they were built. That means eight, ten to twelve lanes all converging and bottle necking onto a six lane hasn't been upgraded 50-60 year old downtown loop. I won't call "Fast Fix-8" or whatever it was called an upgrade but rather a rebuild of what was already there. I've always called bull on the "widening doesn't help" crowd and maybe it doesn't in a lot of places. I don't see adding lanes would help a thing on I-24 from Briley/Thompson to the Boro but the bottleneck which inside I-440 and Briley and the downtown loop would. Yes there's room for twelve lanes everywhere on the loop without acquiring new right of way, I've 1 to 1 scale CAD'd this in the past. That's the biggest thing I didn't get about the double decking idea, there's room within the current right of way to do the same without adding an eyesore. Think I-71 in downtown Cincinnati where they have eight to ten lanes with a ten foot shoulders butted up against a walls on both sides. On the west side of the loop between George L. Davis and 14th Ave think about rather an exit per street (Demonbreun, Broadway, Church and Charlotte) and exit (traveling north) at Demonbreun, service road then re-entry ramp after Charlotte connection Demonbreun, Broadway, Church and Charlotte as one ramp with a service road system. The service road is already there with George L. Davis and 14th Ave. Same on the east side with Shelby to Spring Street, one exit to service road connecting Shelby, Woodland, Main and Spring followed by a re-entry ramp. 4th and 2nd Avenue exits need to go away on the south side from too many people trying to shoot over three lanes at once to go west on I-24 or south on I-65 causing accidents. I didn't do this configuration in my CAD drawing mentioned above but I have mentioned here my idea of the whole downtown loop running in one direction counter clock wise with seven lanes so no new bridges has to be built and no lanes added. Just removal of the middle retaining wall and reconfigure/removal of two ramps per all interstate junctions, I-24 bridge being two bridges will make this plan tricky though... As for I-65 north to the state line six lanes would be nice but I've never really had a problem there but maybe I've been lucky.
  15. ^^^My dad who grew up in Toledo has talked about when they would go up to Tiger's games there was little to no parking around old Tiger Stadium that it was like what we know around here parking for a college football game. You paid to park in someones yard. I've been to Tiger Stadium once when I was eight in 1988 and remember very little about the surroundings, but remember the game itself. I do remember the players parking was along the street fronting the stadium and it was a very impressive line of Ferrari's, Lamborghini's and the likes.
  16. Kind of mentioned above, why didn't they build the mall on the land owned on the other side of Briley that they were going to do Dolly's thing? Did they own that land back then? I could be wrong but I thought I remembered it being a significant amount more land on the east side of Briley that they own then the current site on the west side? If so it seems they could have built the mall there, moved a majority of the parking over there too, kept the park and have expansion room using the then and current parking lot. With some infrastructure work it being on both sides of Briley they could have kept it all as ONE attraction. I've mentioned it here before with (I think) little love fair, if a new park was built I'd put it on Cornelia Fort. Tons of land there, build a bridge over the Cumberland at the Opry Mills exit, maybe a sky tram from the hotel to the park and you have three to five times the land to build on than the current site. All could haves, should haves, would haves and pie in the sky ideas I know.
  17. ^^^I hate when North isn't at the top on a map, it took me a hot minute to figure out "the rivers not north of Nissan..." that routing.
  18. Arizona Cardinals used to be the Phoenix Cardinals after they moved from St. Louis. Yes, St. Louis used to have two pro teams named the Cardinals.
  19. As I remember it we had a first design for two towers which included the small parking lot. The lot owner started playing hardball while Bass Berry was putting up a fuss as well, then the developer released a second design with two towers still but didn't include the small parking lot. If I remember right both towers gained a few stories as well due to the smaller footprint. Later a third and final design came with the north tower removed and the pedestal keeping the same footprint for both towers and without the small parking lot. All that to say is if they were to come back and build the north tower I don't think they'll need the small parking lot, the question is if they built the pedestal in that location strong enough to add about 35 stories on top of it. I could be off on all that though but I don't think so.
  20. I'm a car guy and I HATE the water (honestly terrified of large bodies of water or ones with current), I would love a view of the interstate way more than the river. I'm sure I'm the only one though.
  21. How on earth could Montreal be a top contender for an expansion team? Montreal wouldn't make my top fifty. It didn't work AT ALL the first time so why would it work now? The Expos was a perennial last in attendance with some decent teams dang near every year of there existence and a terrible fan following in there area. It was SOOOO bad that MLB purchased the franchise to move to DC. Again why do they think this time will be any different or am I missing something? Charlotte, Nashville, San Antonio or Austin, Portland, Indianapolis New Orleans, Las Vegas or even Buffalo should get a look at over Montreal.
  22. ^^^That is what the news was reporting at the time. Also back then no one thought hockey was working nor was it going to in Nashville so they probably thought the Preds were on there way out. That's my guess anyways, I hear what you are saying but actually the first two cities mentioned for the Grizzlies was Nashville and Louisville with Memphis coming later out of the blue. I think Memphis was the better choice for the same reason you mentioned and Memphis has always been more of a basketball city than Nashville. I think (could be wrong) Memphis probably produces the most instate basketball talent in TN.
  23. If I remember right almost twenty years ago around 2001, 2002 or 2003 when the Grizzlies were looking to move it was between Nashville, Louisville and Memphis. If I remember right there first choice was Nashville but since Nashville gave complete control of the arena to the Preds so they (the Preds) had to agree to it as well. The Preds did not want to share the arena and a fan base to a sport that plays its seasons at the same time frame they play there season so they stopped them from coming to Nashville. As for the Grizzlies, did anyone here really stop rooting for the team they've pull for before and become a Grizzlies fan? I'm still a Celtics fan and could care less about the Grizzlies, probably still would had they moved to Nashville other than I'd might have a second favorite team.
  24. ^Yeah they're a fairly new style interchange but there are a few around. The only one I know of in TN is SR-66 in Sevierville into the Gatlinburg area though. North Carolina has built a few. I thought the Bell Rd. or Hickory Hollow exit on 24 was also going to use this style interchange as well. Again I think they're quite genius.
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