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  1. ^^^ Is that year right? What building is that in the middle that's under construction? You can tell it's pushing 400' and it looks like it's approximately where Fifth Third is but that building wasn't open till 1986. If the year is right is that James K. Polk build under construction?
  2. Your google maps comment made me think of this one; XP and Windows 7 (lets forget Vista ever happened between those two) to Windows 8 and 10. That was a HUGE change for the WORSE.
  3. I've been thinking this exact thing for a while. Nashville may not be a "tech" city but you have a city less then a 100 miles that is to recruit talent from. This may be apples and oranges but did you know that Cummings Research Park here in Huntsville has the second largest (only behind Silicon Valley) concentration of research and tech companies in the country? Also something I heard on the street but I never googled (I really don't know how to google this one) is that the Huntsville Area has the highest per capita of Master and Doctorate degree's in the country. Again Aerospace/Defense vs. Online shopping might be two completely different things but Nashville does have a talent pool close to recruit from and people willing to relocate for. If Amazon is looking for Sheldon Cooper's I promise Huntsville's got plenty for Nashville to steal away.
  4. ^^^ Yeah; probably while the Vols were visiting. Early second quarter Vs. UMass
  5. We're as close to Nashville (mileage) as we are to Birmingham; actually I think we are 1 maybe 2 miles closer to Birmingham and that's it. I think if you asked folks around here rather they would want go up to Nashville or down to Birmingham on an outing I think the majority would say Nashville for obvious reasons. Just saying; I think Bezo would think the same. Timmay I didn't know you were here now; I thought you were at the Cape or somewhere like that.
  6. ^^^ Agreed; and this coming from someone how's home town is one of those little rural burgs. Nashville is fueling the state so that's where the concentration should be right now. If it were up to me the only thing in the state that would have priority outside of Nashville is getting I-69 connected to Memphis and getting Lamar Ave. converted to I-22 at a minimum up to I-240.
  7. This is the exact location I was talking about; why isn't this location getting more consideration? I'm a Bama fan but I'll say your post lost me when you said "Vandy should leave for the B1G" I call bs on that. The SEC needs Vandy as much as it needs Bama.
  8. I agree; hopefully something a little more siggy but hopefully a little less hunchback gumby
  9. I don't know why I'm sharing these but why not. I was bore around Christmas time and drew and rendered these up in CAD. Ignore the location but I think this would be perfect across from Vandy Stadium. Yes I went with the classic look because to me there is no other way.
  10. Oh no doubt Vandy's a stepping stone stop or where you go to die but I still found that quote and mind set dumb. I think Prune Tracy explained it well; Vandy does not need to leave campus. Also I'd like to add that it's going to take a lot more than Vandy and a soccer team coming to the fair ground to revitalize that area. Like I asked; I think if you can't go downtown then look at midtown and I think if you take out Dudley Ave. the big lot across from Vandy Stadium would be a better place. You have plenty of yuppies with all the colleges around that might give two craps about soccer and Vandy stays on campus.
  11. So if Vandy goes bowling again this year they think they can keep Mason by moving from an almost 40,000 seat on-campus stadium to a 30,000 off-campus stadium? Decisions like this no wonder why Vandy sucks; you still don't go backwards if your stadium is already the smallest in the conference. This may have been asked but why not the huge parking lot southwest of Vandy Stadium? Definitely a larger foot print there then current Vandy Stadium. Also if Vandy is to share a stadium with a soccer team the stadium needs to aim for 40,000-45,000 rather than 30,000 and yes I now what Vandy averages but still....
  12. My opinion is the classic look should not be reserved for only baseball nor it's location. I'd take a Doak Campball, Notre Dame Stadium (after renovations), Kinnick (Iowa) or Illinois Memorial Stadium any day over the eye sore they created with New Soldier Field, Jerry's World, the coiled snake looking thing in the Arizona dessert and even the new Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta. Charlotte went with a classic look (reminds me of BofA Stadium which IMO is the best looking stadium in the NFL) and I think it definitely works.
  13. I guess I'm with Ingram on this; I hate modern "dropped from space" looking stadiums. Give me a classic looking design with brick and arches any day over modern looking European soccer stadiums or the majority of the NFL stadiums that's been built in the last 15 years. The only stadium I like better then Nashville's proposal is Charlotte's.
  14. ^ I'm pretty sure Jackson was a child during the Revolutionary War. If he did it would have been at the tail end of the war.
  15. There's roamers that they reintroduced the red wolf down here in north Alabama a couple years back. There's a chance I seen one or it was an extremely red cyote one night In the middle of Madison, Al. Too big to be a fox but about that color.
  16. My parents are from Toledo; a hop skip and a jump from Detroit, and because of that I try to keep up with the area. Also because of that I say "Go Tigers!" As much as people want to pretend we do have a locale team in Atlanta we really don't because they are more then 4 hours away. I personally HATE the Braves, and if you were from the Southeast and had them shoved down your throat as the "Team of the South" you would HATE them as bad as the Yankee's too. Being that we don't have a true locale team (good or bad) we get to root for how we like. Honestly I haven't been to a Tigers game since 1988 in old Tigers Stadium; Darrel Evens, Kirt Gibson, Alan Trammell, Lou Whitaker, Chet Lemons and Matt Nokes in the lineup Jack Morris on the mount (how the hell that lineup didn't win multiple World Series....). I wore #6 for Al Kaline and #3 for Trammell playing ball in my youth. No I'm not from Nashville but grew up in Middle Tn and am now in Huntsville, Al where Nashville would be the locale team if it had one (as long as it's not a football team named "Tennessee;" Nashville Titans would have made much more since). Sorry to go baseball in my reply, but when someone from Detroit post I can't think of anything but baseball.
  17. Heck; if they can add 3 floors to this building and be structurally okay then why can't that be done to Bridgestone?
  18. ^ So am I understanding this right; 222 which was to be 24 stories and 305' is now adding 3 more floors to 27 stories, and roughly be the same height as SoBro?
  19. ^^^I guess each state is different but doesn't the wheel tax revenue typically go to education?
  20. Maybe I got the idea from someone here; I don't know, or maybe I came up with it on my own. One thing I've thought about lately is how every state in the country's DOT's are hurting. Every state's tax structure is based by consumption of gas from a time when the average vehicle across the board was probably 16 to 21 MGP's (if that), Now we have Cafe laws of 35 MPG's. If you are not familiar with what the Cafe laws are it's an average MPG a manufacture must meet or pay penalties if you want to sale your product in this country. If Nissan sales 10 different model lines in this country those ten models have to average out to 35 MPG's (that's why we're getting crap like CVT's and automatic trannies geared so poorly you're feeling a tone of lug, but that's a different rant). The average vehicle on the road gets more then twice the MPG's they did when most states set there gas tax what they are today; No crap that hurts DOT's. They've lost revenue while the cost per mile to maintain/construct goes up. I say to combat this you remove the gas tax all together and mileage be recorded annually when paying your wheel tax (yes; tag registation and current wheel taxes still apply), and pay a value per mile annually. People how are using the roads the most will now be contributing the most to the roads no matter if you're truckin down the road in a Hummer or a Prius. You can't have a car on the road without a tag, so if the cars got a tag they're paying to maintain the road.
  21. I think it's the Westin's glass that has people liking 505, Bridgestone and Thompson Hotel's glass. There glass is what "should be expected" but the Westin's glass has lowered expectations; the gold glass build by old BNA looks better then the glass on the Westin.
  22. Had they took Bridgestone to 35 floors which they should have so they could get everyone in one building I estimate about 525', and that's without any additional parking levels. Had they went to 40 floors and again no additional parking levels, so the company had expansion room we'd be in the 580' range. I know you can't build five additional floors for "hypothetical future expansion needs" but that space could have been leased to smaller companies till the time came for additional Sq' is needed. Also with five or ten additional stories probably additional parking levels would have been needed. I say "probably" because the current parking levels to office levels is crazy in it's current form so maybe not.
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