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  1. Agreed; is it structurally impossible at this point to add roughly 5 more floors if the occupant request more sq'? To an observer it seems as easy as to just keep going with the forms, concrete and glass after floor 30 is poured. I'm sure all the floors have the same floor plans, so any additional floor would keep the same floor plan as the originally planned floors so no major design changes. Yes it increases construction cost, but I would think those cost would be adsorbed by Bridgestone's price per sq' lease agreement? Am I missing something here; are the footers not strong enough for additional floors?
  2. I'm counting about an 8 story base (hard to tell) and another 20 stories for the tower.
  3. I'll also add that I work somewhere that has several government buildings built on the cheap from the same time period, and it's a fact that one year's maintenance costs on those older buildings is more expensive than to knock down, rebuild and maintain new building. We're talking about 8-10 story office buildings, They are currently doing just that to the exemption of one building that has historical significance. Sounds crazy, but true.
  4. People that watch PBS knows exactly what a dial is.
  5. I hope by no means that I wasn't coming off in my post as disagreeing with you. It's been a while since we've heard good or bad news (excepts for Second & Demonbreun Tower redesign) in months. I guess for us that are outside the know; the more time that passes the more we doubt. Speaking of those projects was there another extension made for the 5th and Broad/OCC redevelopment? What's the latest there; because I thought something would have come out Oct 1 about where that project is?
  6. Great news! So you're giving these projects I didn't edit out of your post above high probability of happening? I think a few of us are starting to loose faith in a few of these projects; especially those that include luxury apartments.
  7. I could be wrong but didn't they release revised renderings that didn't included the sliver, and a couple floors was added due to that? If so I hope they don't sale.
  8. ^^^That's what I would think too, but I've heard it referred to both in many cases.
  9. ^^^ If Nissan sticks with those trannies they're going to wreck the companies reputation. Although I believe the JDM's (Japanize Domestic Motors) have begun to take note from what the American Big Three has been doing for decades. Build a piece of crap five year throw away car; they're out of warranty so who cares!
  10. I just hope Nissan doesn't decide to drop a CVT in it
  11. Dang; I'm surprised by that. Seems they're leaving a lot of money on the table by not picking larger venues. I could see wrapping the second deck and the skybox's around connecting the east and west sides behind the endzones. Maybe a capacity of 75,000 and a boat load of more skybox's would be best. I didn't think about the Basketball final four (which is what you meant), but the added capacity would might help for a bid on the CFP National Championship. Also it may help the Music City Bowl in the Bowl Hierarchy.
  12. ^ I could be wrong, but doesn't Nissan Stadium only hold 65,000? If that's the case (provided with a retractable roof) wouldn't they need to add about 10,000-15,000 seats to host a Superbowl or College Football Playoff National Championship Game (I think that's what you meant by NCAA Final Four)?
  13. It's so you can be more comfortable while standing watch to make sure no one door dings your AMG; good idea!
  14. You've got to think about how things were in that time; it sounds crazy now, but back then across the country (and Nashville was no different) downtown was one of your rougher parts of the city. Most homes were vacant and dilapidating while people were fleeing the high crime city centers (White Flight) and to the suburbs. It may not make since to us now, but then I'm sure there reasoning made since to them. There reasoning was probably that if you loose residents downtown than over time we can clean up downtown; the sad truth is it may have worked.
  15. ^ At the 1:14 mark they show Bridgestone and Pinnacle in a pretty good side by side view, but Pinnacle looks to be taller? I that Bridgestone is supposed to be about 50' taller?
  16. The family and I were in Nashville this weekend; I just arrived in town as the "hurricane" like storm hit on Saturday. It was the first time in a long time I came into downtown from 24/40 and man is it different know. UTGrad's first few photo's captures just what I'm talking about; I remember back then (early 2000's) about all you could see was Bellsouth till you got on the downtown loop.
  17. I could be wrong about them being directly on Broad, but the 5th and Broad I think will be 2 towers on Broad also.
  18. ^Dang; you're right it is in the title. That would mean the apartment section of the shorter tower is 9' slab to slab; for "luxury apartments" 8' ceilings sounds low.
  19. Anyone seen estimates on height for these two towers? The shorter tower appears to be 34 stories on a 7 story base, also the equipment penthouse on top appears to be equivalent to three additional floors. I'm guessing the shorter tower (34 floors + 3 floor penthouse x 10' per =370: base 12'-9" slab to slab x 7 = 89.25: 370+89.25=459.25') is about 440'-460' and the taller tower looks about 30' higher?
  20. Even with a single occupant Autonomous vehicles all on the road; traffic still gets better. If all things are working (in my line of work I promise censors and instrumentation does go bad) the roads we currently have become more efficient. Imagine how much better traffic would be in Nashville without a wreck or two inbound or outbound routes depending on time of day; with Autonomous vehicles that becomes possible. How about rather than 70mph (or if your in Nashville; you're on your brakes more than the gas) on the interstate with autonomous vehicles we're now doing 120mph and a foot behind the car in front of us. One problem is it's going to be much longer than 2020 before that happens. Autonomous vehicles may arrive by 2020, but I doubt everyone's going to be driving them by 2020.
  21. Will they be using two cranes for the JWM or is the second crane for the Crescent Demonbreun?
  22. Per the pictures I would have to agree with you; it has a tree growing on the side of it. By the way; while they're giving the wall some attention and while they have the boom there why not go ahead and uproot that thing.
  23. Well if this proposal happens and at 600' at least Nashville wouldn't have to claim it the tallest structure downtown. Just a glass half full way of looking at it.
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