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  1. ^ used the trolley system in Memphis, TN and it was great! if you wanted to go anywhere in a N/S direction in the city it was very convenient. buses are garbage and the JTA/TU/etc. are out of their minds if they think it is the way to go... via light rail!
  2. ^ Any chance that would actually happen? Would Orlando support an MLB team? I watch the Marlins on FSN Florida (when they play the Braves) and I feel bad they get zero support from Miami (unless they are in the World Series).
  3. is that the building that Hancock Bank is located in? i didn't know they let people just go up and walk around... i am still not used to just being able to enter a building and go up...
  4. Birmingham looks like a beautiful city! Very nice pictures!
  5. nice to see northern new england getting some attention on this board. any new pictures of manchester? i miss that place! i haven't been back since i moved south in 2001... i read the UL online and Elm St. really seems (from what i've read) to be taking off. if anyone could post some pics of it and Manch-Vegas in general, an ex-pat NH-ite would appreciate it greatly! btw, anyone headed to see UNH/Dartmouth this weeked? pics of that would rock too... GO 'CATS!!!
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