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  1. What do you figure this huge thing is sitting on the side of the road at Miccosukee and Blairstone?
  2. 8 million people are doing it and you have not heard about it yet?
  3. Anyone see the shuttle launch tonight? We found a dark part of the neighborhood and got a great view, it was incredibly bright and dramatic. It was just about due east, and was visible only for about a minute before the booster rocket separation.
  4. I always take 27 to Tampa. Even if I can't drive as fast, I would much rather drive a shorter distance going a little slower, since my damn truck gets 12mpg. It is especially convenient from Southwood.
  5. thetoolman


    I was just there a month or two ago, but did not make it Belks. Too many other fun things to do there.
  6. Apple Store in Tally is most likely to go into a center like the FallsChase area or St. Joe's SouthSide lifestyle center. They are in very high end mall/retail locations, and I only give Tally a 30% chance of getting one in the next 2-3 years. Great idea though... Also, I can't believe that Staples is still open. Maybe I go at the wrong times, but it seems like the customers are outnumbered by employees there every time I go (admittedly, not often).
  7. TJ - That is exactly what I needed - thanks! It seemed that there had to be an easier way...
  8. Since it appears that, technically, very little is actually off-topic on this thread, I have a question... How do those of you who post 500 times a day manage to keep up with the most recent messages? I subscribed for email updates, but I was only getting the first message of the thread in the email every day, not the newest ones. Is there a way for me to see unread posts just in the Tallahassee forum? Currently, I am clicking on Last Post by: on each thread... What is the advice from the more experienced members (yes, I mean you TJ)?
  9. Name: Mark Age: 32 Occupation: Marketing School: FSU Grad Other Cities I've lived in: Knoxville, TN I own a business located downtown (professional services), so anything that helps TLH helps me. I also almost bought some commercial property downtown a few years ago, and I am keeping my eye on things. I moved to Southwood a few years ago, and it is great. I also do work for some architects and developers that have been mentioned on this forum, and share their interest in New Urbanism.
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