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  1. The checkin is upstairs, and is just a tiny little counter. They weighed me and my luggage, check my DL, and I was off. There were a few DJ planes in TLH, but only one in Naples (mine). There was no counter in Naples. The pilot checked me in with a handheld computer. They were very nice and let my aunt and uncle (who dropped me off) check out the plane out on the tarmac while they were refueling.
  2. Ok, ok! One at a time! jk I joined on Tuesday, made my reservation on Wednesday, and flew on Thursday. I stayed overnight and did not make my return flight reservation until Thursday (day before flight). The cutoff is 6pm. You can make your reservation as far in advance as you want, but you won't know the exact itinerary until 7p the day before. The pricing is based on the flexibility of your travel. I said I would leave any time after 7a, and arrive no later than 1:30p. Therefore, I got almost the cheapest flight that they offer because they had the greatest chance of gettings some other fare on the flight with me. If they don't, that is their loss, not mine. I made the reservations on their website. They have a good pricing tool that makes it easy to pick your times and see the effect on pricing. What would have made it more expensive is if I said I was only willing to travel between 11a and 2p, or even 12n and 2p. It would approach $1000 if I did that (each way). They fly to hundreds of cities, and as long as there is a dayport on one end (which Tallahassee is) it does not seem to be much more expensive to fly to non-dayport cities (maybe a little). The flight was very direct in the sense that it only went where I wanted to go, and when I was ready to go. In fact, I got to the Naples airport a bit early, and the pilots/plane were there and said they were ready to go whenever I was. There is a chance that they would have to stop once on the flight to pick up another passenger, but that did not happen to me. As I mentioned before, I will be looking for opportunities to fly Dayjet again. It was fun and efficient.
  3. What do you figure this huge thing is sitting on the side of the road at Miccosukee and Blairstone?
  4. 8 million people are doing it and you have not heard about it yet?
  5. Anyone see the shuttle launch tonight? We found a dark part of the neighborhood and got a great view, it was incredibly bright and dramatic. It was just about due east, and was visible only for about a minute before the booster rocket separation.
  6. I seem to be in the minority here, but I for one love the location of our aiport (a short drive from my house or office), the size of it (short walks, relatively short lines), and the regular connections to ATL (lots of crown rooms, restaurants open late). I don't think it is realisitc for us to think that we will ever have a chance to make it everywhere we want to go on a direct flight, and having the short 45 minute flight to ATL makes the entire world relatively accessible. If we had a huge airport like other big cities, I would have to waste an extra half hour or more on every trip. if you live in Orlando, you have to drive/park/walk/tram/etc for 2-3 hours before you even get on the plane. Here I can be on the plan 35-45 minutes max after leaving my house. And more importantly, when the flight lands, I am home 25-30 minutes later. My drive home (to SW) is two-lane, but there is rarely any traffic at the times that I am flying (usually 6am/12m). And, again probably in the minority, i fly almost exclusively on freq flyer points from AMEX, so I don't even care about the high prices. In fact, the more expensive the ticket would have been the better deal I feel I am getting. On that point, I got a spam from Spirit Airlines yesterday that had a sale called "dead presidents" with about 100 different flights on sale from $1 each way. Obviously with limited availability, and many were $5, $10, $20 $50 and $100, but even at $100 they were great deals. No airline in Tally would ever be caught doing that (like Airtran used to with $39 flights to tampa). That all being said, I know that more competitive pricing, better direct flight options, nicer roads to/from, and international status would all be better for the community, so let's do it.
  7. I always take 27 to Tampa. Even if I can't drive as fast, I would much rather drive a shorter distance going a little slower, since my damn truck gets 12mpg. It is especially convenient from Southwood.
  8. thetoolman


    I was just there a month or two ago, but did not make it Belks. Too many other fun things to do there.
  9. Where is this meeting going to be held? Is there a public forum?
  10. Apple Store in Tally is most likely to go into a center like the FallsChase area or St. Joe's SouthSide lifestyle center. They are in very high end mall/retail locations, and I only give Tally a 30% chance of getting one in the next 2-3 years. Great idea though... Also, I can't believe that Staples is still open. Maybe I go at the wrong times, but it seems like the customers are outnumbered by employees there every time I go (admittedly, not often).
  11. Do you mean this property? http://www.edctallahasseeleon.com/airportcommercecenter.php
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