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  1. McLeod will be constructing another parking deck beside the Pavilion tower. This is the latest news from the downtown area. The old library is still undecided on its purpose.
  2. the majority of the voters did not support him but the primaries republican/democrat split the vote up b/c the majority of the republican voters would have voted for willis. i want to see real change on that side of town in wukela's administration, which is what he primarily ran on.
  3. Wukela seemed to have pandered to certain demographic groups. His claims are that downtown redevelopment only focuses on the south side of downtown and they should have projects on the north side as well. Coincidentally, his family's law firm is on the south side of town. Maybe he could move the firm to help spur growth up there.
  4. http://www.scnow.com/scp/news/local/pee_de...zen_meals/7172/ This is excellent news for Florence . This will further diversify the employer base and help develop the energy park. This will help offset some of the mortgage trouble b/c we have 3 companies involved in that industry. BofA, WaMu and Assurant
  5. The project on Coit St. is going along quite well. Im surprised the FMU Arts Center is slow developing. They do a whole lot of talking about it for no frame yet. It's good to see some development down there.
  6. i rode on the new 301 by pass sunday just to check it out. my thoughts on the road were this 1. it seemed quite longer than expected 2. there is almost nothing around it the whole way through, it was like cutting a road through a forest or field. nothing at all there 3. who owns the surrounding property of this new road? 4. there seems to be some kinda of land work being done near Palmetto ST. and this new bypass. maybe a mixed-use development or shopping center, basically it was just clearing land and possibly adding roads, i couldnt really tell too much. most of this road is 2
  7. The Florence Darlington Tech Southeastern Institute of Manufacturing and Technology (SIMT) I hope i got that right. its having an open house thursday evening if anyone is interesting in going. should be a key asset to encourage the right kind of economic development for Florence and Darlington's future.
  8. terrible that it burned down, a true landmark. there was news today on the job front about adp annoucing an expansion in their cubicle farm. this should help soften the blow of impending job cuts from wamu's and bank of america's mortgage operations. it'd be nice to get more tech stuff instead of service jobs to help further diversify the workforce
  9. you guys probably notice what i do. those power lines in the downtown pictures above are pretty bad looking. are there any plans to fix this aesthetic issue. i can envision that being replaced by palmetto trees. and street parking. that'd be pretty cool bring "palmetto" street back.
  10. i think there are plenty of people passionate about our economic development that would post into its own forum, it seemed like MB's activity was quite low until they got their own forum. i keep an eye out here once a week to see if theres something going on that i missed. in regards to traffic i've started taking 340 to work to avoid pineneedles rd. its quite awful right now which further magnifies the need for the 2 lane rd. i have consistently ran into traffic @ 7:45 AM when turning onto the bridge from southborough rd. stoplight, thats a solid mile of traffic backing up
  11. interesting point. i guess i would still be grumped w/ a 10-20% ratio of good jobs to unskilled ones, i guess i should let my negative notions go and be glad we are at least diversifying the workforce somewhat.
  12. QVC opened up, i hear a roundabout figure of 900 employees by next year and 1200-1500 in the next few years. this sounds good and i'm all for it, im still worried that it does not provide the kind of skilled labor outside the medical profession that our community needs to grow outside of being a low-cost labor leader. force protection would have probably been a step in the right direction had it happened. i think we will get some announcements later in the year.
  13. interesting idea. the hospital section is only a block away from the upcoming arts section so that would fit in well in between. when i worked downtown it frustrated me b/c of the lack of restaurants. it was basicallky wendy's or KFC or circle fountain. it would take half my lunch break to drive somewhere else to eat.
  14. i havent heard anything else about that brew pub thing on dargan st. the last article spoke of it in planning stages
  15. calling Morris Anderson a hick is completely unfounded. his contributions to west florence area have been great in recent years. i have no argument w/ mr robinson. disagreeing is one thing , name calling is another. our subdivisions are pretty tacky . and there seems to be no real plan for urbanization, it would be cool to get stuff condensed to protect the natural areas surround flo that we have. but tel l that to a farmer who makes 10X the money from selling his land than working on it. i feel like our town has become a corporate pitstop for companies looking to utilitze our low co
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