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  1. Yeah, an "official" announcement probably won't happen until all the right people (developer, city, etc) sign on the line when everybody is happy with the MONEY issue. I assume they are still ironing out the details on who gets what money and when do they get it. Hopefully this will all be worked out "soon" (before New Years). I can't wait for this tower to come along, it is very nice and I hope it and the park will be a catalyst for even more projects downtown.
  2. Yeah, 3rd street side is where the "excitement" is. From what i gather from pieced together info and renderings, the exact spot where they are doing demo now would be where part of the park goes. They will probably keep going with the demo to clear out the whole area that is fenced off right now (except for the actual Pepper building, that proabably will be a little more complicated demo strategy). I think as far as actual Construction time line, One Park Vista will begin before the park or the mixed use high rise. I haven't heard anything new with the courthouse property across the Liberty street. I think most people want to try and preserve that property and refurb it for some sort of public use (museum, etc.) if an agreement can be met that is economically feasable i guess. so, yep, interesting stuff.
  3. I saw they started demolition of the old buildings today to make way for the Civic Plaza and One Park Vista. Good times.
  4. Yes sir, this is what I'm talking about. i especially like the retail/restaurants/Krispy Kreme on the exterior street level. Add some luxury suites, a HD video scoreboard, state-of-the-art drainage system for the field, maybe throw in a few condos with the hotel overlooking the stadium with nice big balconies. i would also make the playing field visible from 1 of the highways (bus 40 or hwy 52) only if i had an extra $20-30 million, i would do it my self. good ideas cityboi.
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