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  1. ^ SPC, I believe all 3, FedX, DHL & UPS, start leaving TLH around 10:15-10-30 PM & are usually all out of here by 11:30-11:45 PM. Depends on when the shuttle flights from surrounding smaller markets get in here & reloaded onto the bigger jets.
  2. Glenn


    Amen to that Brother Poon! It was absolutely ridiculous & crazy out of control. So, while we're at it...My Mother In Laws, Brothers 2nd Cousin just told me..................
  3. Glenn


    ^ Wow...quite interesting indeed for downtown Miami! Even though it might not be the right spot for a Wal-Mart to locate I thought it was quite arrogant of the Commission aide to make the statement he did: And this, from a City Commission aide: ``Visualize a Wal-Mart customer in his pick-up truck, and family of four, driving past tuxedo-clad PAC center guests arriving simultaneously.''
  4. Glenn


    After all their searching, Piper decides to stay in Vero Beach & build their new jets there. http://www.tcpalm.com/news/2008/may/28/piper-decides/ Even though we didn't get them here, I'm glad they're staying in Florida.
  5. ^ I was about to say...this was NOT taken at TLH! SPC, didn't you just recently fly through the Northwest hub in Memphis?
  6. Glenn


    ^ Yes poonther, Sam's Club gas is usually less than Wal-Mart/Murphy...sometimes by a lot...other times by only by a little. I've never seen Wal-Mart/Murphy priced less than Sam's. This morning Sam's Club was up to $3.55, Murphy/Wal-Mart was $3.59, Gate was at $3.63 & Circle K was $3.65. Yesterday, COSTCO was at $3.54 but who knows what it could be up to today. I'll have to check but I think oil hit $124 a barrel earlier today so hang on folks! Edited to correct oil pricing: Actually, Oil closed at $123.69 today to be exact.
  7. Glenn


    ^ I realize that Sam's & Costco are subsidized for their members & that Circle K & Gate are within 6 cents of one another (at the moment anyway)...I was just sharing my observations of the drastic differences in the price per gallon that people are paying for the same product at the various locations.
  8. Glenn


    ^ Driving around this morning I was amazed at the difference in the gas prices around town. In my brief travel I noticed that Sams Club was $3.44, Gate was $3.59, COSTCO was $3.51, & Circle K was $3.65...CRAZY!
  9. ^ We truly appreciate all your input johnatl, please don't hesitate to participate on this forum with us.
  10. ^ It is definitely an awesome picture...looking forward to more sweet shots like this one!
  11. ^ WOW! That is a really sweet picture! It really does POP! What equipment was it taken with?
  12. Glenn


    Ah...I see the UP Gods moved this post from yesterday over to our Malls thread for us. Thanks Guys!
  13. ^ Compared to flying out of Tallahassee I am....Ha!
  14. ^ I would also use rail for my many trips around Florida, or around the Southeast for that matter, if it were available & reliable. Like you poonther, by the time you get to the airport early to park, go through screening, delays, etc. you could already be there on rail in most cases. That's why I almost exclusively drive anywhere I go now within 500 miles or so of Tallahassee. Rail sure would be a nice alternative because we're not going to be seeing the airfares go down.
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