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  1. Anyone know why there are Delta jets parked at the FedEx facility?
  2. Does anyone think that Lenox would land another Spanish retailer? Mango, or MNG by Mango as it is referred to in the US?
  3. I was just curious to see if anyone has any particulars about the Mosaic District lifestyle center being built in Merrifield by Edens & Avants?
  4. Anyone know about a Mimi's Cafe opening in The Avenues? I was driving through today and saw a building that looked simiar to the style of the typical restaurant. Never mind. This answers my question.
  5. On my way to school this morning, I saw two hot air balloons gearing up for take off in Elmington Park [in front of West End Middle]. One balloon had a bag printed with the Vanderbilt Medical Center logo and the other was none other than the logo for Signature Tower. I suppose that Tony G is taking his advertising to new "heights."
  6. The company heading up this development, Colonial Properties Trust, completed a similar project in the Turkey Creek area of Knoxville. As for the detparment store, I would assume it'll probably be a Belk.
  7. I'm sure someone has already mentioned this, but I was eating @ Noshville on Saturday and noticed a placard showing the design for their new location in the airport that is slated to open 2K7/2K8. It will be interesting to see how well it goes.
  8. J0e


    I used to work for Bi-Lo in Knoxville and in Murfreesboro while going to school and I thought that their stores were far better than Kroger. There stores seemed to be well kept and up to date. And Royal AHOLD was a good company to work for. The Knoxville stores were sold to KVAT, Inc. aka Food City. Too bad there aren't going to be any in the area anymore. Also, Bi-Lo carried many specialty foods [foreign brands] that I don't think you could find at any other store...perhaps it was because of the company's Scandinavian roots.
  9. You can visit their website, www.ruehl.com, for more information. I believe this concept caters toward the college graduate crowd [22 - early 30's].
  10. Isn't the new UC supposed to built somewhere behind or adjacent to Corlew & Cummings covering the old rec field? When I was a student, I heard that they were wanting to put it in the new "center" of campus [inproximity to the library, BAS, LRC, & the Mass Comm buildings]. Check out the campus map here and you'll see what I'm talking about. What they really need to do is go up and build a parking garage near Murphy Center and charge admission for all of those TSSAA championships that they host. Anyone know of numbers for fall enrollment?
  11. My thoughts exactly. I can only imagine something similar to the Cool Springs area in Williamson or even the Turkey Creek development in Knoxville.
  12. Here's another article from the DNJ. It also lists Carter's, Lane Bryant, Limited Too, Off Broadway and Osh Kosh B'Gosh as making their way to 'boro. I wonder if there would be any chance of another department store opening in this development? Macy's? Nevertheless, good news for the 'boro.
  13. Nashville v. Atlanta Part II (A Tennessean Article)
  14. Here's an interesting AJC article comparing Nashville v. Atlanta for the south's tallest building.
  15. I took the picture from atop the Vulcan Park tower during my stay in B'ham this weekend. I've traveled through B'ham many times, but I've never actually spent time roaming about the city. I must say that there's alot going on [similar to Nashville's downtown] and many things to do.
  16. Picture of the under construction end terminus in DTN.
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