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  1. Wonderful collection of photos. The Carolina Room likes to archive copies like this if you have them. I have seldom seen such a good, comprehensive set like this. Thanks for posting.
  2. 28202


    and a hotel anchor named "The Orr House."
  3. it is a bit absurd that they do not learn from recent past success such as Euclid from Lowes back to Tremont. High density infill built, sold and providing a very nice barrier from South Blvd. The adjacent blocks of single family homes thrive and continue to improve. Adjust your plan. It will be good for the health of your neighborhood and actually solidify the uses that presently have such great fears.
  4. What is going on at Edwin Towers? It is all fenced in and looking somewhat empty.
  5. One also has to consider that surrounding interests said they would like a seat on the authority but wanted assurance that their airports would not fall under the same control. Instant disqualifier in my opinion. That hypocrisy is as great as the "behind the scenes" business interests who hope to profit from increased say in the airport, nearby land development and contractual relationships with the airport.
  6. I think the "Southpark as 2nd largest" was at that time termed "concentration of jobs" in NC.
  7. I would like to see this: http://archrecord.construction.com/projects/portfolio/archives/10061111Lincoln_road/slide.asp?slide=1 (scroll through photos, bottom right) Retail, parking, events, future adaptability for numerous uses... or a similar concept above 210 Trade(sans parking).
  8. There has been core drilling activity in the 600(west side) of N. Tryon Street recently. Any info on what is being contemplated?
  9. One of my work peeps sent me to change.org for the petition against amendment one. It has 130K of the targeted 1mil in one day! Anyone from any state can sign. Check it out.
  10. Remarkable photo! This should be declared the "skyline photo" contest winner in advance.
  11. That East Lincoln area is getting huge interest from developers. Several large parcels have been acquired and now that the Lincoln building moratorium is over development is getting back underway. Might be the front end of a western side of Lake Norman explosion.
  12. Chiquita BaNascar Plaza
  13. 28202

    The Vue

    No construction lender would allow that.
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