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  1. Something very similar to this is what i had envisioned for Baton Rouge's riverfront when the last River Place condo tower proposal was scrapped This is the 30-story/405'ft Residential Tower on Kirby Drive in Houston TX....would have easily been BR's 2nd Tallest behind the 450'ft State Capitol
  2. richyb83

    Mid City

    Alexandria seafood restaurant expanding to Mid City https://www.businessreport.com/newsletters/alexandria-seafood-restaurant-expanding-to-mid-city
  3. richyb83

    New Texas Tower

    TEXAS TOWER Under construction .....47 Floors / 735'ft Will be Houston's "9th Tallest" Building when completed...projected finish Fall of 21'
  4. The Woodlands 30 miles north of downtown Houston sure is impressive! The Waterway takes it to another level. The ever changing skyline in Uptown looking north on Post Oak Blvd.... The future 39-story Aspire luxury condos Under Construction in the distance behind the trees.....
  5. Can no longer see the image....Here's a recent pic of the West Star Tower....nice addition to the El Paso skyline... the City's New Tallest @ 313'ft! 20 stories Nice job The ATX on all of your updates.....My stagnant status-quo City of Baton Rouge LA is has no high-rises under construction...so enjoy looking else where; though i get a bit jealous! Austin is mind boggling ...no other skyline in the U.S. had been transformed more! Recent rip to Houston still see the high-rise construction cranes in Downtown (near Market Square) & Uptown/Post Oak Blvd
  6. 7 -20 - 2020 # 7:20
  7. Chad Hughes trying to rezone former overpass Cracker Barrel site https://www.businessreport.com/newsletters/chad-hughes-trying-to-rezone-former-cracker-barrel-site-on-perkins The vacant property, located at the corner of Perkins and Hollydale Avenue, had been the longtime home of a Cracker Barrel service station before Circle K shut it down last September.
  8. Driving east on Main Street caught a brief glimpse of a Sign of a future new office building; almost turned around to take pic ; it's only 3 stories but at that location looks better than nothing that;s there now ; next time i drive by over there will take pic of rendering/site Here's the rendering ...looks nice Here it is in article... The Louisiana Board of Realtors is also planning to move into a new headquarters on Main Street. Construction is underway for a three-story building at 861 Main Street, next door and across Priscilla Lane from the organization’s current offices. The new headquarters will feature 9,000 square feet of office space and a roughly 5,000-square-foot conference room. Other news ... Baton Rouge developer Mike Wampold has submitted the site plan for his planned renovations to Chase South Tower downtown, according to online records. According to the plan, he intends to renovate the top 12 floors of the building from commercial offices into residential apartments. There will be 144 residential units as well as an 8,000-square-foot pool area on the penthouse level. The plans also call for 4,000 square feet of commercial retail space to be added to the ground-level plaza. (((posted previous post)) https://www.businessreport.com/newsletters/wampold-submits-site-plan-for-south-tower .https://www.businessreport.com/newsletters/downtown-development-continues-despite-pandemic https://www.theadvocate.com/baton_rouge/news/business/article_64b4a010-c5e8-11ea-822c-739223c40e20.html
  9. Coach O & VP Mike Pence met up today! Decent angle(not the best) of the Downtown BR Skyline; that 30+ story RiverPlace condo tower sure would look good on the "Left" side next to the River Front
  10. richyb83


    Cool roof top deck addition @ The Chimes on Highland Road
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