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  1. The Belvedere luxury condo's have to be nearing completion (on side of 525 Lafayette) by now?? Another Broken Egg finally opening up A MESSAGE FROM THE DDD Another Broken Egg Grand Opening Monday! Located on the first floor of the IBM building, Another Broken Egg, 555 Lafayette Street, officially opens its doors Monday, February 20th! Whether you're craving something sweet like Cinnamon Roll French Toast or a savory dish of Shrimp 'n Grits, Another Broken Egg's distinctive menu will satisfy any appetite. They have even got you covered with their extraordinary Omelettes, crisp Salad Creations and Signature Benedicts. Operating Hours: 7AM - 2PM 7 Days a week ABE >> Grand Opening >>
  2. Was wondering the same thing....the SW corner of the parking lot by I-12 is being torn up with Lease signs...Good guess..isn't there a Wendy's at the next exit off O'neal next to the Rave less than mile away? almost posted in Millerville thread...nice to see things getting back to normal
  3. This will be built next to the new Water Campus...but technically not part of it....guessing the complex will maybe be 3 stories?? 4 at most...however it's drawing heat looking at "Comments section" below...being low income housing... So far none of the "River" named developments have gotten off the ground w the exception of River House EBR Housing Authority to Build Affordable Housing Near the Water Campus The East Baton Rouge Parish Housing Authority hopes to secure financing in the next 90 days for its planned mixed income, multifamily development near the Water Campus River South, as the complex is known, will have 46 two- and three-bedroom units, most of which will be affordable housing units. Between six and 10 units, however, will be market rate, according to the housing authority’s executive director Richard Murray. The apartment complex will be located on Oklahoma Street between Nicholson Drive and Highland Road across from the Water Campus. River South is not to be confused with River House, a multifamily complex of 224 units also located near the Water Campus on the site of the old Prince Murat Hotel. That development is currently under construction. Plans have also been announced previously for a River District, which would be a mixed-use development along Nicholson Drive near Magnolia Mound Plantation, and River Park, a mixed-use project along the riverfront downtown. Both of those projects have been stalled for years, however, due to financing and legal issues. —Stephanie Riegel
  4. Thanks Dan..was just about to post....that 5-story building should look nice at that location ! Interesting how the street entrance will be dug into the elevated ground... Looking forward taking pics of the on- going construction projects around the area!
  5. What changes would y'all have suggested? Value y'alls opinions.... yeah the structure was built in the mid 70's? Got mixed feelings on the revamped Marriott 1st liked the dark glass....but not much a fan of the chocolate milk looking brown paint...not sure what to think abt the mid section with the windows cut-out? of white panelling ..does it give the illusion of being more vertical?? Will have to check it out at night again...may need to make a phone call....when your the city's Tallest hotel ...gotta be impressive at night or what's the point? When people are coming from the East/10-12 Split make the turn it's striking seeing something 20+ stories tall...they get the feel the are entering into a bigger city. On the other hand....... The Watermark on Third did an outstanding job ....looks fantastic at night
  6. Yeah it's confusing Watson's EF3 on WAFB? Killian? The meterologist with these updates/changes( NWS/WAFB) are as mixed up as i am.... 90mph wind gust from Gustav (08') was intense...but it was a gradual increase over a few hours...nothing like the suddenness of a Tornado 100-150mph barreling down in a matter of minutes...that's scray stuff! & is on another level Some intense videos on You Tube
  7. Actually have em' flipped...Killian was did weaken some by the time it crossed I-55 as it skipped over toward Madisonville & Watson was EF2(111-135MPH).....according to WAFB NOLA/East EF3(136-165mph) was estimated at 140mph/now peaked at 150mph...guessing Killian was abt that too/preliminary report had EF2/120mph)... Donaldsonville's was EF1 at 105MPH Crazy stuff! I vaguely remember hat long track tornado...those Tornado's in North La tend to be stronger (only 2 EF-5's ever recorded in La? not sure of the years?)
  8. $2M renovation, expansion of downtown Baton Rouge office building completed nice before & after pic in article...they did a nice job! *Courtesy of Prescott Bailey
  9. DDD Commission Meeting February 14, 2017, 8:00 a.m. Kean Miller LLP, II City Plaza 7th Floor AGENDA 1. Call to Order 2. Declare Quorum 3. Approve Agenda 4. Approve January 10, 2017 Minutes 5. Board Action 6. Update from Previous Board Meeting a. Governmental Issues b. Development Initiatives • Third Street Developments • Federal Historic Tax Credits • Spencer Calahan Law Offices • 200 Laurel Street • Downtown Greenway • River Road Multi-Use Pathway • Riverfront Plaza • Dock Shade Structure • City Hall Plaza • Downtown Maintenance Committee • Town Square Beacon • New Businesses • Events - CI-Group Open House - February 16 - Mardi Gras Parades - February 17,18,19,25 - Mardi Gras Festival - February 25 - B.R. Arts Market - March 4, April 1 - LAF Reveal Party - March 8 - OLOL Children's Hospital Amazing Half Marathon - March 10-12 - Belle of Baton Rouge - Preserve Louisiana/Old Governor's Mansion - Manship Theatre Events / LSU MOA - Capitol Park Museum - Old State Capitol - River Center Events - BRSO - LASM - USS Kidd 7. Strategic Plan a. Plan Baton Rouge II 8. Ongoing Projects • CPEX • BREADA • DBA 9. Correspondence 10. Public Comment
  10. Great topic Cajun! I'd give 5 likes if i could! Few weeks back the Slidell Radar was down for "maintenance issues"... so BR area depended on the Lake Charles Radar... any possible storms wouldn't show the "Detail" needed...WAFB Meterologist Steve Caparotta mentioned a weaker Radar System near-by(can't remember exactly where?)...interesting positioning of all of this..Truly an "Upgrade" is needed! Yesterday's Outbreak was very comparable to last February 23rd's....Difference was there was ONLY a "Slight Risk" for Severe weather & it was downplayed....a "humbling" missed forecast a WBRZ Meteorologist said...the Upper Level Disturbance coming from the West got Stronger than expected....... Last year there was "Ample Warning" where State workers & Schools were declared Closed the day before...a 1st for the area..INSANE... Was gonna post Tornado Outbreak in Louisiana Weather thread today...but it gets no play...the hook echo's signatures on the radar from the Tornado in Killian & NOLA East were impressive! Not common for SE LA check it out in Killian Simply WAAY TOO WARM for February; it's been mostly Spring-Like here; (even Azalea's are blooming)...Too much "Fuel" for these storms! BR had a very mild winter last year keeping Water Temps in Gulf warmer than average...then late Summer came & so did the Great Flood of 16' from a strange westerly moving tropical wave that developed inland (otherwise it would have been Fiona)..15' & 16' have been the Wettest Consecutive Years ever
  11. Wish those old pics in above post still showed up.... The Watermark great addition to the downtown skyline when all lit-up at night Easily visible from I-110...Some nice pics in article...also talks about Magpie Cafe at Commerce Bldg (looks great at night on Third Street too) & BR HS Renovation in Mid-city The Watermark Hotel brings Baton Rouge’s past to life
  12. That's some really nice work y'all Like those ideas!! The multi-pronged approach w the light-rail coming out of downtown....Plank Rd/Airport/Southern U...Government St/Mid-city to Independence Park.....Nicholson/LSU....Perkins Road out to the Medical/Health District/Mall of La/Perkins Rowe... The Perkins Rd Overpass area could present a challenge Acadian Thruway swerving around could be tricky Interesting on the Bayou Duplantier proposal...that would have to be a few miles of "elevated track" along the low-lying watershed...walking trails at the very least would be nice connecting LSU to the Health District
  13. Baton Rouge Restaurant Week
  14. A Step in the Right Direction? BRAC makes funding for 'decades overdue' new Mississippi River bridge top 2017 priority From SW view...." Almost " Best Angle showing "Density" of the BR Skyline IMO..From Port of Greater BR..... The bridge is partially in the way....Go up 150'ft or so...Perfect & the Governmental Bldg. is blocking most of the new Courthouse
  15. One more #Bump for this...otherwise it will collect dust on the back pages like many others... So...Do people paying their property taxes on this project the past umpthteen years get a "REFUND" for this debacle?