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  1. richyb83

    The Grove

    Thanks Greg 225...had taken Construction pics a few months back ; but lost pics/deleted Nice looking Complex so far; along I-10 Corridor to go along with new Children's Hospital & Top Golf Ochsner's Baton Rouge medical complex to open next week as sector continues growing
  2. richyb83

    Baton Rouge Photo of the Day

    HOPE everybody had a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!! Testing..Testing...OLD Pic...making sure still works Need to take some new pics for new year; hope to be more successful than last time when pics were erased
  3. richyb83

    BR Area Bridges

    Flush with MovEBR victory, Jim Bernhard’s next quest is regional bridge tax Bernhard, speaking to the Baton Rouge Press Club this afternoon, said a new bridge over the Mississippi River is attainable and that his private equity firm, Bernhard Capital Partners, is willing to provide the upfront equity or debt needed to build the bridge and collect tolls to pay off the new infrastructure. But public funding will also be necessary to cover costs of feeder roads to the bridge, creating a loop connecting it to the interstate. And Bernhard is urging elected officials to allow voters in the new five-parish Capital Region authority to decide if they want to raise taxes to fund those roads. “We’re looking to the five parishes to contribute,” Bernhard said. “Baton Rouge has led the way. These parishes will say, “Hey, we can do this as well. We don’t want to be left behind.’” Meanwhile, the bridge itself could be funded with the help of tolls. Based on preliminary numbers, Bernhard said, there would be “an acceptable return on investment” to pay off the debt over a period of 30 to 40 years. “We’ll do it,” Bernhard says of BCP. “A lot of other companies would do it, but we happen to be here. By us stepping up, people should have confidence in voting for a tax… The parishes would take care of roads around the bridge through taxes.” Bernhard even gave the proposed new bridge a name: the Capital Bridge. And the proposed loop connecting to the bridge would be called the Capital Expressway. #Rest of Article
  4. richyb83

  5. richyb83


    Looks like new tax passed for the proposed overlap to he unfinished Green Light Plan....also includes Intersection improvements & new Turn-lanes; Drainage; etc....AND "Mobility Features"? & Light Synchronization! Not exactly sure what is in store for So.Flannery Road? Seeing "new Sidewalks" for So.Sherwood Forest Blvd. A New Ardenwood-Lobdell connector...."new Multi-use Path?" for So.Sherwood from I-10 to Old Hammond Hwy...."New Sidewalk"? on Centurion Ave from O'Neal Ln. to Crossbow Dr.? New Bike Path from College Dr. to Country Club Drive Some of the More Pressing Needs..... # Widening Old Hammond Hwy to 4 lanes all the way thru to Florida Blvd/Hwy 190. # 6 Lanes for Airline Hwy North of Florida Blvd Hwy 190 to I-110 & South to Acsension Parish # 4 Lane Nicholson (Hwy 30) down to Iberville Parish border # New 4-Lane Perkins/Picardy Connector....that was part of Green Light Plan II...we new R.R. Underpass & Bridge over Creek #4 Lane Pecue Lane # Jones Creek Road 4 -lane Extension to Airline Hwy # 6-Lanes for Bluebonnet from Mall of La. to Perkins Rowe; guess the Skywalk will be torn down? # 4 Lane Lee Drive...REALLY?? #College Drive Enhancements # Medical Corridor(Health District) Midway Ave & Dijon Ave Phase II from Bluebonnet to Midway & Hennessey-Perkins Connector at Kenilworth Pkwy
  6. richyb83

    Baton Rouge Single Family Developments

    Think this new Hickory Creek subdivision that's ready to go flooded in 16'. Where in the world did they come up w that name? Will this will be similar to other Old Hammond Hwy. subdivisions to the East of Millerville Rd.... Sedona Pines; Hammond Manor & Maple Leaf?? DSLD Homes buys 33 lots off Old Hammond Highway for new subdivision
  7. richyb83

    Green Light Plan

    Almost started MovEBR(replacing Green Light II?) thread few weeks ago when Mayor Weston-Broome mentioned it... BUT the Greenlight Plan was mentioned in "Ask the Advocate"...hmmm Ask The Advocate: What's status of City Parish Green Light Plan? Has the city-parish finished building all of the projects that were approved under the original City Parish Green Light Plan? If not, which projects remain and when will they be finished? Is there a website available with all of this information? I cannot find one that is up to date. Fred Raiford, director of the city-parish Department of Transportation and Drainage, says the city-parish has not completed construction on all of the Green Light Plan projects. "Currently we have eight projects that are not completed. We have three local roadways (Picardy-Perkins Connector, Pecue Lane Interchange Improvement and McHugh Road). The remaining roadways are state routes (Old Hammond Highway: two phases from Boulevard de Province to O’Neal Lane; Hooper Road from Blackwater Road to Joor Road; Perkins Road from Siegen Lane to Pecue Lane; and Nicholson Drive from Gourrier Lane to Brightside Lane.) "Most of these roadway projects have moved through the engineering process but lack the federal or state funding to complete them. These projects are included in the MovEBR Transportation Plan that will go to the voters of this parish on Saturday. Funding for each of these projects is included in the MovEBR Road Program. The funding that was included in the Green Light Plan program for these projects will be part of the MovEBR program budget. Many of these are major highways that handle a lot of traffic daily. "Your reader asked about the Green Light Plan website not being available and I not sure why the website is not up and running but will check on it. "The MovEBR program will address many of the traffic concerns that drivers deal with every day. Safety, capacity and mobility of all transportation needs are part of the plan which impact the quality of life for all of our residents." The MovEBR proposition calls for a 30-year, half-cent sales tax expected to generate $46 million a year.
  8. richyb83

    Mid City

    City Pork Catering and Events moving into Mid City’s former Twine location
  9. richyb83

    Plan Baton Rouge

    TRUE Dan326! And at that "Location" 10 floors may be "ideal" is so sleek + ultra-Narrow Footprint ....+ Wonder how much of the Shaw Center View of River would be effected by it? Whether it be 10-Floors...or 25 If a 20+ story High-rise project is to go up along the Riverfront ..."Ideal Locations" would be the next Two Blocks North (Hartley/Vey @ Florida St./Laurel) & River Place block (btwn Laurel & Main) that Jim Bernhard now owns...
  10. richyb83

    Baton Rouge Growth and Development

    Saw yesterday on WAFB or WBRZ... Spencer Calahan new office looked pretty cool near foot of Miss. River Bridge...but can't find the story with nice shot of the building... Here is a pic not as updated
  11. richyb83

    Roundabouts/Traffic Circles?

    What a Cluster$#% in Walker...wrecks on the regular; driving tooo fast? or can't put away the Digital heroin
  12. richyb83

    Baton Rouge Growth and Development

    I'm shocked to see you back brodieseyes! How long since you last posted?? NICE to see your post! Hope everything has been going ok
  13. richyb83

    Baton Rouge Single Family Developments

    No kiddin' huh Dan...the amount of new Race Tracs being built is INSANE! Hopefully they're not biting off more than they can chew! Surprised this was put in Single Family Residential thread...
  14. richyb83

    Rouzan TND

    The big/tall cinder-block wall right on Perkins Road is an eye catcher! Sprouts supermarket going up at Rouzan ‘won’t look as imposing’ when complete If you’ve wondered about the imposing cinder block wall rising from the ground at Rouzan mere feet from Perkins Road, you’re not alone. Planning Director Frank Duke and Metro Councilwoman Barbara Freiberg also have gotten inquiries about the structure—a new Sprouts Farmers Market under construction in the Traditional Neighborhood Development’s Village Center. “As I’ve told people, it looks bad right now because it is so big and so close to the road,” Duke says. “But they’re supposed to landscape that area, which should soften it so it won’t look as imposing.” While Duke admits he’s had concerns about the aesthetics of the supermarket for months, he’s unapologetic about two changes to local law approved by the Planning Commission that made the development possible. The first change came in 2016 to the Major Street Plan, while the second altered the city-parish’s TND ordinance earlier this year. “We’ve got little ability to regulate aesthetics,” Duke says. “Contrary to popular belief, I am not a land use god. My job is not to impose my will on the community, but to make sure the will of the community is done through responsible development that follows existing codes.” The 2016 change was approved when Rouzan’s original developer, Tommy Spinosa, sought a revision to the setback requirement in the Major Street Plan for a busy stretch along Perkins Road between College Drive and Essen Lane. At the time, Spinosa had a now-defunct deal with Alamo Draft House and the revision would have enabled the company to build its proposed cinema closer to the street. #rest of article
  15. richyb83

    Mid City

    Mid-City's Annual Winter Art Festival Friday, November 16, 6-10pm