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  1. richyb83

    Mid City

    Our expert advice here on UP helped them decide on the Roundabout Hoping for success for Square 46! Square 46 apartments available Aug. 1; retail, office space leasing up
  2. richyb83

    Louisiana Weather

    Wish i had taken a pic of the Glowing Bright Orange sky at Sunset yesterday! Fascinating that Saharan Desert dust could trek over 5,000 miles across the Atlantic/Caribbean/ southern Gulf of Mexico into Texas; then this way! No such luck this evening with more dust...Cloudy all day A few days ago
  3. richyb83

    Mid City

    Curious to see how this Road diet will work....glad the busiest section will remain 4 lane btwn Foster Drive (BRCC) & Jefferson Hwy A refresher on all the changes happening on Government Street now that construction is underway Scroll to Bottom ...Cool interactive Map.... Glad they listened here on UP for New Roundabout at Lobdell
  4. richyb83

    Baton Rouge Events

    Downtown Events #MovieNightBR Cloudy with a chance of meatballs #MovieNightBR is back! This FREE movie night in Downtown Baton Rouge will be featuring Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs in City Hall Plaza's great lawn! This family friendly event is hosted by Downtown Business Association and Downtown Development District, and presented by Jones Walker. At 7PM Ruby Slipper Cafe will host kids' activities before the movie. The movie will begin at sundown (Around 8:30PM). Bring your picnic blankets and snacks and enjoy the show! thu 12 jul 7:00 PM LOCATION: City Hall Plaza PARKING SUGGESTION: Third Street Garage PRICE: FREE WEBSITE: #MovieNightBR
  5. richyb83

    St. George City Incorporation News

    Not sure this is going to be as easy to pull off as they think it will? St. George low-balling expenses, overestimating revenues, LSU professors say in new study
  6. richyb83

    Baton Rouge City Profile

    Nice Infill development for the Celtic Studios/Costco area! Good location along the Gulf South 10/12 corridor btwn Texas & Florida
  7. Don't blame you's easy for me to do too. Countless delays on so many different area projects (including this one) make it frustrating ! + Status Quo attitudes Just got back from my 1st Trip to So. Cal... WOW! Very few places can make Houston seem small...but the L.A. area is one of them!! The new Wilshire Tower(city's new 2nd Tallest) looks really nice! That place is the Freeway capital of the World! The mountains were cool & seeing the Pacific Ocean too. San Diego was my favorite...Anaheim resort area was nice too. Gas $3.69 there compared to $2.49 here....CO$T of Living there NO THANKS! People are basically being forced to move out. $250,000 house here in BR = $964,000 in Anaheim It doesn't rain over there in the Summer...but here in South Louisiana you sneeze too loud & it rains!
  8. Nearly Two Years since the Great Flood of 16' Newsmaker of the Week: Comite River Diversion Canal With a host of state and congressional leaders pleading the case, Louisiana has finally secured the federal funds necessary to complete the long-delayed Comite River Diversion Canal. The sought-after funding is part of a $1.4 billion package from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to be used for flood and hurricane protection projects throughout the state, but there is still no deadline for when the canal will be built. A lack of funding has long hampered the Comite River Diversion Canal, but the project regained some urgency after the August 2016 flooding. The 12-mile canal is supposed to provide flood protection to the Lower Comite and Lower Amite River Basins, benefiting areas such as Central, Port Vincent, Denham Springs, Baker and Zachary. The canal would reduce flood stages at areas within the basins by diverting water from the Comite River and three bayous to the Mississippi River. In May 2016, the Amite River Basin Commission had purchased 360 acres of land in the McHugh Swamp area for the project, the commission followed up by acquiring another 300 plus acres in 2017 and 89 acres earlier this year, with officials saying that but for lack of funding and permitting, construction could begin within a year. *rest of article
  9. richyb83

    Green Light Plan

    Think Green Light Plan I is/was a success....think the new tax proposal coming up will be version of Green Light II When does construction on the Picardy-Perkins Connector ever start?? Relief for Baton Rouge travelers: Essen Lane widening project nearly done, officials say
  10. richyb83

    Mid City

    Tiger Deaux-nuts and Smokin Aces BBQ to rebrand as combined Mid City restaurant
  11. richyb83

    Downtown East

    Thanks Greg225 Saw the story on WAFB last night....was going to post this but got too busy Elysian I & II + Valencia Park = 322 apartments in a four-block stretch within walking distance of Downtown. Developers hope it leads to more projects in the Downtown East and Mid City areas.
  12. richyb83

    Baton Rouge Growth and Development

    New entertainment venue set to open at Mall of Louisiana in 2019 BATON ROUGE - A new entertainment venue are coming to the capital city in 2019. Main Event is set to open at the Mall of Louisiana in the space previously occupied by hhgregg. The entertainment venue will consist of a bowling alley, arcade, restaurant, and bar. The addition comes several months after TopGolf announced it would be opening at the old Tinseltown Theater on Siegen Lane, set to open in early 2019. Coincidentally, Main Event tried to open at the current TopGolf location two years ago but scrapped those plans less than a year later. Officials with Main Event did not have an official timeline but estimated construction could take up to eight months to complete.
  13. richyb83

    Rouzan TND

    Southdowns branch library back in the news...think Rouzan will now be a success under this new developer Coming full circle: Momentum sparked on resurrected plan for south branch library at Rouzan Yeah Dan...looks like a nice Village Center Lake in the back of Village Center
  14. richyb83

    Northern EBR Parish Development

    Nice to see the large building being put back to good use& create more jobs!
  15. richyb83

    New Entertainment District

    This thread is back after a Two year hiatus....4 :00 am too late for a sleepy mid-sized town like Baton Rouge There is already an Arts & Entertainment District.....Something beyond just bars & nightclubs Baton Rouge entertainment district discussion emerges from failed bid to expand bar hours Though Metro Council members defeated a measure Wednesday that would have allowed bars and restaurants to stay open until 4 a.m., debate over the issue rekindled the idea of creating an entertainment district—or, perhaps several entertainment districts—in Baton Rouge. Metro Councilman Buddy Amoroso floated the idea at Wednesday’s meeting, and tells Daily Report he plans to start working on an ordinance that would create the basic framework for an entertainment district: a defined area with limited or no vehicular access, specific noise regulations, and extra security paid for by establishment owners within the district. Though such districts could be established anywhere, Amoroso says it’s particularly important for the Third Street corridor downtown. “So much investment has gone into downtown, it’s important to find something people can be happy with,” Amoroso says. “We need something comprehensive that could be used downtown but could also be applied to any area of the parish.” Amoroso says he initially planned to support the 4 a.m. ordinance but changed his mind after hearing opposition from downtown property owners and residents, who are upset about noise and traffic generated by downtown bars. He says some attorneys even offered to help him draft an entertainment district ordinance. Charles Landry is one of those attorneys. His offices are in the new IBM tower and his Fishman Haygood law firm has a corporate suite on the 10th floor of the adjacent 525 Lafayette St. building. Landry says he and others are periodically awakened in the middle of the night by loud music from vehicles. “It’s not just on weekends,” Landry says. “It’s very disturbing and it’s a problem. The police are doing the best they can. But it’s an overwhelming problem.” Landry would like to establish a pedestrian-only district, like Memphis has on Beale Street and Nashville has on portions of its Broadway. But while that may sound like a good idea, implementing such a solution is far more complicated than it sounds, says Downtown Development District Executive Director Davis Rhorer. “The police historically have objected to that,” Rhorer says. “They want to keep the roads open for safety reasons. Plus, you have two reception halls on Third Street and hotels, so there are a lot of logistics to consider.” Rhorer points out that several blocks of downtown, including Third Street, already comprise a designated art and entertainment district, which by design encourages a diversity of uses beyond just bars and nightclubs. Rhorer also says the DDD has been working with property owners, bar owners and the police department to address nighttime noise and traffic concerns. Landry applauds the DDD’s efforts and says the situation has improved in recent months. But he believes more could be done. “What Davis has been doing is great,” he says. “But it’s still a problem.”