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  1. The RED route should be choice #1....though Brusly residents didn't want it in their community. That proposed route would be just far enough away to appease them. What do you think about the Route tying into Hwy 415 dead-end w new Intracoastal Waterway Bridge? Guessing going further West might be safer bet? I like how you have it hooking back up w Hwy 190 The "Orange" route would be a nice compromise Hate to break it to them..but the Iberville/Ourso Yellow route looks afflicted Thanks for drawing that up
  2. Here's one EBR Flood Map...don't remember posting anything like this Here is a MORE detailed map when you zoom in; even shows houses effected...i'd say it's abt 98% accurate
  3. Spanish Town overpass would be my TOP Candidate...Elysian II is about to start up...there is plenty room (vacant space) for more residential projects similar in size
  4. LOL...Like the ideas Cajun; keep em' coming! ...Had to go back to All2Neat /PAGE #3... started this thread lil' over a year ago " Deck Parks" Here was my(Copy/Paste) replied to it too All2Neat...are you referring to Klyde Warren Park in Dallas? If so...there are so many workable components making that a success..connecting Uptown with the Arts/Theatre District Boston's Big Dig comes to mind...where a 1.5 mile linnear-park was created cutting around the Financial District thru the heart of their downtown...there were plenty of obstacles Phoenix has a cool one along I-10 that has a park with library & museum on top Mid-town Atlanta has a smaller version pocket-park at Tech Square That would be pretty cool to have the "Park Deck" in BR along I-110 flanking east downtown...however i think they are about to invest a lot of $$ on improved /neon? lighting underneath the continual overpass for several blocks? Actually there is a sunken stretch of I-110 that briefly runs East/West near Memorial Stadium...but dont think it would work there Like Antrell...i too like wide tree-line boulevards ...just not taking the place of I-110
  5. Was hoping for some feedback..Thanks Cajun Cruising up Jefferson Hwy Tapestry Park looks impressive from the road behind Panera Bread in BR's mini-Beverly Hills District.....just looks better than the plethora of run-of-mill 3-story condo's all over the place... BR's Tallest Residential Bldgs had been hideous Dinosaurs....Kirby Smith at LSU... Presbyterian Apts (North Street)..and Swaggart's 12-story dorms ...until 525 Lafayette came at IBM Block; which is still maybe a close 3rd/4th?.... The Southgate Towers at LSU at 8-floors & The Standard at 6 are the Tallest around LSU (& soon to be West Parker condo's); the 5 floor Sterling at Burbank look excellent & dense flanking Southgate Towers...Crescent @ University Lake is a nice Mid-rise The 7-story Meridian Condo's(built in 80's boom) off South Sherwood Forest Blvd is still interesting to this day; a bit of an enigma I'd like to see more mid-rises 5 - 8 floors around BR besides just Downtown & LSU Of course River Place tower on the riverfront Yeah along w internet etc...Closed in Malls becoming relics of the mid-sized city like BR can only support an average of one these days...Mall of La. was the "Hammer"; Towne Center & Perkins Rowe were the "Nails"......dude at GNC said they might be there another year
  6. New plant buffers narrowing Third Street even more; in front of the newly renovated Commerce Bldg/Magpie Cafe (place looks really cool at night w bright lights)
  7. Wanted: Solution for Area Traffic......Capital Region Planning Commission seeking ideas in meeting & on-line *SURVEY ends March 26th
  8. Cool new Roundabout entrance to the LSU campus on Dalrymple @ West Lakeshore Hope to get more new Roundabout pics in the area soon....think they are cool alternative to the plethora stop-n-go intersections around BR; still think Lafayette/Youngsville will remain "Louisiana's Roundabout Capital"
  9. Tapestry at Bocage(124-units on 3.8 acres) off Jefferson Hwy behind Panera Bread Partial view...goes back pretty far... impressive how much larger 4-story apartments look than 3-stories Gives that area a bigger city feel
  10. Knock Knock Children's Museum at City Park off Dalrymple Drive Up on the hill Need a pic from I-10 City Park Lake Bridge
  11. Square 46 now going vertical ...will include residences, restaurants, cafes, boutiques, businesses and the gourmet food hall White Star Market. A game changer on Government Street in Mid City
  12. DDD Commission Meeting March 14, 2017, 8:00 a.m. Arts Council of Greater Baton Rouge, 427 Laurel Street, 2nd Floor AGENDA 1. Call to Order 2. Declare Quorum 3. Approve Agenda 4. Approve February 14, 2017 Minutes 5. Board Action 6. Update from Previous Board Meeting a. Governmental Issues • FUTUREBR Public Open House b. Development Initiatives • Ebb & Flow Festival • Third Street Developments • Downtown Greenway • River Road Multi-Use Pathways • Bike Share • Riverfront Plaza • Dock Shade Structure • City Hall Plaza • Downtown Maintenance Committee • Rotary Centennial Project • New Businesses • Events - Glory & Gumbo - March 17, 24, 31, & April 7 - Bloom Art & Music Festival - March 18 - Providence Corporate Cup - March 25 - Ebb & Flow Festival - April 1 & 2 - Live After Five - April 7, 14, 21, 28 - The Color Run - April 8 Baton Rouge Blues Festival - April 8 & 9 - Belle of Baton Rouge - Preserve Louisiana/Old Governor's Mansion - Manship Theatre Events / LSU MOA - Capitol Park Museum - Old State Capitol - River Center Events - BRSO - LASM - USS Kidd 7. Strategic Plan a. Plan Baton Rouge II 8. Ongoing Projects • CPEX • BREADA • DBA 9. Correspondence 10. Public Comment
  13. Things should really begin to take off prime vacant/undeveloped section fronting I-10 btwn Essen & Bluebonnet with the new Children's Hospital going up... Need to see rendering of the multi-family housing w retail on bottom floor...& wonder if the hotel will be Hilton Garden Inn that was supposed to go in Perkins Rowe? Upscale hotel, multifamily developments planned in Baton Rouge Health District While they are at it......Wish they could re-visit the Summa Office Tower Ha ha ha Dan!! We posted this at same time...would have beat you by 5-10 minutes but took too long to locate Summa Tower rendering! Great minds think alike!! Like the Westin idea! When does the hotel market become over-saturated?
  14. Louisiana Associated General Contractors and the Louisiana State Licensing Board for Contractors are teaming up to develop a cool new little four-story office at the intersection of North Street & Sixth Sorry pic (facing west/Main Street Market off pic/right) not the best angle...saw a nice rendering somewhere a while back; but can't locate it
  15. ^ i think you could be right Antrell