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  1. richyb83

    Plan Baton Rouge

    Apartments, condos, redevelopment of the historic Hotel Lincoln set for downtown Baton Rouge The Heron looks nice on Sixth Street!'s better than nothing...but the Trahan riverfront condo tower 24-stories a few weeks ago; 26-stories in this article...could scale it down to 10-15 floors depending on demand; wont get my hopes up in vertically challenged BR....the Shaw Center for the Arts has to be breathing a sigh of relief? One unit per floor?
  2. richyb83

    BR Area Bridges

    With the Sunshine Bridge down in Donaldsonville damaged & Out of Commission...things have turned into an even bigger mess! Is there need for a new Mississippi River bridge? This legislator is running an ad about it
  3. richyb83

    The Grove

    THANKS a lot for posting this Greg225 WOW!!! How interesting is that!! Realigning Dawson Creek....CRAZY...Do not hear that everyday! Nice renderings Shown in the Video! Impressive looking development! 118 acres of land...Rows of 5 story mixed used buildings almost as far as the eye can see! Looks like Dawson Creek will be realigned more South/ closer to the R.R. Tracks allow for a larger development.
  4. richyb83

    Louisiana Weather

    Well Fall didn't last long....Winter weather set to invade this Week! But first some heavy rains possible tmw w a Strong Storm system coming thru (esp. near the Coast) Severe weather, freezing temperatures likely for south Louisiana by Tuesday, forecasters say
  5. richyb83

    Mid City

    WHERE is the "LIKE" button...?? Had to do THANKS instead Mr.Bernham...Yes what Mid City is doing is becoming a Hip District....Food Hall at Square 46/ Electric Depot/ new Performing Arts Space ; restaurants ; etc.. NITRO COFFEE?? Need to get an updated pic on the progress! City Roots coffee concept joins Electric Depot’s Mid City lineup
  6. richyb83

    Baton Rouge Events

    HUGE FOOTBALL WEEKEND in Baton Rouge! #3 L.S.U. Tigers (7 - 1) vs. #1 Alabama Crimson Tide ( 8 - 0 ) on CBS 7:00...Still can not believe All American LB Devin White has to Sit the Entire 1st Half on such a sketchy call Saturday’s Alabama-LSU matchup a major boon for Baton Rouge The Alabama-LSU Saturday night showdown in Tiger Stadium is shaping up to the biggest day of the year—not only for local football fans but also for Baton Rouge. LSU is expecting some 150,000 people on campus Saturday for tailgating leading up to the 7 p.m. kickoff, which is even more fans than what descended upon campus for the Oct. 13 Georgia game
  7. richyb83

    Mid City

    The Government Street corridor in Mid City is almost qualified as "Booming" Baton Rouge couple plans to turn Sarki’s rug building on Government into performing arts space
  8. richyb83

    Baton Rouge Growth and Development

    Yes indeed Dan...posted on Riverfront thread 1st.... Thanks for pic of the empty plot...Hope this happens too! Here is OLD rendering from waay back in 06'...had basically put this in the memory bin...
  9. richyb83

    Baton Rouge Riverfront Plan

    THANK YOU Greg225 for posting this!! So long ago I posted this OLD rendering IN 2006! That is one narrow choice but to go "Vertical"...24-stories!! Thank you Trahan...Changing the perception of Baton Rouge Here is another NEW Rendering...i'm stoked...Hope the demand is there!
  10. richyb83

    Baton Rouge Coffee House

    "Smart" Cities... more like Surveillance Cities.
  11. richyb83

    Plan Baton Rouge

    Here we go....this is what i caught quick glimpse on Lamar Digital Billboard driving I-10 a few months back Wampold is a believer of Downtown CHECK IT OUT Rooftop Pool is going to look cool on top of South Tower! So will the Glass for the Ground-level Retail Wampold to add 150 luxury apartments to Chase South Tower When developer Mike Wampold acquired the Chase South Tower in early February, he said he planned to redevelop the iconic, downtown high rise into a mixed-use development of luxury apartments, offices and ground floor retail. Eight months later, Wampold is ready to move forward with those plans. The developer says he will begin construction early next year on the first of what will ultimately be 150 new multifamily units on the top 10 or 12 floors of the building. Wampold says he will develop the units in phases, starting with about 75 on five upper floors. “If that does well, we’ll do the rest,” he says. Plans also call for renovating existing office space in the 330,000-square-foot building, and adding new ground-floor retail space on the plaza and a bricked-in walkway that flanks the building sides fronting Fourth and Fifth streets. Wampold says he is in discussions with potential tenants for both. Though downtown has seen the addition of several new multifamily complexes—most recently, the 146-unit Heron Downtown at Florida and Sixth streets—Wampold believes the market is ripe for still more apartments, particularly high-end units. “You don’t necessarily need more apartments,” he says. “But you need the right kind of apartment building—something that is going to entice people out of the suburbs.” Besides the Chase South Tower, which was built in 1969 and therefore would be eligible in 2019 for historic building tax credits, Wampold owns four other major downtown structures that he has either bought and renovated or built from the ground up. They include Riverside North, which is adjacent and physically connected to the Chase South Tower; Plaza Towers I and II; and the Watermark Hotel, which he redeveloped from the former LNB Building. The developer says it is a testament to his faith in downtown and in Baton Rouge in general. MORE
  12. richyb83

    Mid City

    Nice renderings Mr Bernham The small empty spaces are filling up with businesses ; & residential projects from Old Goodwood Crossing ; E'tage Gardens & Adelia at Old Goodwood on the East end of Mid City to the Garden District on the West End Old Goodwood Crossing (Government St. @ Jefferson Hwy) AND....... Revitalizing residential life in Mid City Don’t call it gentrification, investors say. It’s anything but. Why? Mostly because, over the past two years, the entire process has been done without pushing anyone out of their homes or out of the neighborhood, since the properties purchased have all been unoccupied, says Ben Fleig, founder of BMF Enterprises, who recently bought three vacant lots in the area.
  13. richyb83

    St. George City Incorporation News

    Things could be getting interesting... St. George organizers say they have 1,500 more signatures than needed
  14. richyb83

    Louisiana State University

    What better way to have Grand Opening Weekend ! An LSU decisive 20 Pt. victory over the #2 ranked team in the country! Yes indeed Dan! Sounds like a good plan
  15. richyb83

    Louisiana State University

    LSU celebrates grand opening of Nicholson Gateway BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - LSU administrators and student government members cut the ribbon on the facility that is meant for upperclassmen, athletes, and married couples. Those students have access to several restaurants, Matherne’s Market, and a number of retail outlets. LSU president F. King Alexander says the Nicholson Gateway Development is one of the nicest in the nation, and it could help students be successful. “Students who live on campus get involved in campus activities more, their numbers are better in retention and they graduate in higher rates because they get engaged in the university," said Alexander. Because of the development, LSU now has more students living on campus than ever before, including its entire freshman class. The 28-acre site is located between West Chimes Street and Skip Bertman Drive. Nicholson Gateway features 763 apartment units for more than 1,500 students, with lounge spaces, study areas, community gathering locations, and 50,500 square feet of retail space. Retailers include Matherne’s Market, Frutta Bowls, The Simple Greek, Wendy’s, Private Stock Apparel, and a Baton Rouge General Express Care clinic. RELATED: LSU to open urgent care clinic, new restaurant on campus The student-centered development was built in response to demand for on-campus housing and supports student success by improving campus living for students. LSU officials say research shows that students who live on campus have better GPAs and higher chances of graduating. What Does the Project Include? 1,529 beds, a mix of undergraduate and graduate housing 50,500 square feet of campus-focused retail space 8,500 square feet of University Recreation space 1,550 new surface and garage parking spaces Added to Community 700 construction jobs 125 new, permanent jobs Enhanced game day experience Advanced LSU’s relationship to downtown Baton Rouge Improved Nicholson Drive traffic patterns, pedestrian friendliness, and visual beauty Created a new campus entry point Copyright 2018 WAFB. All rights reserved.