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  1. Under Construction ; Across Jefferson Hwy from Towne Center New retail and office development Coterie Exchange adds two tenants https://www.businessreport.com/realestate/new-retail-and-office-development-coterie-exchange-adds-two-tenants https://buildcc.net/coterie-exchange/
  2. Last Week of Summer ...Fall Equinox = September 22nd Hot new restaurants, summer 2021: Some of the tastiest openings in Baton Rouge https://www.225batonrouge.com/food-drink/hot-new-restaurants-summer-2021-tastiest-openings-baton-rouge
  3. New security cameras, pedal carriages coming to downtown https://www.businessreport.com/business/new-security-cameras-pedal-carriages-coming-to-downtown Other items discussed at the DDD meeting include: The commission voted to hire a consulting firm to assist in its ongoing executive director search. Chelsea’s Live, the live music venue returning to Baton Rouge in 1010 Nic, plans to open in December. Touchdown Express is returning after two years, and CATS buses will be available at two downtown locations to bring fans to and from Tiger Stadium on home game days.
  4. Firearms store and shooting range at Greens at Millerville going forward Plans to build Shoot Point Blank, a firearms retail store and shooting range with locations in several states, are going forward after a Kentucky-based company bought property at the Greens at Millerville for $800,000. Plans for the 15,000-square-foot store and indoor shooting range went before the Planning Commission in February, and the property includes a portion of the 15-acre parcel Buc-ee’s had under contract several years ago, before the Texas-based chain pulled out of the deal in late 2016. The 2.1
  5. Those Generac's would be nice to have ; but my house is already built. Not sure it's worth 10-15 K for me. Fortunate to be in the Western Eye-Wall and not the Eastern Eye-Wall....75-80mph wind gust in Millerville area (Airport 65 mph gust ...ten miles further way from the eye) First we were without power for 22 hours (got back on Monday evening 7:00 pm nice to sleep in AC for 19 hours)....then went OFF 2:00pm Tues for 24 hours (total of 46 hours ) came back on Wednesday 2:00 pm ...Weird Sounds like you will have a very nice place. Dan 326 and i posted in La.Weathe
  6. Hey Dan326...hope everything is OK. Hearts go out to all of the destruction across SE LA. After hammering Houma/Grand Isle etc; the Eye of Hurricane Ida turned more "Northerly for a few hours..that was a big difference in not taking a direct hit; so instead it went across I-12 @ Livingston ...so eastern BR was in the " Western Eye -Wall" ; could have been worse had we been in Eastern/Northern Eye Wall....BR only 4 inches of rain ; Hammond?? 12+ inches??? BR Airport recorded a 65 mph max wind gust ....here in Millerville /O'Neal area it was more like 75-80mph gust being 10 miles
  7. SE Louisiana about to take an upper cut to the chin from Major Hurricane Ida! Forecast track too close for comfort for Baton Rouge....going to be a bumpy ride Could make landfall as a CAT #4 ...a strong #3 at the very least
  8. richyb83


    WOW!! 2046?? Guess it will be a race to see what happens first?? A) New Mississippi River Bridge B) Riverfront Tower C) Finish the Zoo
  9. Still early ...but the current Forecast track of Tropical Storm IDA is not looking too promising. Possibly a strong CAT #2 or CAT #3 at landfall.... the GFS model has Ida moving in sooner than the Euro model.
  10. richyb83


    WOW! Was surprised ; had Just found out from somebody yesterday Lafayette was supposed to build a new 17 story high-rise! So i looked it up....BOOM looks like MORE than what i heard! TWO multi-use 20 Story Towers??? The renderings of the Glass towers look nicer than anything in Baton Rouge!..... but article from June 25th ...so this is old news! This will transform the very small almost non existent skyline in downtown Lafayette. The Chase Tower is 15 stories...i think Iberia Bank is 11 or 12 floors??.....the 15 story Doubletree hotel on the Vermillion River is nearly 2 miles
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