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  1. Mid City

    This will be next to the R.R. Tracks on Government Street nearby the proposed new Electric Depot...good to see a vacant warehouse being put to good use Three Sixty Eight plans new offices in vacant Mid City warehouse Three Sixty Eight, a local web and video business, will move early next year to a vacant Mid City warehouse, which the company hopes will become a hub for community events and people working in the creative industry. “We’re trying to make the whole place a destination for community events and conferences,” said Jeremy Beyt, chief strategy officer and partner. “We want this to be a destination where we happen to work.” The company applied for a building permit last week to renovate a space at 214 S. 14th St. Beyt said he’s optimistic the move could happen after the start of 2018. “There’s a lot of underutilized real estate in that area between Mid City and downtown,” Beyt said. “We want to help create an identity and a sense of place.” The new offices will be about 4,500 square feet, which gives Three Sixty Eight room to grow. The business plans on leasing out some space in its office to businesses, who could serve as collaborators on projects. The new space also will have a film studio and a larger conference space. There also will be adjoining warehouse space that Three Sixty Eight can use for some of its community events
  2. Baton Rouge Coffee House

    Yeah that's what i was thinking.....Seattle & Boston/or Atlanta would have each coast covered Pardon me Antrell...but how long have you been in Uptown NOLA?? Just now noticing it under your name.... How do you like it? Weren't you originally in Ascension Parish when you first joined UP?
  3. Baton Rouge Coffee House

    Leaning toward Denver...going to be interesting! Of course NYC, Chicago, Atlanta & Boston are all serious contenders. What about San Francisco?? Do they want to be on the opposite side of the Country from their HQ's in Seattle?
  4. Shreveport's new aquarium

    Looks really cool! Glad to see Shreveport add this nice attraction!
  5. Baton Rouge Coffee House

    This fits right in...while the Metroplex in the 4th Largest .....Houston is 5th. Almost gawk when i drive to those places saying "How can a place get so BIG"?? This is part of the reason i always say "Texas is like a Giant Vacuum's going over Louisiana"... The ‘T’ in TOPS stands for Texas In sporting parlance, Louisiana colleges have become a Triple-A farm club for Texas companies. Should taxpayers be doling out largesse to students who bolt the state the minute their subsidized education is complete? Who cares if our kinda-best and sorta-brightest get a college degree in Louisiana if their employment eyes are upon Texas?
  6. Baton Rouge Coffee House

    Yes indeed Dan...can never underestimate the power of prayer Nate just became a Hurricane with 75mph winds...Racing to the NNW at 22mph Head's up from Grand Isle to Gulf in BR looks like he will have a minimal impact on Projected track...only had abt a 20% of getting Tropical Storm wind gust
  7. Baton Rouge Coffee House

    Yes indeed Dan326! October Harvest Moon's always seem prettier for some reason...maybe it's the extra dry-air?? Early this morning it was spectacular very low to the west btwn the trees...looked HUGE! Will have to keep an eye in the Gulf of Mexico this weekend...Tropical Storm Nate(down in NW Caribbean) forecast to become a Hurricane possibly making landfall in SE LA....Only good news; he will be racing thru quickly. Hopefully BR & NOLA stay on the weaker-west quadrant & not the Dirty NE Quadrant
  8. Plan Baton Rouge

    Time to take some more pics?? How's the Courtyard by Marriott progressing on Third Street? Lofts @6C? Library? Beauregard Quarters should be complete by now. DDD Commission Meeting October 10, 2017, 8:00 a.m. Old State Capitol, 100 North Boulevard AGENDA 1. Call to Order 2. Declare Quorum 3. Approve Agenda 4. Approve September 12th, 2017 Minutes 5. Board Action • Hotel / Motel Proposition 6. Governmental Issues • 2018 DDD Budget 7. Update from Previous Board Meeting 8. Development Initiatives • Developments Underway • DDD 30th Anniversary • Courtyard Marriott • LABI • Cypress River Lofts • Riverfront Dock • City Hall Plaza • Town Square Phase II • Riverfront Wayfinding Signage • Downtown Maintenance Committee • New Business 9. Events • 13th Gate & Necropolis • Jambalaya Jam - October 12 • Live After Five - October 13, 20, 27 • Sunday in the Park - October 15, 22, 29, Nov. 5 • Hollydays - October 18-21 • Henry Turner Jr. Day/ Halloween Pumpkin PI Race/ Halloween Parade - October 28 • BR Arts Market / WNLC Born to Run 5K - November 4 • Veterans Day 5K - November 8 • Light the Night Walk - November 9th • Mistletoe Market - November 11, 12 • Capitol City Beer Fest - November 12 • Commerce Building & Magpie Rooftop Event • Preserve Louisiana/ Old Governor's Mansion • Manship Theatre/ LSU MOA • Capitol Park Museum • Old State Capitol • River Center Events • LASM • USS KIDD 10. Strategic Plan • Plan Baton Rouge II 11. Ongoing Projects • CPEX • BREADA • DBA 12. Correspondence 13. Public Comment
  9. The Water Campus

    Looks like this could be next building....hard to tell by looking at this rendering that Apartment Lofts & Offices will share the same 4-story building? OR they plan on doing TWO SEPARATE 4-story Buildings??? Also Construction of Water Street, the campus’ main road that will go from River Road to Nicholson Drive, will begin soon.
  10. Baton Rouge Single Family Developments

    The Staring Lane corridor should almost be filled-up with this new subdivision. Hmmm...Gated...Nothing Gated around the vicinity that i know of...interesting. Always thought Boone Drive was interesting; it's in three different segments that do not connect. From Staring to Kenilworth...then in Woodstone/Sunset Blvd....but not connecting to Lee Drive
  11. EBR School's

    Part of it is socio-economics I'd be willing to put diverse BRHS or Lee (STEM) HS up against ANY of those other schools in Zachary, Central, Livingston, or Ascension. NO CONTEST!
  12. EBR School's

    EBR Schools have a pretty impressive Magnet program...& a couple of Top Notch STEM High Schools (BRHS & Lee HS); those schools produce talents that end up at Ivy League schools like Harvard; Yale; MIT & Stanford out west.....Istrouma is coming back....& many improvements & renovations in the works for outdated schools all across EBR. Up to 15 new, rebuilt schools on East Baton Rouge school construction 'wish list'
  13. Shreveport-Bossier City Photo of the Day

    How did i miss this?? Sorry for not commenting on the Sept 11th mixed-use it a lot!! You mentioned possibly to locate it in Uptown...where exactly is that in Shreveport?? Looks very similar to the Six story mixed-use development currently going up in Downtown BR on Sixth Street...4-floors of apartments on top of 2-level parking & retail on street-level. Like BOTH possible Locations for your "W" Hotel too!!
  14. Baton Rouge Coffee House

    Too bad there was not enough room by the airport...but sounds like it wouldn't have mattered...mentioned airport is too small(too close to NOLA Int'l) ....inadequate infrastructure(lack of Loop / By-pass; etc) ......poor schools(though EBR Magnet/STEM schools are emerging) Interesting to see Richard Pries name come up...glad he developed Howell Park...only wish his River Place high rise tower had come to fruition. Will try to be nice...but Leadership is definitely lacking