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  1. richyb83

    Baton Rouge Growth and Development

    That's a pic dated 9- 18....Tuesday... it made it 9- 21 TODAY.... pics did not make it....plenty too.....Childrens Hosp; Ocshner; Downtown; Courtyard Marriott ; etc (Pics used to never show date WHY Now??))
  2. richyb83

    The Health District

    Yes it does Dan326! Had a beautiful pic of it my NIKON Coolpixs too confusing...or just Out dated?? Because i didn't date it ...its like they all erased?? Battled some serious Friday afternoon traffic for NO REASON Good thing it's Football season & occupied with message boards Need to head to Gym a VENT some steam
  3. richyb83

    Baton Rouge Growth and Development

    Cool new little office building on American Way in the South Sherwood Forest corridor... all new Pics taken today...GONE
  4. richyb83

    The Health District

    Unsuccessful posting pic....Zorin/Linux Firefox/ didn't date pic correctly confusing... sorry waste post...TO BE CONTINUED....i need a new hobby...may be awhile before i ever post pics...Newest...GONE
  5. richyb83

    Plan Baton Rouge

    A MESSAGE FROM THE DDD Coming Soon! 4 New Restaurants Coming this Fall are 4 new restaurants to downtown! Adding to our many restaurants are Starbucks Coffee, The Bistro, The Salad Station, and Chow Main. These establishments come at a perfect time as downtown is continuing to grow with more residents, workers, and visitors. Stay tuned for other exciting announcements! Starbucks Coffee - full service Starbucks opening Monday, September 24th. Located on the ground floor of the Courtyard Marriott on the corner of Third and Florida Streets. The Bistro - Courtyard Marriott's restaurant, serving casual breakfast and dinner fare in the hotel lobby. Open 7 days a week for breakfast and dinner. The Salad Station - local "pay by the pound" salad restaurant concept located on the ground floor of the Commerce Building - fronting Third Street. Opening early October. Chow Main - new concept Asian restaurant that is "Southern based, with Asian taste", located at the corner of 5th and Main Streets. Opening in October. restaurants >> events >>
  6. richyb83

    Louisiana Weather

    Hottest Three Day stretch after September 1st EVER in Modern History for BR! since late 1800's 96, 98 & 97 degrees the past 3 days.... BUT...MAYBE some Relief finally ??? First "Cool Front" of the season arriving late next week?? First day of Fall is Saturday Sept. 22nd!
  7. richyb83

    Baton Rouge Growth and Development

    Personally ...i thought Assumption is a bit too far on the outskirts to have anything to do with Baton Rouge. More a part of Morgan City- Houma -Thibodaux area.
  8. richyb83

    Plan Baton Rouge

    Yes indeed Cajun! Regions HQ would have looked in the BR skyline adding density next to the Chase Towers & One American Place! For sure those Brownstones are nice. But think Mid City & Downtown East would have been a much better fit!
  9. richyb83

    Plan Baton Rouge

    This is the parking lot on Laurel at Fifth that has had a few nice project proposals ...but as of today....still nothing! Back in early 06' ...... Laurel Tower/Regions Financial Centre, 19 stories/ abt 240'ft Tall . The New Richmond Apartments, were demolished for the development. The building was supposed to include 640 parking spaces occupying 10 floors. Regions Bank HQ's(instead moved to new II City Plaza) was to occupy a few floors. & 28 new condominiums on the Top. After that deal fell thru... The 2nd proposal in 07' was some disappointing Brownstones that thankfully did not happen (60 new residential units, 30,000 sf of Class “A” office space? NOT SURE WHERE? and 10,000 sf of retail and underground parking for over 100 cars. The 3rd & Latest proposal in 2014'......40 on Fifth...still NOTHING ( looked to be roughly the same size as Onyx development on Third @ Convention St)......however glad to see Lofts at 6C under construction a few blocks away come to fruition!
  10. richyb83

    Baton Rouge Transportation

    YES INDEED Cajun...THANKS for posting this w the visuals Really Like the improvements! Interesting westbound flyover to Washington Street . Like the arches under the City Park Lake bridge would be cool to Add some special night time lighting... How about #3?? (posted back in Feb) Westbound New Express Ramp Westbound to College Drive? That would be a welcomed game changer as well!
  11. richyb83

    Gonzales & Ascension Parish

    Quite in this thread...after all this site is NOT called Suburban Planet Just a "Spur" to BR?? When will construction start on new road connecting I-10 to Ascension plants? Soon NEED some VISUALS GONZALES — The final link in a planned back route between Ascension Parish's Mississippi River chemical plants and Interstate 10 should be ready for construction before the end of the year, parish government officials say. The half-mile Ashland Road connector will tie Ashland with South St. Landry Avenue just north of Lamar-Dixon Expo Center outside Gonzales. Parish officials hope the new road link will ease traffic in the congested La. 30/I-10 area, which the state has separately targeted for traffic improvements. In combination with Edenborne Parkway Extension, another new parish road finished a year ago, the new Ashland connector will provide commuters from the parish's industrial corridor with a route south of La. 30 that reaches the La. 44/Burnside interchange at I-10, parish officials said. The Edenborne extension has been successful in moving traffic in and out of Lamar-Dixon, and the new road off Ashland will help move traffic to and from the chemical plants along the Mississippi River. Together, he said, the projects will help to ease industrial and commercial traffic congestion along the La. 30 corridor.
  12. richyb83

    The Water Campus

    Eye-catching Water Institute in downtown Baton Rouge earns architectural awards The American Institute of Architects Baton Rouge presented three of its 2018 AIA Baton Rouge Rose Awards to the Water Institute, including its highest honor, the Gold Rose Award. Three separate juries chose the building for the Gold Rose, Members Choice and Sustainability Award, said AIA Executive Director Kathleen Gordon. “The building appears in motion, like a grasshopper ready to leap into the water,” one of the judges wrote. “The structural system is well conceived, as is the detailing.” Marvin “Buddy” Ragland, of Coleman Partners Architects, was the lead designer on the project, which included input from the Perkins and Will architectural firm in Seattle. The wedge-shaped building sits over the Mississippi River batture — and when the water is high, over the river itself — and connects by a series of steps to the old City Dock. The Water Institute, which connects academic, public and private researchers studying delta, coastal and water systems, is designed to be the focal point for the Water Campus. The major street being built through the 35-acre site will lead straight to the Water Institute and the ramp that connects it to the world inside the levee. #rest of article
  13. richyb83


    In with the new: See what retail changes are being made around LSU as new school year begins
  14. richyb83

    The IBM Block

    IBM narrowly meets job goals in Baton Rouge, must hire 225 by next summer