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  1. Millerville Development

    Hadn't heard of the term "Super Street before" is their explanation....Millerville Road north of I-12 is one big mess! What is a super street? "a restricted crossing U-turn (RCUT), J-turn, or reduced conflict intersection, is a type of road intersection that is a variation of the Michigan left. In this configuration, traffic on the minor road is not permitted to proceed straight across the major road or highway." (What we have on Airline Hwy for Siegen Lane Traffic is an example-see image for visual) If you want to voice your concerns please try to attend the meeting - THIS is how you ensure your elected officials know your thoughts & wants. "Councilman Buddy Amoroso will host a District 8 Community Meeting on Thursday, March 22, 2018. The meeting will take place at the Jones Creek Library, 6222 Jones Creek Road, Meeting Room 2, from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM. All District 8 constituents and community stakeholders are invited to attend. The focus of the meeting will be the Millerville Corridor Superstreet Conversion consisting of two phases, S. Flannery to Millerville Greens Blvd. and S. Flannery to Old Hammond Highway.
  2. West Baton Rouge

    Well said Cajun...beyond frustrating at this point....a new bridge over the Intracoastal via Hwy 415 is imperative; esp for Hurricane evacuation route A growing number of young homebuyers are choosing the other side of the Mississippi River West Baton Rouge was the state’s sixth fastest-growing parish from 2014 to 2016, with 2.56% population increase, according to the Census Bureau and, though still trailing the growth in Baton Rouge’s other suburban parishes—Ascension and Livingston, the state’s top-growing parishes, respectively. Growth in outlying parishes is due, in large part, to the exodus from Baton Rouge. While most flock to Ascension and Livingston, West Baton Rouge is gaining residents as well, especially as a number of offices and jobs have moved to the revitalized downtown area, right across the river.
  3. Perkins Road Overpass Corridor

    33rd Annual St.Patrick's Day Parade Saturday March 17th ...10:00 am One of my favorite old maps of the Parade route
  4. Baton Rouge Events

    A MESSAGE FROM THE DDD river Rising! holding back the flood waters! Now that the Mississippi River will soon be cresting, you can see the water level is higher than the elevation at River Road. Before the creation of the levee system, waters of the Mississippi River would have been controlled using the natural topography of the land. The natural high ground in downtown begins at Lafayette Street. As you travel further north past Main Street the, artificial levee ends and the natural bluff begins. Experience this engineering marvel along the levee promenade over the coming weeks. You can now access the levee promenade from 3 downtown locations: South Boulevard, Riverfront Plaza, and River Road at Florida Street. While downtown, take in some of the many riverfront attractions, events, and restaurants. Don't forget that downtown offers many routes for biking, jogging or walking such as the Levee Path and Downtown Greenway. In celebration of St. Patrick's Day, North Boulevard Town Square will be playing Irish music and movies throughout the weekend! See links below and join in the fun!
  5. Plan Baton Rouge

    Time to get some more updated construction pics of Lofts @ 6C...Last set got no replies here on UP Looking forward to it's completion.... along with Courtyard by Marriott ! ([email protected] Florida)
  6. Mid City

    Good read...lengthy for my ADD Mid City Renaissance
  7. The Water Campus
  8. River District

    Stick a fork in the River District for now ; still think this prime Nicholson corridor(btwn Downtown/Water Campus/LSU) will eventually develop over the long term(like Cajun said)...they tore down all those houses now it's almost a quiet looking place down that stretch in the Magnolia Mound vicinity “The property is in the middle of two strong anchors, downtown and LSU, that are both growing,” he says. “However I think the property is at least 10 years away from seeing a real need or demand for high density mixed-use development. Development is driven by demand and happens with available financing and I don’t see a demand or the growing population for the River District yet.”
  9. Plan Baton Rouge

    DDD Commission Meeting March 13, 2018 8:00 a.m. St. James Episcopal, Large Parlor, 208 N. 4th Street AGENDA 1. Call to Order 2. Declare Quorum 3. Approve Agenda 4. Approve February 15, 2018 Minutes 5. Board Action 6. Governmental Issues 7. Update from Previous Board Meeting 8. Development Initiatives • Developments Underway • DDD 30th Anniversary • Downtown East Update • NOAH housing development • Commuter Krewe • City Hall Plaza • Riverfront Plaza • Town Square Phase II • Downtown Greenway • Downtown Maintenance Committee • New Business 9. Events • St. James Gumbo - March 16, 23 • Baton Rouge Concert Band Annual Spring Concert - March 18 • Providence Corporate Cup - March 24 • Downtown Churches Easter Events • Live After Five - March 30 - May 4 • Ebb & Flow Festival - April 7 & 8 • Preserve Louisiana/ Old Governor's Mansion • Manship Theatre/ LSU MOA • Capitol Park Museum • Old State Capitol • River Center Events • LASM • USS KIDD 10. Strategic Plan • Plan Baton Rouge II 11. Ongoing Projects • CPEX • BREADA • DBA 12. Correspondence 13. Public Comment
  10. Rouzan TND

    BOOM!!! Just Maybe Southdowns Branch library will happen? Would be nice anchor w grocery at the Village Center *Renderings are conceptual only, done by the Rouzan development team, not the library system. Just a hypothetical..
  11. Baton Rouge Events

    That's some treacherous flowing water... A MESSAGE FROM THE DDD Annual Rite of Spring Experience the MISSISSIPPI RIVER! The Mighty Mississippi River's annual rise is occurring once again, and downtown is the best place to view this phenomenon! Although the rise is occurring earlier this year, you do not have long before the waters begin to recede with this annual rite of spring. Use the coming weeks to experience the power of the Mississippi River along the levee promenade. You can now access the levee promenade from 3 downtown locations: South Boulevard, Riverfront Plaza, and River Road at Florida Street. Thousands of people have made their way to the levee to experience the river this past weekend. While downtown, take in some of the riverfront attractions, restaurants, levee path routes for biking, jogging or walking and special downtown events. See links below and join in the fun!
  12. Towne Center

    Oh ok Dan...thanks for the head's up! My should work well there better then! Wonder how similar it will look to the long strip shopping center across(south) of Towne Center?
  13. Towne Center

    This open tract of open land of well manicured grass was originally slated to have twin 5 or 6 story office towers...good to see some finally get built. High-end retail development near Towne Center in early planning stages Preliminary plans are in the works for a new retail center on Corporate Boulevard near Towne Center. Real estate broker George Kurz of Kurz and Hebert Commercial Real Estate is advertising space for lease in a new development that would be called Corporate Point. The shopping center would contain 30,000-square feet of restaurant and retail space and be located on a 3.5-acre tract of undeveloped land located between The Reserve condominium complex at Towne Center and the MidSouth Bank branch at 6919 Corporate Blvd. Rest of article
  14. Perkins Rowe

    Thanks for posting Dan...bec was about to do this earlier Hmmm...wonder what they will do w he Fountain if it is removed? The new Band shell sounds cool for the Main Square... Good to see that one of the main parts of the redevelopment will at Magnolia Park (the small unused pocket park on the East end ) ; with the new 336-unit Park Rowe apts ;Nice to see Picardy Extension mentioned making it more accessible & visible once complete....WHEN ARE THEY GOING TO FINALLY START?? Magnolia Park
  15. Baton Rouge Photo of the Day

    Another older pic