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  1. The iconic South Chase Tower(BR's 3 Tallest high-rise) getting a needed upgrade inside & out ..going to a lighter color too from it's northern lil' bro Chase South Tower undergoing extensive renovation
  2. Here is my best guess with new Ochsner boundary with bridge(green) over Ward's longer on Window's Microsoft for "Paint" having to practice on Linux/Zorin/Pinta...hope this works
  3. The City Hall area is undergoing a major transformation....What's going to replace the demolished Public Defender's Bldg?? Jackhammers, cranes and dozers abound on St. Louis Street, hub of Baton Rouge city government
  4. The ever growing "Health District"...guessing there will be a new bridge over Ward's Creek? Another "one-way in & out" development? Ochsner building new clinic at The Grove, vacating Baton Rouge General facility Ochsner Health System is continuing to expand its footprint in the Capital Region with plans for a new, 210,000-square-foot clinic that will front Interstate 10 on a 16-acre tract in The Grove, Richard Carmouche’s mixed-use development behind the Mall of Louisiana. The new clinic will replace Ochsner’s existing clinic on Summa Avenue at Baton Rouge General Medical Center’s Bluebonnet Boulevard campus. Ochsner officials say they have outgrown the 146,000-square-foot building on Summa Avenue, which opened in 1996, and have been looking to expand. But in a statement, Ochsner Health System President and CEO Warner Thomas also notes that Baton Rouge General “will end our lease at that location in 2019.”
  5. After all these years this prime location remains vacant...this lot takes up abt 3/4 of the St.Louis/Government/France Street block; part of the Istrouma Bluff Had thought a convention-style hotel might be built at this location one day....but now guessing it remains an empty lot in the forseeable future?
  6. ^ Thanks for posting that Antrell...can't wait to see what the finished product will look like! With a cool name like that it should be very well "lit up" at night! Maybe with some retro neon? Like what the dude had to say in last sentence....Nelson says. “It’s going to be pretty bad ass.” Cajun...You need to send these good ideas to these people! Would you re- consider extending that special section a few(4) blocks to the East of Edison at new Square 46 now under construction?? (took construction pic above/posted March 8th) is a game-changer for the area. I like the funky/eclectic vibe across Westmoreland at Ogden Market area w/ Time Warp Boutique & Model Block w/ Atomic Pop Shop near BRHS. Didn't know Government Street was 47'ft wide...thanks for the break-down
  7. ^ Hey Cajun...thanks...Checked out that stretch along Madison on Google Earth...that's done nicely. Hopefully they follow the 20mph limit otherwise the bike lane next to it could get dicey with the parking on the side. Really like the small shops & sidewalk/streetscape + the narrow median w/ small trees seems to help slow them down... Guessing Government Street won't use similar narrow medians? Bec that could really benefit the pedestrian experience + aesthetics
  8. This Government Street "Road Diet" is back....not sure exactly how this might work...i do know if you go the 40mph speed limit..a few will race right by ... & they must have read here on UP....Looks like My "Roundabout" request for Lobdell could happen 'Road diet' for Government Street in Baton Rouge aims to look like Magazine Street in New Orleans Baton Rouge leaders have spent years revitalizing downtown and have since turned their eyes on infrastructure projects that will radiate from the urban core to the south and east. With the summer construction season approaching, the government is laying out plans for millions of dollars of road work to implement the Government Street "road diet" and to fix up streets in the Nicholson Drive corridor. The long-discussed "road diet" had called for slimming most of Government Street to one lane in each direction and adding a center turn lane and bicycle lanes. For years, officials have said they want to make the thoroughfare feel more like New Orleans's Magazine Street. There are plans to make a transportation hub, including a stop for a future commuter train to the Crescent City, at the old Entergy building on the corner of 15th Street. The road diet is also expected to reduce crashes caused when drivers try to make left turns off or onto Government either because they cross in front of traffic or people behind them try to pull into the right travel lane. Those crashes are so common that the changes are being partially bankrolled through a federal public safety grant. However, portions of Government have more traffic than is recommended for a road diet, so the plan has changed from three lanes back to four lanes — two eastbound, one westbound and one turning, with no bicycle lanes — between North Foster and Jefferson Highway
  9. Anything is possible in these "Cartoon days" .... but Not sure they're that sharp....just asleep at the wheel as usual COPY /PASTED from Transportation thread... Hard not to be negative sometimes..but that is ridiculous! Seems the norm for Louisiana; always late to the party. Retro-active instead of Pro-active And we are wanting/needing a 2nd (New) Bridge for the Intracoastal Waterway ...when One is not even being properly maintained!
  10. Looking forward seeing the finished product...have a feeling it could actually look better than renderings? Compliment to nearby Shaw Center for the Arts so many disliked with it's out-the-box-style of architecture Guess they morphed a few idea's together?? Some Interesting library observations from the recent past Seattle's Central Library San Diego Main Library...hmmm...giant egg busting the top open..... One in Denmark..meh? Salt Lake City has a cool looking main library Memphis Central Library...daytime pics not as nice Hideous in Atlanta.........
  11. Courtesy DDD Pardon the distortion...BR doesn't look so Vertically Challenged with the elongated buildings probably better for me to go take some pics in coming weeks/months
  12. Here is the rendering courtesy of DDD The Elysian II will bring 100 additional units downtown, offering 51 affordable units and 49 market rate. The total cost of the project is $17.2 million, including financing assistance from several sources. Construction is expected to begin in the first half of 2017.
  13. The iconic building on the old City Dock "Topped Out" today.... is the 3rd building to go up so far at the Water Campus...with two more buildings going up possibly before the end of the year. Pic i took of 1st building didn't come out that good *VIDEO*
  14. DDD Commission Meeting April 11, 2017, 8:00 a.m. Capitol Park Museum, 660 N. Fourth Street AGENDA 1. Call to Order 2. Declare Quorum 3. Approve Agenda 4. Approve March 14, 2017 Minutes 5. Board Action • Budget Supplement 6. Governmental Issues 7. Update from Previous Board Meeting 8. Development Initiatives • Third Street Developments • Downtown Greenway • North Boulevard Town Square Phase II • Dock Shade Structure • City Hall Plaza • Downtown Maintenance Committee • Rotary Centennial Project • Development Toolkit / Pardon Our Progress Marketing Piece • New Businesses 9. Events • Live After Five - April 14, 21, 28 • First Baptist Church Family Day - April 15 • 3rd Annual Third Street Songwriters Festival • FUMC Easter Sunrise Service - April 16 • OLOL Driving the Future - April 27 • MS Walk - April 29 • Happy's 5K - April 29 • Boys and Girls Club Field Day - May 5 • Baton Rouge Arts Market - May 6 • Preserve Louisiana/ Old Governor's Mansion • Manship Theatre/ LSU MOA • Capitol Park Museum • Old State Capitol • River Center Events • LASM • USS KIDD 10. Strategic Plan • Plan Baton Rouge II 11. Ongoing Projects • CPEX • BREADA • DBA 12. Correspondence 13. Public Comment
  15. As Cajun mentioned ion the BR Thread...A Significant Tornado Threat today & tonight....there was a Tornado Emergency Warning recently for Alexandria in CenLa...Hopefully all is safe & sheltered in place This past Winter was waay tooo mild...Gulf water temps warmer than normal fueling these big time storms in the Spring