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  1. Yeah they were really quick...Very nice path along the North Blvd promenade; (Greenway)..the lighting was icing on the cake! My Pic i took didn't come out the way i like. *nice pic in the article AND.... Trail to connect LSU, Southern University receives key federal money
  2. I don't think you upset him...he was just frustrated he didn't have the time to reply to your quality post BR to Tennessee?? Thought it was Charlotte NC?? Was thinking about posting this...been in the works a while...South Chase Tower going to be nearly 1/2 empty?? Don't like hearing this either; a blow to the state as well ....BR's (& other mid-sized cities)companies get big enough..then get cannibalized by larger cities...yep..prostituting sounds about right
  3. Yep...TYPICAL....been saying that til' blue in the face! They can't continue all the new residential projects & leave that Rural 2-lane Juban Road the same. The right turn lane at Florida/Hwy 190 is not long enough either....& that apartment complex on (north of) Florida will make a Juban Road extension(to Lockhart Rd./near North Park )have to hook to the left.....they would like have to reconfigure intersection & shift it slightly west. Juban Crossing shopping center set-up has been a disappointment ..wish they had stuck w original plan
  4. I have met Kip Holden on a few occasions(4)...very personable....he actually remembered me from a year ago...impressive stuff! Told him i'd "miss him being Mayor" when he was almost done....wish he'd run again too! Feel like BR is on the verge of being on the Titanic with the current leadership in place. I try to stay away from politics on this site...
  5. Yeah always thought City Park was too small for a Zoo....the Insectarium would make for some nice synergy w the new Children's Museum. The two largest undeveloped tracts of land...LSU Rural Life Museum & Whittier property are off the table..but would have been large enough & centralized. IMO BREC has done pretty good over the years...
  6. Yes Brian...that's Perkins Rowe...i like the curved buildings too. Was dubbed an Urban Village in the suburbs ... It's just a shame Perkins Rowe didn't get to build everything in the original plan. The new Hampton Inn Downtown has that too....glad to see some modern mixed in with the historical had been plenty bland. With each passing year looks like the 450'ft State Capitol will forever remain BR's Tallest Skyscraper...built in 1932
  7. Cool topic... Nice to see the tech park growing! CIC Bldg is an attention getter when driving I-20!
  8. Next to the Crescent at University Lake ....The 240-unit Bayonne at Southshore nearing completion...4 less than the 5-story Crescent that has parking deck underneath .... Site former One Lakeshore Place Apartments on Stanford Ave Park 7 (280 units) nearing completion on West Parker Blvd near the Southgate's undergoing a transformation; this pic doesn't do this massive project justice; this goes a full block back to East Boyd Nicholson Gateway project continues to go up along the West side of LSU's campus..MASSIVE...Many buildings spread dont do it justice either...never got out of the car Near site of old Alex Box stadium And beyond
  9. Lofts at 6C slowly coming along...tough to make progress when it seems to rain nearly everyday
  10. Florida Street entrance to the Mississippi River promenade
  11. Half way up on Construction on the 135 room/ 8 story Courtyard by Marriott (Florida St @ Third). It's not Austin or Nashville....but it should look nice at this location ; former small parking lot Former site of the historic Istrouma Hotel built way back in 1903....not sure when it was demolished?? 1960's??
  12. Downtown Library under construction I'm as cynical as anybody at times when it comes to BR & new development...but gonna reserve judgement til this is completed
  13. Maybe so??...that would be one narrow strip...not enough room for tree-lined boulevard. Will be interesting to watch play out...though painfully slow process. Can't find the proposal that had Midway Boulevard only going north of R.R. tracks....from Picardy Ave to I-10 near the new Children's Hosp.
  14. Cajun...I have said this need to send this proposal to a City Leader...really nice work! Old Hammond Hwy & Lee Drive really stand out...but too many to talk about now. The Midway Ave. connector can no longer go south of the R.R. to Perkins Road bec of the new narrow subdivision the just built...silly on their's like they didn't see this proposed route ??