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  1. Thanks Brian Pressed for time as usual....should have stopped to get better pic of downtown Lake Charles. Have always been impressed with the Height of this High-rise for a city this size. Now is actually the 2nd Tallest; a few miles away L'Auberge Du Lac Hotel & Casino at 343 ft is now the Tallest. Capital One Tower....22 floors / 314'ft...built in 1981
  2. Thanks for sharing this Mr.Bernham Can appreciate your vision. Has an Urban Village site plan look to it Ooops ...i'm on Next page...let's add the visuals again
  3. Baton Rouge has a legit chance of getting a New College Baseball Hall of Fame Museum; now that Lubbock TX plan fell thru. But one mentioned Omaha too Thanks for posting this greg225 College Baseball Hall of Fame induction coming to Baton Rouge, so could a museum be next? https://www.wafb.com/2019/08/05/college-baseball-hall-fame-induction-coming-baton-rouge-so-could-museum-be-next/ This was rendering for Lubbock TX; when it announced the plans fell thru back in April
  4. Nicolas Cage to star in movie ‘10 Double Zero’ to be filmed in downtown Baton Rouge https://www.wafb.com/2019/08/02/nicholas-cage-star-movie-double-zero-be-filmed-downtown-baton-rouge/
  5. This would be big! Filling up most (87 acre) of the old Sherwood Forest CC/ Golf Course; Adding 280 new homes ; Lots will be 2/3 Size of the older surrounding neighborhood. Curious about the other 45 acres around the club and the goal is to build “a world-class development.”?? ONLY one entrance w Bridge over Jones Creek? Residents concerned about development on former Sherwood Forest golf course site https://www.theadvocate.com/baton_rouge/news/business/article_71233fca-b3c7-11e9-8038-9bb9dd721b5c.html
  6. Almost a year later .....here it is......UNDER CONSTRUCTION the 55,410-square-foot new Pelican State Credit Union HQ's . For being way out east on O'Neal Lane((abt 12 miles from Downtown?)) ; office building this size is pretty impressive! With footprint thought this may go 4 -floors; but at 3 is still pretty cool near LA Boilers
  7. Good point Dan! Guess they'd have to borrow the Third Street parking garage? Over the years i'd look at the UP Threads ; Austin(biggest transformation w Skyline in U.S!) ; Nashville(growing skyline continues to impress) ; Charlotte; etc ...or just other cities in general.. For me Mobile was the real kicker...a city roughly the size of BR getting a NEW Tallest... RSA Tower /completed '06; even with "Vanity Height" Crown(still impressive)...laying claim to Gulf Coast Tallest btwn Houston & Tampa ; when One Shell Tower in NOLA is clearly taller) Baton Rouge's Tallest = Built way back in 1932 speaks volumes! MILWAUKEE.....Built a "NEW" 2nd Tallest ; completed in 2017.....spiced up a rather bland skyline The Devon Tower (completed 2012) put OKC on the map with a NEW TALLEST ' Dominating the Skyline; showing it was a "Economic Player" Even L.A. ...2nd Largest City in U.S. built a New 2nd Tallest (they might say Tallest..i'm not counting stick on top) ; but seeing this Sleek New Skyscraper in person last Summer was impressive! Wilshire Tower...completed in '17 Will be sure to Add some more examples of New Tallest or 2nd Tallest over the coming weeks Contrary to popular belief...Baton Rouge DOES NOT HAVE A HEIGHT ORDINANCE for the 450' Ft Tall State Capitol!
  8. ^CONTINUED from ABOVE POST^ Is there still Hope??? Trahan's latest Luxury High-Rise Condo along the Riverfront in the works ...it's possible they could downsize the 25 floors down to 10-15 stories depending on demand ...otherwise they may try this concept in NOLA or even NYC Even at 25 floors ...not sure if it would go over 310' ft surpassing One American Place ; still would be a very nice addition to the skyline nonetheless! ORIGINAL
  9. Do not want this to be ARCHIVED/Closed like plenty other Topics have been ....STUCK way back on PAGE #4... Pretty slow Summer months here in BR Quick Re-cap...(original post back in Jan of 2011 deleted all the pics) BR has failed to build a NEW 2nd Tallest overtaking One American Place @ 310' ft.... Several times...nothing has been built Taller than 12 - stories since the late 80's * 30-story Fidelity Bank Tower in the late 80's...would have easily surpassed One American Place just a block away and at it's tip nearly rivaled the height of the State Capitol...could have been a nice addition to Downtown BR's malnutritioned skyline The Riverside Towers(mid 80's) at the Centroplex( now Raising Cane's River Center) would have given One American Place a run for it's money as 2nd Tallest..but it too failed In the late 90's Laurel Plaza would have looked it eye-to-eye (at the still vacant riverfront block next to Hilton Capitol Center) The 30-story Centre Regency hotel way out on Bluebonnet Blvd. in the 80's was just a pipe-dream Richard Preis third design for RiverPlace...a 36-story condo tower could have been nearly as tall as the State Capitol The latest design (4th) for RiverPlace is a down-sized condotel at 30-stories; could have also been BR's new 2nd Tallest..but nothing. A sliver of hope remains now that Jim Bernhard purchase the property LIMITED to 6 Images per post >>> TO BE CONTINUED Trahan's latest Luxury High-Rise Condo along the Riverfront
  10. Actually an impressive looking 6-story hotel was in the original concept drawing for Greens at Millerville. At City Planning meeting I told them they'd never approve it at the height in that location . .... You'd think it would be an ideal spot for hotel! Still wish Buc-ee's would have been built there too!
  11. Thanks Dan...thankfully the Rainfall amounts did not pan out yesterday like anticipated. Dry-air to the North suffocated the top half of Barry keeping the heavy rain down in the Gulf. But Barry still packing a punch today as he moves inland toward Shreveport ...Heavy rain has been occurring in the BR area; along w a few Tornado Warnings. Barry was an unusual storm(brief Hurricane?) with origins coming from the Midwest/KC; dropping SE into GA ; then finally NE Gulf ; creating an elongated Gyre; lopsided battling dry air. Actually looks more organized today inland
  12. Thanks for the reply....understandably so Dan. My In-laws & plenty others nerves are on edge as well. About 44' feet is where their home took on water in '16. The Amite River shattered the old record (41.5ft' in '83) at 46.2' ft. Looking for any silver-lining ...many times River Stage projections are Set Higher to be on the Safe side. ( see NOLA/Miss River going down 3 or 4 ft' since what was first thought) . And the ground is not as saturated as it was prior to the '16 Flood. And this storm should have some breaks in the rain; unlike the continuous deluge of '16. Hoping for the Best.... Stay Safe ...Stay Dry! Prayers your way
  13. Just a head's up...just posted in Louisiana Weather forum...plenty observers ; but not ever much feedback

    Almost feels like my once a month weather blog lol

  14. Tropical Storm Barry brewing in the northern Gulf just off the Louisiana coast....plenty people nervous after the game changing Flood of '16... Expected to make landfall Saturday morning ; this thing is barely moving & the lop sided storm had been battling dry -air; but appears to be gaining some strength now!
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