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  1. Baton Rouge Growth and Development

    There are CC's & Starbucks just up the Boulevard...good luck with that...the courtyard sounds nice. Business Report says you won't confuse BR with Austin Baton Rouge real estate market moving on from floods, petrochemical boom *entire article In the years after Hurricane Katrina, 3,983 apartment units were built in Baton Rouge to deal with the increased population flowing in fro New Orleans. But from 2015 to 2017, a time when there wasn’t any major event leading to population surges in the area, Davenport said 3,963 more apartment units were built. RETAIL: The retail market is being changed locally and nationally because young people want to be entertained and e-commerce is wiping out “mediocre” stores. Jonathan Walker, of Maestri-Murrell Inc., noted locally that entertainment concepts such as Topgolf and Main Event are replacing defunct businesses like hhgregg at the Mall of Louisiana and Tinsel Town movie theater at Siegen Marketplace. OFFICE: The outlook for the Baton Rouge office market is “fairly bullish” as the market continues to absorb new developments. During the past year, 90,000 square feet of new space was added to the market in the @Highland building at the corner of Highland Road and Bluebonnet Boulevard and in the River House development on Nicholson Drive between LSU and downtown, said Ty Gose, of NAI/Latter & Blum. Even with the new space, occupancy rates in the office market were relatively flat for 2018, dropping two-tenths of a point to come in at 82.2 percent. RESIDENTIAL: The Baton Rouge housing market had a strong 2017, with sales increasing by 4.4 percent, said Kyle Petersen, of Re/Max Professional. There were 11,786 homes sold in East Baton Rouge, Ascension and Livingston parishes over a 12-month period that ended Feb. 28. Petersen said the hottest Zip codes in the region were 70809, 70819 and 70734. In some neighborhoods in the 70809 Zip code, such as Jefferson Place, there were homes that were selling less than a day on the market. Other neighborhoods in the Zip code, such as Pine Park and Jefferson Terrace, saw home values rise by more than 20 percent after the August 2016 flood. INDUSTRIAL: Vacancy rates for industrial real estate in the Baton Rouge market hit a 10-year low in 2017, thanks to the demand from the petrochemical industry.
  2. Downtown Library Plans

    At least this is good news.... Inspectors didn't see more movement at downtown Baton Rouge library, city says; full report coming today
  3. Downtown Library Plans

    This is not good....Closures after Library stability worries This pic shows the part of the building where crews are focused. It’s where the beam meets the wall in the top right corner of the structure. (Source: City of Baton Rouge)
  4. Louisiana Weather

    Another Weekend with a potent Spring storm system that went thru the area today. Some wind damage from a possible small Tornado in SE BR near new Women's Hospital. Several reports across the state including water spout in northern Lake Ponchartrain... Video Battle of the Seasons...Winter not totally ready to let go...low's in the 40's the next three nights((even a 39 Monday AM?)) in BR. High only in lower 60's w Sunshine forecast tomorrow...pretty impressive for mid April! Tornado near Calhoun in NE LA yesterday
  5. Roundabouts/Traffic Circles?

    Thanks for moving it Ehyfield...Really like this thread In your rendering.. the Off Ramp looks like it's part of the Roundabout & would the westbound cars on Terrace going northbound onto Nicholson be too close for comfort w the cars coming from Off Ramp ? Not sure how it would all merge; im no expert. Maybe it could work! Like the creative thinking
  6. Plan Baton Rouge

    Thanks for the "Like" Antrell on Lofts @ 6C above....Think they are turning out to look pretty cool ...much better than the surface parking lot surrounded by black-iron fence. & on Sixth Street Three blocks north......The original contractor building 4 floors? won't be downsized to just 3 floors Units of The Lofts @6C downtown apartments to open in summer; retail space also planned The first units in The Lofts @ 6C, (142 units) a mixed-use development in downtown Baton Rouge, should be open by midsummer. The update was presented Tuesday to the Downtown Development District Commission, along with information on a contractor board's office building, an Asian restaurant and a proposed hostel. The DDD also received an update on a new office building for the Louisiana State Licensing Board for Contractors that will be built at 600 North St. Ratcliff Construction of Alexandria, which is the contractor for the development, is mobilizing to start work this week, with plans to open by June 2019. Trula Remson, a principal with Remson Haley Herpin Architects, said the three-story building will be about 19,000 square feet. That’s smaller than the original plans, which called for the licensing board to share a 28,000-square-foot building with Louisiana Associated General Contractors. When bids for the building came in over budget, the size was scaled down. About 40 people will work in the licensing board’s office.
  7. The Water Campus

    I like the idea...things could slow down a bit on Nicholson.....where exactly Roundabouts might work best can be a bit tricky...the I-10 Miss. River Bridge Off Ramp Loop at that intersection (on your map) could present a problem......for me personally if one were to be would go one Block south at Oklahoma Street near River House. An nice entrance way into the future River District; i won't give up on in 10 years? We could always add this topic to the Roundabout thread I know in the Future a Roundabout was supposed to go on Nicholson near the South Gate...not sure when (if ever)
  8. BR Area Bridges

    Something 50 years old still New Interesting Read how it reshaped the BR area....ultimately lead to the eventual demise of the Bellemont Hotel/Great Hall on Airline Hwy/ Hwy 190 (old) bridge that was no longer the Main corridor Happy birthday? How 50-year old 'new' bridge reshaped the Baton Rouge area
  9. Lafayette

    University Avenue makeover plans moving along; residents have deeper questions
  10. Baton Rouge Single Family Developments

    Adelia at Old Goodwood Total transformation of this large swath of land; in the middle of BR....Over 75% of the 47 lots have been Houses now being built
  11. Louisiana Weather

    That time of year again...Severe Weather season..... There had been Several Tornado Warnings in North Louisiana earlier...system racing to the SE Everybody Stay Safe! Chilly temps in lower 40's by Sunday AM
  12. Plan Baton Rouge

    Originally had a cool name "Beauregard Quarters"....but now it's called "The Elias"... 4 floors / 26 units.....America Street @ Napoleon St. Looking North can see the top floors of Lofts @ 6C a couple of blocks away
  13. Plan Baton Rouge

    Impressed with how the massive Lofts @ 6C is beginning to look ; literally takes the entire block of Sixth Street from Convention St. to Florida St. From Florida Street From same intersection...Looking West at the Courtyard Marriott construction 3 blocks away