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  1. Shreveport-Bossier City Photo of the Day

    How did i miss this?? Sorry for not commenting on the Sept 11th mixed-use it a lot!! You mentioned possibly to locate it in Uptown...where exactly is that in Shreveport?? Looks very similar to the Six story mixed-use development currently going up in Downtown BR on Sixth Street...4-floors of apartments on top of 2-level parking & retail on street-level. Like BOTH possible Locations for your "W" Hotel too!!
  2. Baton Rouge Coffee House

    Too bad there was not enough room by the airport...but sounds like it wouldn't have mattered...mentioned airport is too small(too close to NOLA Int'l) ....inadequate infrastructure(lack of Loop / By-pass; etc) ......poor schools(though EBR Magnet/STEM schools are emerging) Interesting to see Richard Pries name come up...glad he developed Howell Park...only wish his River Place high rise tower had come to fruition. Will try to be nice...but Leadership is definitely lacking
  3. Baton Rouge Riverfront Plan

    Downtown Event Fantastic Friday of fun Downtown will be abuzz with six big events! Come be a part of the fun and choose from more than six events this Friday! We also welcome the inaugural docking of the American Duchess riverboat on Friday. Check out the boat and see the new shade sails installed this week on the Riverfront dock! Phase two of dock improvements will include lighting the sails in various colors. The dock now host over 70 different stops from various riverboats with visitors from all over the world annually. Take a look at the Friday night special events below and make it a full weekend with dinner and/or staying in a downtown hotel!
  4. Baton Rouge Riverfront Plan

    Will have to check it it looks cool at night from atop the Bridge Throwing Shade Downtown’s paper clip statues on the Mississippi River have a new look. Builders installed new shade structures atop the dock, an effort from the Downtown Development District to make it easier for people to enjoy the area during the day. The district also plans to add colored LED lights that will illuminate the semi-transparent shade structures and will be “prominent” from the Mississippi River Bridge. The DDD hopes the new project will attract more events to the area.
  5. Baton Rouge Growth and Development

    Sorry to hear that Antrell...but understood. Is there not enough opportunities here in BR?? Gotten too stale? Never been to Denver; but seems like a cool place....What brings you there?? the Mountains; big city; Miles & Miles of Walking trails...the one along Cherry Creek looks impressive! have a friend that moved to the SE Metro (Parker).... Maybe you can start up a Denver thread her on UP??
  6. Baton Rouge Restaurants

    Just curious Dan....what kind of entertainment are you talking about??
  7. Baton Rouge Photo of the Day

    Nice rainbow pic Dan Really have been enjoying the Drier weather recently...maybe some of the construction projects can get moving quicker! Testing this new set-up...had to get new password/ Log-in twice The Watermark Hotel on Third....BR's original High-rise at 12 stories ; built in 20's
  8. Two City Plaza

    A MESSAGE FROM THE DDD Downtown Distinction CITY PLAZA PARKING FACILITY The Downtown Maintenance Committee has recognized the sixth downtown business with outstanding exterior maintenance and beautification. The City Plaza Parking Facility, located at the corner of Fifth Street and North Boulevard, was awarded the August Downtown Distinction Award for their outstanding efforts in the Parking Facility category. The City Plaza parking facility is managed by Wampold Companies. City Plaza was constructed in 1985 and acquired and renovated by Wampold Companies in 1999. As a reminder, each month a downtown business or organization will be selected from a different category to highlight the variety of businesses and organizations contributing to downtown's quality of place and community pride. At the end of twelve months, citizens will vote on which of the previous award winners deserve the 'People's Choice' Award! Congratulations to the City Plaza Parking Facility!! Stay tuned for September's Downtown Distinction award winner in the Churches/Non-profit category. CITY PLAZA >> AWARD LIST >>
  9. Shreveport-Bossier City Photo of the Day

    Love it Brian!! Wish i knew how to do that! Always thought it would look cool for Shreveport to get a new High-rise tower between the CBD Skyline & Casino's along the Riverfront
  10. Pointe-Marie TND Development

    Thanks for the head's up Dan Brick pavers is where it's at! Street Lamps will set it off! Also sounds like the set up at Port of Orleans/French Quarter Resort at Disney World...that place is really set up cool! Checking the Site Plan again..really like the Chaotic/European-style Village / Broken Street Grid at the Front Entrance! And as i posted before...Really cool you can go down Walk Path thru the middle of the entire development from Front to Back
  11. Baton Rouge Single Family Developments

    Single entrance subdivisions is a Baton Rouge specialty
  12. Baton Rouge Events

    Thought this was cool! Can only imagine the undertow in the Mighty Mississip Downtown Event BIG RIVER PADDLE CHAMPIONSHIP 2017 MISSISSIPPI RIVER Big River is a paddle championship race on the Mississippi River that is point to point from downtown Baton Rouge to L'auberge Casino Resort. The event will be approximately 13.1 miles on the largest river in America, the Mighty Mississippi. Special rates at the Hotel Indigo and the Hampton Inn of Baton Rouge have been set for BIG River! If you aren't racing, come out to the Mississippi Riverfront at River Road and Florida Street to view this spectacular event and show support to the paddlers. sat 02 sep 8:00 am LOCATION: Downtown Riverfront PARKING SUGGESTION: Third Street Garage PRICE: $120 WEBSITE: Get the Details >>
  13. Baton Rouge Growth and Development

    It was only a matter of time...perfect location for Top Golf! Tinseltown needed something special to replace it! Glad they didn't build it in Gonzales
  14. BREC

    ^ Typed O'Neal/I-12 Zoo possibility too many times to count here on UP.....the Flood was a Game changer for me ....tree canopy was mentioned...plenty land,,etc...but if they mentioned it again...guess it was never off the table...Retention ponds/elaborate water way catch basin would make it tricky but doable? ADD to Cajuns recent post LOL..Too tired & busy to type too much
  15. West Baton Rouge

    Same crap..different day...been talking abt this for 10 years to the day on this thread! AND see me baffled in above post 5 years ago!!! How can anybody be so BACKWARD thinking??? 2-lane?? HAS TO BE 4!!!! What if CAT#4 Hurricane Harvey had made landfall in LA today instead of TX?? GOOD GRIEF is right CAjun!!! La. Hwy 1 needs HELP!!! GLAD they said it for us....IT's 2017....NOT 1950!!!! West Baton Rouge Parish Council pledges $1.4 million as local share for developing connector project PORT ALLEN — The West Baton Rouge Parish Council pledged Thursday night to put up the $1.4 million it will take to secure state and federal funding needed to push the proposed La. 1/La. 415 connector project into the final stages of development. The $1.4 million from the parish would serve as the matching funds to an 80/20 grant from the Capital Region Planning Commission, Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development, and U.S. Federal Highway Administration. Kevin Durbin, director of the parish's public works department, told council members the parish has submitted an application to the state in hopes of securing the additional $7 million to draft final construction plans for the project, which has been gestating for more than a decade. "They need a resolution committing this body to the 20 percent match if we are awarded, which we won't know until probably January," Durbin said. Parish President Riley "Pee Wee" Berthelot has spent nearly 10 years trying to secure state funding for the connector project. Local officials have said the need has escalated over the years as traffic woes throughout the Baton Rouge region continue to intensify. The daily traffic issues plaguing much of East Baton Rouge Parish have spilled across the Interstate 10 Mississippi River bridge into West Baton Rouge causing constant traffic snarls along La. 1 South in Port Allen. It has become common for traffic along La. 1 to stretch almost to the Brusly town limits as cars line up waiting to cross the bridge and the Intracoastal Waterway. The connector route would create an alternative route for drivers trying to migrate between the northern and southern corners of the parish. Preliminary plans involve building a four-lane toll road linking La. 415 to La. 1 in Port Allen. The route, which would also require the construction of a new bridge across the Intracoastal Waterway, has an estimated price tag of $125 million. But Berthelot said Thursday there has been talk of reducing the proposed connector route from four lanes to two in order to lower the costs because the likelihood of getting federal money to pay for it could take years given the country's financial straits. That news didn't set well with Council Chairman Garry Spillman. "Two lanes to me sounds like we're going backwards instead of forward," he said. "If it costs more, that's OK. Let's not try and follow the same thing the state does and build things for 1950 instead of 2017." Councilman Barry Hugghins expressed similar sentiments. "Of course I understand we can only get what we can pay for," he said. "I think we need to plan for the future."