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  1. Baton Rouge Single Family Developments

    Plenty of interesting little residential nooks around this upscale area of BR ...thanks for the graphics Dan A few blocks to the east (of red ) on the southside of Old Hammond the proposed Brentwood Park is drawing some heat from nearby residences. 3 lots will be taken to make a 13 unit development...not sure what exactly this will be? Like E'tage Gardens off Government in Old Goodwood? The single entrance would be next to the lil' swurve on Brentwood Drive Development near Baton Rouge Country Club heads to Metro Council despite neighbors' complaints
  2. Mid City

    LOL Cajun! Need to get an updated consruction pic..been a while since i've been that way w This Square 46 / White Star Market is a nice anchor-type development for Mid City...went up fairly quick..then hit some snags; including rainy weather.2nd & 3rd Floor apartments are nearly complete.....with Electric Depot on the other end of the Mid City/Government Street; should make for a more vibrant urban corridor! Square 46, White Star Market now aiming for early spring opening
  3. The Health District

    Need a pic Topping off: Ochsner and The Lemoine Company celebrated the “topping off” of Ochsner’s $100 million medical complex at the High Grove today. The five-story, 255,000-square-foot medical office building, 10-bed hospital and surgical center is situated on roughly 25 acres that is part of the High Grove development along Interstate 10, between Bluebonnet and Siegen Lane. The building will open in phases beginning in early 2019. Specialty care is expected to include cardiovascular and thoracic surgery, neurosurgery, pediatric subspecialties, and an Infusion Center, among others. The new location will also include imaging, lab, pharmacy and retail food services.
  4. Baton Rouge Transportation

    Perkins, Dalrymple and Washington on and off ramps targeted for big changes under I-10 widening plan in Baton Rouge
  5. Baton Rouge Metro Airport

    Had to actually look up where this Airpark Blvd was...the term "Blvd" loosely used lol...this will open up 250 acres north of the airport at Aviation Park
  6. New Hotels

  7. New Hotels

    I like the 6 - 10 story buildings as much as anybody too..hopefully we will see some more new construction! Sure would be nice to see the parking block at Florida St /River Rd location! Would BR be ready for something this contemporary like this Mid Rise?? This might work on North Blvd for the Greenway/Promenade (in your Red box few blocks east of II City Plaza) But I have always wanted to see One High Rise along the Riverfront; BR deserved the next block to the north of your location; River Place had my hopes up for years...since Bernhard bought the property for Preis I'll hold out some hope even though it's probably a long shot. I'd just like to see a new landmark signature Mixed-use High-rise tower in the CBD /4th Street corridor( too many surface parking lots)...Something STRIKING for the Skyline that you see above the tree-lines from a few miles away. >>>Nothing has been built Taller than 12-stories in BR since the late 80's....have had my moments of withdraws LOL The Red Box you outlined Laurel at 5th had several proposals...Laurel Tower was to have about 9-10 levels of parking w Regions Bank HQ's & residential on top...that fell thru...some silly Brownstones were then slated for the tract...Fell thru too..... THIS was ANOTHER proposal i saw for this location....But can't FIND it..will post here when i do...was 5-floors i think
  8. Baton Rouge Growth and Development

    I like the Out the Box Thinking...a new Soccer Stadium would be cool...but BR doesn't even have a Minor League team (here had been a small semi-pro team playing at Olympia Stadium for a short while) ....some say it would be dead on arrival?.../or only last as long as like the defunct Semi-Pro Hockey team The Kingfish.... Don't think the new Zoo location would work at Cortana. A soccer stadium on the site of Cortana? Why not, says Baton Rouge broker shopping the idea
  9. Baton Rouge Transportation

    Those are some excellent ideas Cajun Thanks for the Visuals! Would make getting around the State much easier for sure! Would the Turnpike stay North of Watson & Central?? ....Another new Bridge so close to the Audubon Bridge & Airline /190 Hwy Bridge? Environmentalist might throw a fit with another Long Bridge cutting across Atchafayla Basin... Would love to see a Southern By-pass for BR tying into the Westbank Expressway! Would help SO MUCH w Hurricane evacuations!! Lafayette has Ambassador Caffrey now extended to US 90 making for a By-pass...would the Turnpike/Toll parallel this??
  10. New Hotels

    That Sheraton is a beautiful looking hotel ....but hoping your post(BR Development thread) where you bet a 15-story hotel would be the next tall high-rise for downtown BR would come to fruition instead. That location at Florida St/River Rd. deserves something more vertical.....or On top of a multi-level parking deck(possibly at River Center?) Back when Downtown unbelievably had ZERO HOTEL Rooms (for 8 years?)...the Goal was to one day hit 1,000 room mark for Conventions...It Will soon be 1, 174 rooms.... I can't see new hotels for Downtown BR for a while(hope i'm wrong) ....think it has reached a saturation point by now? Not sure of the occupancy rates %% these days?? The new Watermark(144 rooms); soon to be opened Courtyard by Marriott (135 rooms?); Hotel Indigo(91 rooms?); Hilton Capitol Center(290-rooms); Hampton Inn (137 rooms) ; Holiday Inn Express (89 rooms) & The Belle (288 rooms) This was the proposed/failed mixed-use 26-story Laurel Plaza was supposed to be built in the 90's at that location...the giant vacant parking lot covering that entire block is just not attractive This was an old sketch up i did a long time ago w old ...... what i had thought River Place at 30-36 stories (left) could fit into the Skyline....(middle) was II City Plaza at 16-17 floors before being downgraded to 12.....& (right) was the new Courthouse at North Blvd Town Square.... I'd like that Element at the Water Campus/ (dream River District) area....maybe an A loft(Starwood brand) could work? Wonder what new hotel will go up at The Grove; near the new Oschner center??
  11. Plan Baton Rouge

    DDD Commission Meeting February 15, 2018 8:00 a.m. First United Methodist Church, 930 North Boulevard AGENDA 1. Call to Order 2. Declare Quorum 3. Approve Agenda 4. Approve January 9, 2018 Minutes 5. Board Action 6. Governmental Issues 7. Update from Previous Board Meeting 8. Development Initiatives • Developments Underway • DDD 30th Anniversary • Chase Tower Acquisition • BR Rail Stations Stakeholder Meetings • Proposed KC Railroad Crossing Closures/Improvements • Courtyard Marriott Topping Ceremony • Government Street Road Diet • City Hall Plaza • Riverfront Plaza • River Center Theatre Plaza • Town Square Phase II • Riverfront Wayfinding Signage • Downtown Maintenance Committee • New Business 9. Events • Peter Klubek Recent Works Reception - February 16 • Mardi Gras Mambo - February 17 • Red Stick Roux Rally - February 24 • Veteran's 5K - February 24 • Susan G. Komen 5K - March 3 • OLOL Half Marathon - March 10 & 11 • Craft Change Lives • Preserve Louisiana/ Old Governor's Mansion • Manship Theatre/ LSU MOA • Capitol Park Museum • Old State Capitol • River Center Events • LASM • USS KIDD 10. Strategic Plan • Plan Baton Rouge II 11. Ongoing Projects • CPEX • BREADA • DBA 12. Correspondence 13. Public Comment
  12. BREC

    Wow...mixed feelings on the Fairgrounds location off Airline Hwy BREC administration favors fairgrounds site on Airline for new Baton Rouge zoo,
  13. Baton Rouge Growth and Development

    This article from the Advocate mentions Rooftop pool & Fitness Center...100-150 residential units on top floors Wampold buys Chase South Tower in downtown Baton Rouge, will convert to residential, retail, offices
  14. Baton Rouge Growth and Development

    Right on cue...goes right with above post...gotta give guys like Wampold(& Bernhard) props for investing in BR! BR's 3rd Tallest building 277ft' South Chase Tower going to be redeveloped into Mixed-use; (hard to believe it's a 50 year old structure now).... A mixed-use tower had been my hope for a new High-rise for Downtown(entertainment/retail street-level inside multi-level parking; office & residential on top Mike Wampold buys Chase South Tower, planning mixed-use future Though a class A office property in the heart of downtown, the 21-story Chase South Tower, located at 451 Florida St., has struggled in recent years with its absentee landlords, who in 2016 were involved in a foreclosure lawsuit with their lender. Though the suit was later settled, the property’s occupancy rate was only around 70% in April 2017. In the past two years, several large tenants, including Camelot Club, which closed in 2016, and Albemarle, have moved out. Wampold says he is undeterred and, in fact, is bullish on the building and the submarket. His adjoining Riverside North Tower is running out of vacancies and he believes demand exists for more high rise office space in a newly renovated building, despite a general softening of the downtown office market. “The main thing we are going to do for now is improve it and bring it back to its class A status, from bottom to top,” he says. Wampold, though stating he has no immediate plans to redevelop the building or expand its use, has architects working on several options and is particularly interested in exploring the multifamily component. Wampold believes there is a market for still more multifamily space downtown, even though several new apartment buildings are under construction or have recently opened. He points out that even with all the new complexes, downtown still has fewer than 500 apartment units. “That’s not very much,” he says. “You don’t necessarily need more apartments but you need the right kind of apartment building, something that is going to entice people out of the suburbs.” With the acquisition of the Chase South Tower, Wampold now owns five major downtown structures that he has either bought and renovated or built from the ground up. They include Riverside North Tower, City Plaza and II City Plaza, and the Watermark Hotel, which he redeveloped from the former LNB Building. The developer says it is a testament to his faith in downtown and in Baton Rouge. “We are a state capital, a major U.S. city with a major port and two universities,” he says. ‘I happen to be a believer in downtown.” Referencing two fiery speeches of the past two weeks by private equity firm executive Jim Bernhard, who has committed to using his money and influence to improve infrastructure, crime and higher education, Wampold says he, too, is committed to making Baton Rouge better. “We need to take stock in Baton Rouge and change and improve some things,” he says “I’m part of that movement and plan to join in and help.”
  15. Baton Rouge Growth and Development

    Yes indeed Cajun...seems like the ideal spot for a Top Golf ...looks like Main Event will be going to Mall of La at old HH Gregg/The Boulevard Knew all the new office space coming to the new Water Campus would soften Downtown market; greatly lessening any chances of a new high-rise office tower in the foreseeable future; if ever. BR's love for suburban garden offices exacerbates this..... How the Water Campus could further soften the downtown office market As of this week, the Water Campus has three buildings open and is soon beginning work on another multi-tenant office building—the first of several planned for the development. Given the current Baton Rouge office market trends is toward suburban garden-style offices—rather than multi-tenant downtown towers—local real estate agents expect ongoing construction at the Water Campus to contribute to a softer market downtown. “I think it’s really good to have all those industries and companies that are working on coastal restoration together. From that standpoint it’s fabulous,” says Brandon Pesnell, of Houston-based Transwestern Commercial Services. “It’s had a negative impact on the market as a whole.”