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  1. Watching the Tropics down in the Gulf of Mexico; regardless if it's a Tropical Storm (Claudette?) or Tropical Depression; it looks to be dumping plenty of unneeded rain over South Louisiana. Looks to be a "lop-sided" system w most of the heavy rainfall on the Eastern side of the Center.
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    Bluebonnet Swamp Nature Center is a chance to become one with nature https://www.225batonrouge.com/things-to-do/bluebonnet-swamp-nature-center-chance-become-one-nature
  3. This is cool! 7:00 tonight on the Cooking Channel When you pay for your food he slams a peppermint on the counter. Over the years he slammed so many peppermints on the counter he had to get a new counter. Poor Boy Lloyd’s ‘Restaurant Recovery’ episode airs tonight, featuring Todd Graves and Shaquille O’Neal https://www.225batonrouge.com/food-drink/poor-boy-lloyds-restaurant-recovery-episode-airs-tonight-featuring-todd-graves-shaquille-oneal?utm_campaign=-2021_Jun_15-13_00&utm_medium=email&utm_source=225_dine&oly_enc_id=9352A5908023A2S
  4. Yes it sure does Dan ...just think the original plans called for Two TWIN 5 - story offices nuildings Here is the view from Corporate Blvd
  5. Agreed it's not the most attractive building from that angle....... BUT I do like the FRONT facing North Blvd Town Square....i do realize it may be a bit much for boring Baton Rouge Looks better than the libraries in Seattle & San Diego IMO
  6. New 84,000' Sq Ft Louisiana Farm Bureau office building UNDER CONSTRUCTION .....from back of Commerce Circle next to Towne Center Took what i thought was a better pic from Corporate Blvd. side .. but it messed up. Maybe next time? Good to see something finally built on that vacant/ undeveloped tract of land!
  7. Motor City Apartments sounds pretty cool...almost as if it belongs in Detroit instead! Anything 4 floors or more always gets my attention! This has been taking forever; COVID delayed this RENOVATION project Not the best pic on a cloudy day. Like the Glass entrance; prolly will look nicer at night River Center Performing Arts Theater Hope it will look as nice as the rendering
  8. Wonder how much ridership this BR-NOLA passenger rail will get?? DOTD announces lane closures on I-10 to demolish old Pecue Lane overpass bridge https://www.wafb.com/2021/05/28/dotd-announces-lane-closures-on-i-10-to-demolish-old-pecue-lane-overpass-bridge/ The Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development announced there will be lane closures on I-10 between the Highland Road exit and Siegen Lane exit to demolish the old Pecue Lane overpass bridge. The closures will start on Thur
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    Central & Zachary do not think they are getting enough bang for their buck$ Looks like they are going to give em a year to figure it out. Bill proposing to break up BREC put on hold https://www.wafb.com/2021/05/27/bill-proposing-to-break-up-brec-put-on-hold-for-one-year/ Battle over BREC parks legislation ends with compromise “Hopefully, we can see major progress over the next 12 months and if we don’t, it’s not a threat, I’ll show you the poll numbers,” said White, vowing to bring the issue back if necessary. “People in our area don’t feel like they get the service
  10. New $80M Virgin Hotel starts taking bookings as tourism rebounds in New Orleans; look inside https://www.nola.com/news/business/article_22d3d944-b413-11eb-8be0-0f7bc8daa2a7.html In another sign of revival in the city's hospitality sector, the nearly completed Virgin Hotel New Orleans said Thursday that it has started taking bookings for stays starting on Labor Day of this year. The 13-story glass, steel and limestone structure on the riverside corner of Baronne and Lafayette streets in the Warehouse District still needs some finishing touches on its balconies and some interior s
  11. When do you think recreational cannabis will be legal in Louisiana? Think EBR has decriminalized this for a while now.
  12. Perkins Overpass business owners raising funds for walking path https://www.businessreport.com/business/perkins-overpass-business-owners-raising-funds-for-walking-path Area business owners are raising funds to build a walking path underneath the Perkins Road Overpass bridge, which is narrow and dangerous for pedestrian crossings. (File)
  13. Nike files plans for 12,000-square-foot apparel store in Towne Center https://www.businessreport.com/business/nike-files-plans-for-12000-square-foot-apparel-store-in-towne-center
  14. Welcome back MrBernham! Good to see you posting again! The Northshore of I-12 desperately needs to be widened. Dangerous wrecks have happened with gridlock! And all of the bridges in Louisiana have been a detriment to widening $$ Here's a different plan for 10-12 Split for College Drive New routes for I-10 and I-12 at College aimed at Baton Rouge's congested corridor The Interstate 10 interchange at College Drive, one of Baton Rouge’s most notorious bottlenecks, is about to get an extreme makeover. Hoping to ease a bit of the city's white-knuckle driving experience,
  15. Cortana Mall's rise, fall, demolition: The end of the one-time largest enclosed mall in the South https://www.theadvocate.com/baton_rouge/news/business/article_f53a0ff6-a86b-11eb-acd1-47bae8a207a5.html While its location at Airline Highway and Florida Boulevard became one of the busiest intersections in the city, the land had been "nothing but heavy timber with a few beaver ponds," said Frank G. Sullivan Jr., one of the mall’s developers and owners, in a 1986 Advocate story. It had been part of the Cortana Plantation, a sugar-cane farming operation. Sullivan and Womack had acqui
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    Mid City

    A lil' over 1/2 mile away......14 story Mid City Tower behind the trees to the Left..
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    I think you are still correct....says here 4 lanes...& shared path for bikes/pedestrians My bad .... might be a deceiving pic. Will keep an eye on this https://movebr.brla.gov/page/picardy-perkins-connector-mall-of-louisiana-blvd-in-construction
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    Perkins-Picardy Connector Under Construction on the eastern edge of Perkins Rowe
  19. Looks like Dawson Park wont be ready May 10th lololol....that's what the billboard said...prolly some delays Every new residential & new office buildings should have a minimal of 4 floors. Some density; A City within a City in the Health District
  20. The Amazon effect: Strip center at Florida and N. Sherwood Forest sells for $1.6M After more than six years on the market, a retail strip center at the intersection of North Sherwood Forest and Florida boulevards anchored by a long-shuttered Albertsons supermarket has sold for $1.6 million, or a little more than $4.50 per square foot. https://www.businessreport.com/realestate/the-amazon-effect-strip-center-at-florida-and-n-sherwood-forest-sells-for-1-6m
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